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This former Navy cruiser is now a museum ship and open to the public. The ship, in one of its duties, served as a hospital after the 1953 Ionian Earthquake, and many spirits from throughout the ship’s service are said to have lingered here. Ghost tours are offered regularly, a paranormal society is said to have its headquarters onboard, and the ship has been made into a haunted house during Halloween. The TV show Ghost Hunters featured the USS Salem on one of its episodes.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    42.244167, -70.97
    United States

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    42.24405989733634, -70.96991816071318
    Norfolk County, Massachusetts
    Nearest Towns:
    Quincy, MA (1.8 mi.)
    Braintree, MA (2.1 mi.)
    Weymouth, MA (2.2 mi.)
    Hingham, MA (4.1 mi.)
    Milton, MA (4.9 mi.)
    Hull, MA (5.1 mi.)
    Holbrook, MA (6.5 mi.)
    Randolph, MA (6.7 mi.)
    South Boston, MA (7.4 mi.)
    Rockland, MA (8.3 mi.)


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    1. I work at the uss salem for halloween, when it happend i was 16 , being 17 now . At around 8:30 pm i asked one of our senior haunters if i could use the girls room , he ofcourse said yes and me and two of my friends went together. I walked in , turned on the lights and went into a one way swinging stall door stall . In the stall there was a hole in the side wall where i could see out of and i saw my friends . There was no one else in the bathroom. When i looked up at the door and the lock undid itself from the inside , which i could see and the door opened towards me which it physically cant . I screamed and ran , when i returned to my hallway i had scratches all over my arm . My friends all witnessed it and 2 others i work with claim it happend to them in the same bathroom. After many creepy experiences on the uss salem , i would personally confirm it being haunted.

    2. I visited the USS Salem when I was only 8 years old. As a small child I was very sensitive to spirits (unknown to me at that time). I visited during the summer, as I was walking down one of the stairs I could hear men speaking behind me. I turned and did not see anyone, but I did mention to my step sister that the men were loud. She said there was no one there and I was hearing things.
      As we walked through the areas that visitors were allowed, I could hear what sounded like doors closing and men speaking very loud as if there was something traumatic going on. I felt very uneasy and even made the comment there is ghosts.
      I felt sick and could not wait to get out of there.

    3. I stayed overnight on the USS Salem when I was about 12 years old with my summer camp. I was absolutely terrified as soon as we got on the boat. We were hanging out in the sleeping quarters at the bottom of the ship and all of a sudden we hear the sound of crashing plate ware. Since we were near the kitchen, we went to go check out the mess another kid must’ve just made. When we got there, though, all the cupboards were closed and locked with no plate debris on the ground. Scared the hell out of me…I ended up sleeping on the top deck because I was so scared of the ship lol

    4. USS Salem is more active than ever. She was featured on Travel Channels Most Terrifying Places and will be featured on a more popular show this coming season (I can’t disclose the show yet but filming is this coming week!). The ship offers both public and private paranormal investigations during the spring, summer and fall (the ship is closed in the winter) that are truly the complete experience. You can get all the information you need and book your investigation at either or

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