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The ghost of the water dog is a local legend. Some say the water dog killed a boy who was walking around the lake alone. Others don’t believe it, and they say, according to a newspaper story, the boy was killed by a murderer who dumped the body at the lake. The man was caught and convicted.

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Geographic Information

Water Dog Lake
Belmont, CA
United States

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37.5091832, -122.30880289999999
San Mateo County, California
Nearest Towns:
Belmont, CA (2.0 mi.)
Highlands-Baywood Park, CA (2.2 mi.)
San Carlos, CA (2.6 mi.)
Redwood Shores, CA (3.7 mi.)
Emerald Lake Hills, CA (3.8 mi.)
San Mateo, CA (3.8 mi.)
Foster City, CA (4.0 mi.)
Redwood City, CA (4.3 mi.)
Hillsborough, CA (5.9 mi.)
Burlingame, CA (6.1 mi.)


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Comments (5)

  1. I was raised up in Belmont,CA 94002. As we made my mom buy us every fishin pole we fancied,rather than put it on our ‘list’ for Santa. Many days my younger brother and i(age 12),would travel on the fire trail or through the deer trails to the lake. We were told by older kids that people had perished in the lake swimming,due to entanglment with water weeds or kelp like plant vines.Fishing was a hobby and firecrackers were added;…. hillbillies. So i went to Jr. High School with the slain boys’ sister, I was in the boys’ Soccer Club, and my father was one of the coaches. The night he was missing i was told to drop my homework and go find HIM. I put forth an effort that my fellow Club Members would have expected be shown. There are no Ghosts at WaterDog Lake, but there is fish ,birds, skunks, and a few cougars who chase persons into the kelp and weedy water for sport. Thats all to that in a Belmont Oaks nutshell. GEO.

  2. I use to live in the Carlmont area in Belmont, CA. In 1984 Lance Turner was killed at WDL by Jon Dunkle. It was a horrible time and a real shocker in the small town of Belmont.

    Georg-My son went to Belmont Oaks School!

  3. I went with my dog there. The lake we pretty gross and it was too crowded for my shy pup. Nothing unusual. I would not recommend going there though. The lake and pretty much the whole trail was not very interesting.

  4. I went there once with my dog and the landscape was beutiful. I was having a very peaceful time until a bunch of teenagers showed up to “fish”. They all carried fishing rods, but most of them were just smoking the Wacky Tobaccy if you know what I mean. They were trying to be sly about it but the smell drifted over to my bench. One of kids, a starving Etheopian homo sexual, casted out and managed to hook into a Duck! He’s started hootin’ and hollerin’ “I caught a duck!! That was a sick hook set!!!”, this really angered me because the ducks are an important part of this ecosystem and I used to collect them in my spare time. I yelled at him to realese it but he was too busy landing his prized catch to hear me. Luckily, this other teenager (who had clearly been drinking) managed to stumble over and free the beutiful creature. Overall my experience at water dog was pretty interesting and there was definitely some paranormal activity going on. All in all, I rate Water dog 6.72/10.30. Would return again.

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