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The 1907 Tranquille Sanatorium was a tuberculosis hospital until it became a mental institution in 1959. It closed 1983; plans are for the building to be razed and the site turned into a resort area. The building and grounds are said to be haunted by former patients.

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Geographic Information

Tranquille Rd
Kamloops, British Columbia

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50.720560986679075, -120.52191388589563
Nearest Towns:
North Kamloops, BC (7.3 mi.)
Kamloops, BC (9.1 mi.)
Copper Creek, BC (12.2 mi.)
Savona, BC (14.5 mi.)
Black Pines, BC (20.7 mi.)
Logan Lake, BC (20.9 mi.)
Criss Creek, BC (23.5 mi.)
Pinantan, BC (24.3 mi.)
Mamette Lake, BC (24.7 mi.)
Monte Creek, BC (25.5 mi.)


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  1. Me and my wife are Paranormal Investigators who run “Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal” and would like to investigate Tranquille Sanatorium, wondering how to contact the owners to gain permission and access the historical hospital for 1 night investigation… Anyone know how we could contact the owners, Thank you. Chris & Kelly – GAP
    Visit us at:
    Like us on Facebook: @gaparanormal

    • Brittani Towle  |  

      Hi my name is brittani i was just wondering if you ended up being able to contact the owners of podova so you can investigate?? Id love to watch the edisode

  2. My grandfather was medical superintendent at Tranquille from 1968-1978. We lived with my grandparents in what is known as “The Doctors House” during that time. I can attest to the fact that the place is most definitely haunted. One night around 11 PM in 1972, the entire family was out visiting with the head nurse, who lived just across from our house. All the doors and windows were locked, and I was there by myself watching TV. My grandfather kept all his empty ginger ale cans in paper bags in the back entrance to return for refund. I heard the bags of cans being violently shaken around. I thought the family had returned home early and someone had tripped over the bags of cans. I went to investigate, but there was nobody there. Went back to watch TV. about 3 minutes later, I heard a shuffling of footsteps that sounded like someone with a club foot shuffling towards the room where I was watching TV. As the footsteps got closer to the room I was in, I could hear heavy breathing. The footsteps got closer to the door of the TV room and stopped outside the door, but the heavy breathing continued. I was absolutely paralyzed with fear, and froze in my chair, not making a sound. The breathing continued for about 15 minutes, then started fading away. I didn’t dare go investigate anymore as I was scared out of my wits. About 45 minutes later, the rest of the family came home. I asked if they had played a joke on me, but they said they were at the nurses house all evening and never left (confirmed the next day by my friend, one of the nurses sons). It’s actually giving me goosebumps as I’m typing this…Very scary indeed. On another occasion in 2015, a friend of mine with a group of other people snuck into Tranquille about 3 AM. They managed to access the tunnels where they said they saw mysterious “orbs” of light flying around. My friend is a pretty big guy-6’2″, and he and the others were so terrified they got out ASAP.
    All my time spent living at Tranquille was so wonderful and special, but that one night in 1972 will haunt my memory forever.

    • Hey there D, I’ve used your comment here in an upcoming episode of our podcast “Weekly Creep” feel free to check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts and if there’s anything you’d like to add or anything feel free to email us:

  3. Hey theres this book called “Haunted Canada” either its the 4th or the 5th, I believe its the fifth, that was written by; Joel A Southerland, I was at young authors in grade 5 where I was able to meet him, he told us about how he had written about this place and it talks about all the paranormal stuff that happens there. Since I live near the area I will admit its tempting to go there as a 15 year old, who wants to see ghosts, but that chapter in the book about this place totally has me too scared too ahaha

  4. years ago i cant remember the year exactly i researched it a lolng time ago but there was a land battle there over 250,000 natives died there in the land battle that land is where that place was built… MTV Fear also did an episode there as well

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