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Wabasha Street Caves are sandstone underground caves available for tours. They are decorated with brick walls, stucco ceilings and carpet or tile floors. Apparitions seen here include a man in a panama hat, another man who meets a woman in the bar area around 3 a.m., a man who sits in the audience of the theater, a woman who appears to be searching for something, and various gangsters who are said to be fond of children. One time, a little boy was found and photographed sitting happily at a table with several apparitions sitting around him.

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Geographic Information

215 Wabasha St S
St Paul, MN 55107
United States

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44.935943, -93.08699899999999
Ramsey County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Saint Paul, MN (0.7 mi.)
West Saint Paul, MN (1.5 mi.)
Lilydale, MN (2.4 mi.)
South Saint Paul, MN (3.9 mi.)
Mendota Heights, MN (4.4 mi.)
Sunfish Lake, MN (4.5 mi.)
Maplewood, MN (4.6 mi.)
Mendota, MN (5.1 mi.)
Falcon Heights, MN (5.5 mi.)
Landfall, MN (5.5 mi.)

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  1. I was at the Wabasha street caves for a graduation and out of no where became extremely dizzy and disoriented. I told my mother that I needed to step outside, and when I did everything went away. P.S. I was around eleven at the time.

  2. My mom used to work there in the 70’s as a waitress. She had a lot of scary things happen to her while working there. One time an apparition of a gangster was messing with her, and having things fall on her all night, the she went to take an order from one of the customers, but they faded away, and told her to feel the walls. When she felth the wall near the table threre were what appeared to be bullet holes deep into the stone. Those are just a couple of the things that happened to her, but if you want to hear more just contact me. Thanks for reading , much LOVE, Jenny

    • Last year we went to the caves as a field trip and I took a picture by the fireplace where the gangsters were killed by that fireplace and one of my friends had taken the picture and she screamed and told me to come look at the picture, and I saw an apparition that looked like a gangster that was wearing a vertical striped suit standing right behind me, this was the creepiest thing I have every witnessed in my life and to know that someone not alive was here with me, taking that picture with me and smiling. Thank you for reading my experience and I am only 13 years old and

    • I went there once when it was known as a teen club called The Library. I went a few times and have seen, heard, smelled and felt stuff myself in the mid to late 80’s. It would be awesome to connect and chat.

  3. Several years ago I brought my sister to Wabasha Caves for a weekend tour. There were several of us, including my two grandchildren (5yrs/3yrs). My sister took photos outside of us standing by the front door. Camera was fully charged. We went inside and listened to the tour guide. She went to take another photo but the camera battery was drained. In all of my photos from my camera, there where different shaped orbs.

  4. I took my mother to the Wabasha Street Caves about 15 years ago. I was taking photos throughout when I stepped down into the caves, themselves, where gangsters were said to have hidden. The moment I stepped into them, my ten year totally reliable camera totally stopped working. I was beside myself. So I took it to a drug store in St. Paul and asked the clerk to unload the film in the dark so that I wouldn’t lose all of the pictures I’d taken prior to this happening. He did so. The other photos turned out fine, and the camera was just fine from that point forward. I’d never before, nor since, had any trouble with my camera!

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