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This was once a dude ranch – now its a place for troubled teens. Staffers claim there is an apparition of a woman in a white gown that haunts certain dormitories. Bloodstains appear and disappear mysteriously on certain bathroom walls. A girl’s cries are often heard at night.

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Geographic Information

2491 W Jefferson Rd
Elfrida, AZ 85610
United States

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31.6853574, -109.59485030000002
Cochise County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Elfrida, AZ (5.4 mi.)
McNeal, AZ (7.3 mi.)
Sunizona, AZ (14.0 mi.)
Pirtleville, AZ (22.8 mi.)
Douglas, AZ (23.7 mi.)
Bisbee, AZ (25.6 mi.)
Tombstone, AZ (27.9 mi.)
Naco, AZ (31.9 mi.)
Rodeo, NM (34.7 mi.)
Dragoon, AZ (35.2 mi.)


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  1. I was there as a 17 year old teenager when one night me and Timmy a apache Indian made a witch’s board with our blood on the deck inside the teepee we stayed in and talked with a spirit using a Styrofoam cup over our letters & #rs we made out of blood.God who sees all things knows im not making this up.

  2. I stayed there when it was a dude ranch in the 70’s, and I don’t believe any of it that there are ghosts there, even if the owners were murdered. I have to tell you the owners were the nicest people. The ranch should never have gone down hill like it has. They kept it so beautiful. I have such great memories from my stay there.

  3. All I know is what I shared with Rich and Fontana. This is the same stuff from when I was there back at camp 1999. Someone ran right pass me by the school heard the run get distant as who ever it was kept running but I did not see them I just stood there holding a rake.

  4. I stayed here as a young child from the ages of 13 – 15. I have taken photos of the young girl. I used to go out on walks here at night and have seen many things. The young girls screams seemed to be heard more often in the month of June.

  5. Becky Tranchita  |  

    I went there several times in the 70’s we went over the summers for a month. My parents became friends with Mildred and Chuck the owner. What a fun place. We were taught all kids of Rodeo tricks by Clayton White. Best wrangled you could ask for. I went to see it 3 years ago after vision quest resided there. The rooms are in such shambles. The beautiful stables were still in good shape though. It’s been for sale. What I wouldn’t do to buy it and bring it back. I always though that when I grew up I would work there. I’m sorry Mildred and Chuck died before I got the chance

  6. I was in VQ 1988 89 it was your last chance before being sent to CYA.I was 15..They sent me there from California.left when I was 17..Yes there were lots of rumors of the place being haunted.A lil girl and boy use to be seen running thru the camps.All us kids slept in Tee Pees.The staff there use to beat up the kids if you got in trouble .Tried running away beat me up and took my shoe laces away..aMade me sleep in the middle of camp..They call it COA center of attention..

  7. Was here in 2008-2009. The little girls ghost that cries comes from the barn. She is the daughter of the old horse caretakers. She was kicked in the head by a horse and died in the barn. She likes to play with the lights at night. Would see her all the time walking back from kitchen duty at night.

    • Theresa Marasco  |  

      The little girl was Norman Person’s granddaughter. I was working for VQ at the time and had just walked away from the barn headed back to the camp when the baby was kicked “in the chest.” Her parent’s, Norman Persons son and his wife tried to rush her to the hospital but it was too far away. She was a toddler just barely two years-old. We were told the kick in the chest exploded her heart. Norman Persons made all the wagons for VQ.

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