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Here you may see the ghost of a soldier from the Revolutionary War, who haunts the second floor, or the friendly spirit of a traveler nicknamed George, who once had a heart attack on either the second or third floor.

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Geographic Information

101 W Main St
Elbridge, NY 13060
United States

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43.03409725583777, -76.44851517168883
Onondaga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Elbridge, NY (0.0 mi.)
Jordan, NY (2.5 mi.)
Peru, NY (3.9 mi.)
Weedsport, NY (5.9 mi.)
Skaneateles, NY (6.1 mi.)
Marcellus, NY (6.5 mi.)
Centerport, NY (7.3 mi.)
Camillus, NY (7.3 mi.)
Port Byron, NY (8.9 mi.)
Auburn, NY (9.2 mi.)


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  1. Growing up in Jordan Elbridge I heard many rumors of hauntings and cases of different people experiencing things there that could not be explained. Well I am now a believer as of two summers ago me and my friends were celebrating a friends birthday and took a picture that appeared to have a bright white orb directly in front of the girls in the picture. I was absolutely amazed!

  2. I lived in elbridge across from the inn for many years. my mother worked there. said the pots and pans used to fly off the wall. also when had the upstairs closed off with a large piece of plastic.the plastic moved franticly by itself.no breeze in the building.

  3. I live in elbridge and my uncle worked at the wayside Irish pub he told me that this old guys lover broke his heart and broke up with him then he became depressed and so one day he could not handle it anymore so the old guy went up on the third floor and took some rope with him tied it to a hook and got up on the stool and kicked the stool away then he just left himself haning from the rope dead the people that worked there finally found him haning there so when they got rid of his body his spirt still roamed around then when my uncle tim when’s into work one day he said that
    There was this old lady that worked there with him has one of the cooks and he stared to get freaked out by her because she would talk to the ghost Henry that hung himself and she would go stop that Henry then one day he when to work and a person was delivering a package and my uncle tim just told the guy to go down and put it in the basement and my uncle tim and the workers had everything nice and neat down there then he guy that was going to go down to the basement came rushing up the stairs and went right pass my uncle tim before my uncle tim got to hand him the check then it was to late e guy got in the truck and drove away before you could say hey so that is what really happend

  4. I worked atTheWayside as a waitress. When sent up to the second floor by the cook, who talked to Henry, I heard the paceing
    boots of the soldier who haunts the third floor!! I’m a true believer that this place is haunted!!!

  5. I have personally had more than one experience with the soldier that haunts the place. I do believe his remains are in the well under the building. I have been in the basement multiple times delivering beer. Some people like myself are actually “sensitive” to paranormal events etc. I have felt him there., heard him whispering and have seen the full bodied aparaition of him. Nothing bad, but he is there and has not crossed over for some reason . I am curious to his name and the story of his death if anyone has any insight on this .

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