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Ghosts said to inhabit this university like to move objects, turn on and off electrical appliances, reset the clocks, and pull other pranks. The sound of footsteps has been noted, and cold spots also have been reported. Local lore avers that the Robie-Andrews Dorm is home to at least five spirits. The 4th floor is haunted by a female suicide or murder victim whos apparition has been seen multiple times. Another ghost is said to be an 1800s student who committed suicide after her boyfriend left her upon learning she was pregnant.

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Geographic Information

96 Falmouth St
Portland, ME
United States

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43.662524, -70.276295
Cumberland County, Maine
Nearest Towns:
Portland, ME (1.1 mi.)
South Portland, ME (2.3 mi.)
South Portland Gardens, ME (2.5 mi.)
Westbrook, ME (4.8 mi.)
Falmouth, ME (4.9 mi.)
Long Island, ME (5.5 mi.)
Falmouth Foreside, ME (6.1 mi.)
Scarborough, ME (6.3 mi.)
West Scarborough, ME (8.5 mi.)
Gorham, ME (8.5 mi.)


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  1. I lived on the 3rd floor of Robbie Andrews hall my freshman year at USM. I lived in a room directly under the attic space on the 4th floor that was most definitely inhabited by a ghost. There were no dorm rooms in that area above my room. I don’t think there were on that whole side. It was just a big empty space that was full of old dorm room furniture. We went up there to tell ghost stories on Halloween and it was very creepy. My experiences with the ghost were mostly hearing waking and furniture being moved around on a VERY routine basis when you KNEW nobody was up there. I can remember not feeling alone when I would shower in that bathroom (which was directly across the hall from the staircase leading to the attic space.) My friend who the room at the bottom of the stairs had the most experiences of anyone. Her TV would go on and off all night. She would come home to her stuff a mess and her refrigerator open… It was nuts.

  2. The Glickman Library is said to be haunted, especially the archival area on the sixth floor and the fifth floor stacks. Glickman is built upon ancient fill over a swamp and sometimes has a creepy swamp smell in the spring.

  3. Earlier this year a few of my friends and I were invited to the college for allstate. It’s basically an honors choir showcase. I am in middle school so I was thinking while I was there about what they have to offer and such so I talked to a few of the employees there and the showed me around the buildings. While walking through one of them I got a chill due to the cold spot in the middle of the room. I noted that it was January and just thought it was because it was extremely cold outside.A women took me up to the dorms and showed me where I would be staying if this is where I would choose to go to college. I looked around very interested beings this if what my future may hold. The woman left me to take a look around the dorms. Exited one room and was on my way to look at the other that she has gave me permission to look at when I saw a woman maybe twenty feet in front of me sitting on the floor knees to her chest sobbing. I walked a little seeing if I could help her when I was about ten feet away from her she looked up. She has tears running down her face. I felt so bad for her. I asked ”Are you ok?” She shook her head and to my surprise she disappered right before me. I had never been so scared in my life. I first thought this must be some sort of prank that one of the students was playing on me but I was the only one in the hallway and how could some one pull that off. I refused to look in the other dorm alone so when I found the woman who had showed me around I told her one dorm probably looked like the rest so I didn’t need to see anymore. After a few hours of choir practice we went down to the church to see where we would be performing and when I went down stairs to go to the bathroom there was a shadow that came of of the one of the left and went down the hall the opposite direction of me. I’m basically scarred for life so there go my USM college plans.

  4. The Portland library at the University of Southern Maine (Glickman) is haunted! Very spooky there on the 5th floor and throughout. Lights turn on and off unexpectedly, cold spots, sounds of people walking and no one is there, my friend saw someone walk past and then disappear.

  5. I remember one night in 2012, there was a large thunderstorm. The power was out in the dorms but wasn’t directly related to the storm – a car had crashed into a transformer causing the outage. There is a stairwell in the top floor of Robie-Andrews that I believe leads to the off-limits bell tower. For whatever reason a large group of music students were hanging around the stairs and during a brief moment of silence a very loud bang seemed to have come from the door at the top of the stairs. This was obviously not normal and I’m not sure how to explain why it’d happen… this is just one of the many things I experienced while attending the school.

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