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In the main administration building, which was built in 1922, there is said to be a spirit of a little boy playing with a bouncng ball on the 3rd floor. The 4th floor was once used as a quarantine area for TB, and many spirits are said to linger from that time. Cold spots and electrical anomalies have been reported in the building. Also, in Dubuis Hall there is said to be the ghost of a nun who haunts students there. Some have felt uneasy feelings of being watched, and one student reported her stuffed animals having been rearranged in an orderly fashion during the night.

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4301 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX 78209
United States

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29.466657313595732, -98.46563923354552
Bexar County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Terrell Hills, TX (1.1 mi.)
Alamo Heights, TX (1.3 mi.)
Olmos Park, TX (1.6 mi.)
San Antonio, TX (3.4 mi.)
Kirby, TX (4.8 mi.)
Castle Hills, TX (5.0 mi.)
Balcones Heights, TX (5.4 mi.)
Windcrest, TX (6.1 mi.)
Hill Country Village, TX (8.1 mi.)
China Grove, TX (8.8 mi.)


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  1. About 15 years ago at cheer camp I had an uneasy feeling as well. I went downstairs to find someone to talk to and the girl said she felt uneasy too. I finally went up to my room and noticed all my things had been rearranged.

  2. This was back in 2007, I stayed late in the video editing room on the 3rd floor having to finish my final and didn’t know about or believe in hauntings until I stayed late and for like an hour I heard this kid playing with a ball well I thought one of the professors brought their kid so they could finish paper work and kept working on my final. It was like 1:30a.m. and I had enough hearing this kid running around so I went out to talk with the parent/professor and walked down the hall and no one was there. So I went right back to editing my final and again I hear the kid this time near the door I get up and no one is there. Now I’m scared I saved my final and begin packing up my backpack when I hear a man talking to the kid and begin laughing I just took off running and no one was there. Never stay late!

  3. I work at the library at night and many of the librarians have heard strange foot steps at the back of the stacks at night. One night after finals I was putting books back on the shelves when I heard I knock on the shelf next to me. NO ONE was in the library except for me and the desk girl, I was in the complete back. It happened again, I noticed I put the book in the wrong spot and fixed it. The knocking stopped after that. I guess she was just making sure I did it right!

  4. The 4th floor is always freezing lol. I used the bathroom on the 4th floor once and I felt uneasy, haha. Maybe there was something there, who knows. For having just one toilet and a sink, it’s actually uncomfortably large in general. Gotta take a few more steps than normal to get from the toilet to the sink lol. It might be because the 4th floor used to be for residency so maybe there used to be a shower in that bathroom? Not sure, I don’t live on campus. They got rid of the residency on the floor about a year ago so it’s just classrooms now. Haven’t heard anything about the boy. I heard something about the spirit of a nun in the ad building. As far as electrical problems in the building, sometimes the projectors in classrooms won’t work if that can be considered as a “problem”. The elevator in the building was renovated and another one was added. Both have been experiencing some problems on and off since they were finished a couple months ago.

  5. I lived there back in 2008 when the 4th floor was a freshman female dorm. My room was right next to the room that was cemented in and blocked off where the nun who had gotten pregnant by a student there hung her self. I would stay with my boyfriend every night in his dorm and when i would go back to room in the mornings there would be black ash allover my room no kidding it was creepy. The one night i did sleep there i heard scratches on the side of the wall where the cement room is at about 4 am it was horrifying!

    • I heard that that particular room. The one next yo yours had been sealed of because an exorcism occurred in that room. I may be watching too much Supernatural but the black ash may be sulfur…

      • I have been doing research… everything is covered up and removed. I had 2 spiritual encounters. First in admin and second in Dubuis.

  6. When I was a Freeman during the year 2012 living in colbert which is on the fourth floor of the AD building.. I herd as if something with long nails was clawing the wooden closet doors two times. The second time i heard it i was with my other roomarate and i was such a sural moment that is unexplainable.When I would sleep in the dark it felt as if someone would be standing over my bed. I have serval roommates and they sense something would get on the bed as well… as well the closet door knobs would move occasional by themselves. As well we all couldn’t not sleep with out the TV off during the night because their was always an unpleasant feeling when all the lights where off. As well we had community showes and while showing it always felt as if someone or something would be staring at you. I would always have to peak out of the curtain to make sure, such a scary feeling. As well at times like in the dorm room I would get chills and random goosebumps which I thought was odd because it was not cold.

  7. I am a freshman student in my second semester and never thought I could really attest to something like this, until tonight when I decided to browse the vast expanse of the library starting from the bottom floor of the main collection to the second floor where I browsed through some of the oldest books, documents, journals. I was beyond fascinated at in awe at the timeless essence I realized over an hour had passed at me browsing and the library was about 15 minutes away from closing which is midnight. It was quiet and empty, I was the only one on the second floor with the oldest of the collection and some graphic documentation(class photos) of some of the earliest students. I stood alone and was certain of it when I came across “The New York Times” large book dated 1940 I opened the cover to view a few pages and did until I heard footsteps as if someone was coming, so in modesty I picked up the book off the floor where I had been viewing it to put it back on the shelf. I waited to see someone and no one appeared , I went to the next aisle since I was almost done looking through last of them and heard this presence of another person traveling the opposite direction on the other side. To no avail, nothing no one. I felt uneasy, at the last of them against the wall with the class photos that are encased it started , the clicking. For the whole hour I was up there it was silent and now after almost completed, the ceiling began clicking the shelves began clicking the walls in a patternistic click. I was still alone and wanted to be open and believe this is fine since no harm was being done but it continued and would not stop, coming from all directions all around me I decided to not to test the limits of whatever entities made these sounds and experience so I left in a hurry. Definitely not returning at closing alone, strange enough I feel as if a message was trying to be relayed but things work as they do and I’ll move on, not afraid but aware.

  8. Ariel Rodriguez  |  

    I went to cheer camp at Incarnate Word and we stayed at the dorms for a week. I did this almost every year in middle school to high school. My 2nd or 3rd summer there maybe 2012-2015 I’m not too sure what year but we stayed in the older dorms. I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time alone in my dorm laying down on my bed when all of a sudden I just SEE my bed indent in as if someone is sitting down next to me. There was no one physically there but it was happening on the same bed I’m laying down on. My chest got insanely cold and all I could do was run through the restroom into the dorm next door where my friends were. I couldn’t even talk for a couple minutes I was so shook. I was terrified to go back into my room and I ended up staying with my friends in their room the rest of camp. My closest paranormal encounter.

  9. Charles Cockerell  |  

    Author Whitley Strieber’s factual encounters with non-human entities as described in his book “Secret School” occurred at UIW. Based on the experiences I have had here and on other friends’ experiences, this whole area of San Antonio, including nearby Terrell Hills, is apparently a place of strong local energies.
    BTW, I obtained my MBA at this fine university.

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