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Female screams, calls for help and other strange noises are heard in this cemetery late at night. Lots of orbs/mist photos have been taken here. Most of the activity centers on the older section, near the back of the cemetery.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Umatilla Cemetery
Umatilla, FL
United States

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28.92588679999999, -81.68037649999997
Lake County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Umatilla, FL (0.9 mi.)
Altoona, FL (3.4 mi.)
Eustis, FL (5.1 mi.)
Pittman, FL (5.6 mi.)
Lisbon, FL (7.6 mi.)
Mount Dora, FL (8.8 mi.)
Tavares, FL (8.8 mi.)
Silver Lake, FL (9.2 mi.)
Paisley, FL (9.3 mi.)
Sorrento, FL (10.8 mi.)


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  1. Umm yeahh this place has something here. I took my grown kids through it just to freak them out..but when we got home, I had terrible dreams, of small shadow creatures coming out of my closet, and then my cats started noticing “something” moving in the corners of the house. Me? I assumed…bad dream….scared myself….stuff in corners…bugs? Mouse in walls? But the kids were hearing their name called…I believed them. Did a walk thru with the bible and prayers and it stopped, but never left. As we were packing to move…I was left alone to clean the apartment…..the feeling that I was being watched was overwhelming. I face my fears, and would go in every room on purpose to face whatever was there…but nothing would show it self. As I walked down the outside stairs for the last time, I could feel my back burning, I turned to look into the bedroom window, and all I could see was pitch black…which was weird because it was daytime. I faced it…whatever it was….

  2. I have been a police officer in Umatilla for 4 years now. I’ve been in the cemetery many many nights. There have been times I’ve had some weird feelings but to date I have not seen or heard anyone screaming or experienced any other paranormal phenomena.

  3. Listen to Sissy, the first comment. DO NOT GO! There is something evil. I went during a very dark time in my life, I went off alone. I heard a woman running and gasping through the brush, yelling. I thought this was a friend trying to scare me… They were back at the car at this time. I had invited, verbally “If you’re here, show yourself to me, I’m ready”. I experienced nothing other than a panicked feeling. We went home. The following month I was having frequent out of body dreams. Where I could see the television with my eyes closed. Peering around the room. One day I had one, in broad daylight, I had one, (and I never put 2 and 2 together until I read the first comment) a black, small, “SHADOW CREATURE” slowly crawled up my bed as I’m paralyzed in this dream. Unable to move or scream, this creature reaches the top of my bed, perches at the top of my bed for a long moment with glowing yellow eyes, then suddenly, quickly wrapped it’s hands around my throat in a strangling motion. Its blank face just inches from mine and disappeared. I woke up screaming. The dreams stopped after that. I’m convinced that I’d invited a spirit in. For whatever reason it chose to leave. Do not go… This is no coimcidence.

  4. The family next door that lives there with their dysfunctional kids like to play jokes on people who go out there at night. Don’t believe all u hear.. Maybe next time look for the freaks in the bushes

  5. Kevin and sossy, these black creatures mixed with a paralyzed feeling and put of body experience could be sleep paralysis. I’ve had similar experiences throughout life. It makes sense if you research it

  6. Yes I have had a unexpected experience here my grandmother and grandfather and my pop and step grandmother are burried here I came out here with my children and had got out of my vehicle to visit my grandmother and out of the clear blue I heard a woman moaning and calling for help as I got back into my vehicle I heard a growling sound and in a angry voice it said leave I heard it and my children there is something out in that cemetery for sure and its not happy no exaggeration

  7. I just got home 1am from a Halloween night “fright” and did NOT seen or hear anything paranormal. I guess ima have to wait till later like the other two comments lol. (Side note) I went with a friend who said he has “after math paranormal”. He had a huge bell in the bed of his truck and it “rung” when he got home. After they herd it rung him and his friends tryed everything to make a 60lbs bell to ring without touching it. “Unsuccesful” (if i get any aftermath effect from this place i will comment and say whats up.

    • Hey, I work for the city of Umatilla, and take care of the graveyards often. Next time im out there I will make note of all Laura’s I see, and I can get back to you.

  8. This is very true! I have been a few times and the last time I went I re-vowed to never go again. I have always had paranormal things happen since I was little. Back in 2006 when I was dating a guy from Umatilla he told me about this cemetery and I was very intrigued. Fast forward to 2008 (no longer with him) I made it out there at night and let me just say I could feel something. You literally can feel a presence of a woman and then followed by an evil entity! I had panic and sadness come over me, it was like the woman was standing in front of me. That was first visit! My second visit made me say I never want go at night again. I pulled up with my husband and he gets out… Well I’m in the car and I feel someone right out my window staring and I look to see and there’s nothing, but I could feel the presence move around to the other side of the vehicle and at that point my husband was getting in the car. He said it felt like someone went right through him. I got out snapped a couple pictures and we got back in the car after I could feel the evil presence telling me to go away! I didn’t tell my husband until on the way home that someone was standing outside our car. Well when we got home we saw a red orb in our pictures. After that I know something followed me home. I was scared for months. I could feel and see things move in my apartment. I told myself I was done and prayed until I felt the presence leave! I vowed to never go back, but my husband wanted to go one more time so we did during the day( this was 4 maybe 5 years ago). We walked towards the back of the cemetery and I was bending down reading a headstone because I felt pulled to it and just as I was reading it my husband went to the orange groves and a loud sound of a train came rolling down the orange groves and the wind was blowing them around. We bolted and ran and as we entered our car the sound stopped and we haven’t been back since!

    • Your comment caught my attention. I had a very similar experience with a group of people. Years back. I would love to discuss with you. If you see this please reply. Thanks

  9. I live down the street from the cemetery and I don’t believe that it’s haunted. My husband have walked past it twice at night and I did not see or hear anything described.
    Last week we took a short cut through the orange groves coming out at the back of the old cemetery, stopping to read an old tombstone. I even took pictures when we got to the road and nothing showed up.
    I’m not inviting anything to happen, but I haven’t experienced anything walking by and through it either.

  10. This place is no joke. I didn’t see or hear anything but was definitely affected. I had heard a few stories about the place and the evil presence there. Drove by and thought about stopping but when I slowed down (daylight hours) I got a feeling of dread so I kept going. About a year ago I was telling my wife about it and she want to go look around a bit. I protested but eventually broke down and took her. At first I said I would stay in the car but didn’t want her to be out there alone. All happening during the day but as soon as I got out of the car I felt dread and fear. We looked around a bit but with every minute the feeling got worse. Felt like I was being watched but not by my wife. I then started feeling a sharp pain in my stomach as well as getting sick. Told my wife it was time to go. The further I got away from the place the pain stopped and stopped being sick. There is something really bad there and as for me I will not be returning…EVER.

  11. I was there i heard baby crying and heard someone talking but i havent seen anyone there accept me and my 2 brother it always feels bad there i heard a sound screaming help that night i took a picture in that picture a guy showed up near the tree

  12. My first time looking for something paranormal. Im more skeptic than minded but still skeptical. Me and MY 10 year old both went at around 2 am. Very uncomfortable. A small black shadow moved across MY light. 2 definite evps. A growl like whisper And laughing. Im gonna cut the audio and upload it. Responded to a question. Too close to be a person in the distance. Then this screenshot. MY son said he thought he saw a women at the exact time. Idk but definitely very cool.

  13. I went to this cemetery on Friday the 13th in 2017 with some friends. I thought it was going to be a cheesy night where the only frights were going to have would be us worked up in our own heads and us messing with each other. I was wrong. after only being there for about 20 minutes, one friend claimed he was feeling sick while another friend felt a thickness in the air, and i was suddenly overcame with the need to cry. I was suddenly so, so, sad. I felt like i was stuck somewhere watching my loved ones leave like i was never going to see them again. absolutely devastated. We start to leave per the sick friends request. as we start walking we hear a sound I can only describe as a mixture of an extremely hoarse woman’s voice and and a very old dogs bark screaming at us. We look around us for some sort of animal with our flashlights and cant see a thing. start walking faster and hear the sound again but this time CLOSER. now we are really speeding our way out of there when he sounds AGAIN. and this time, its right on us. all the while im still felling devastated and everyone else is feeling sick. we make it back to the cars and peel out down the road the wrong way. pull into the cemetery drive to turn around (accidentally) as soon as my lights hit the gate, my hair raised up. someone was there, and they were watching us without a day we realize we caught the first sound on video. within a couple days, the sounds was no longer on the video. you can hear all of us gasp and ask what the sound was, but the sound its self is gone. i can promise you though, we all still hear it in our minds occasionally. I will be returning to this place again shorty.

  14. The stories of frequent hauntings go way back at this cemetery. I live around the corner and visit often during the day because we have multiple family members buried on the “good” side. The cemetery is on both sides of the road and they say the darker spirits are on the West side of the road. Both sides are up against water which is said to give energy to spirits. I have personally only visited the bad side once and it was when my husband and kids were with me. I wouldn’t recommend anyone visit alone. It’s just creepy. It isn’t that all the people buried on that side are evil, I think there are just a few old souls that probably had dark pasts or are angered in the way they died. They are the older graves where the original spots started. The time we visited it did feel spooky and uneasy but we were very kind and respectful. My daughter who is sensitive was probably about 9 or 10 at the time and as we were walking she told me something was following her. I told her if she felt that something was too close to tell it to stop following her and tell it it isn’t allowed to harm her and it needs to go away. Thinking she was maybe making it up I was shocked when she stopped dead in her tracks and did just that. She told it out loud everything I told her to say. I was worried something would follow her home. My husband said the following day that he was never going back there and he claims to not even believe in ghosts. Lol. He said all night long he dreamt that he was in the cemetery and as he walked he would notice spirits following him and every time he looked back there would be more each time. He would wake up , think the dream was over, fall back asleep and it kept starting right where it left off! He said he woke up multiple times. That’s all on the bad side. On the good side I have personally caught a full body colored apparition of a little girl whom I believe was playing with my son and chasing after us as we left. Not in a bad way but as if she didn’t want us to leave. I contacted the city for names on plots but all they can give is names of plots purchased. I used social media in our small town to find the mom of the family that the city worker and I believed was the little girls spirit. We spoke on the phone, I sent her the photo and she strongly believed it was her daughter. I was so honored to be able to share that with her so she sees her little one is ok in the spirit world. Now we visit the little girls plot every time we stop by.

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