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A ghost called Charley haunts this hotel, said to be an illegal immigrant from China who died in the hotel in the 1930s. He has been seen in the hallways and has been known to cause dinner plates at the restaurant to fly up or spin around. A ghost cat also wandesr around the place. The most haunted room in the hotel is Room 7, rumored to have been the site of a long-ago murder.

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Geographic Information

100 Hotel Road
Tokeland, WA
United States

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46.70840969385504, -123.98442236665647
Pacific County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Tokeland, WA (0.2 mi.)
Bay Center, WA (5.5 mi.)
Grayland, WA (8.7 mi.)
South Bend, WA (9.1 mi.)
Raymond, WA (12.0 mi.)
Cohassett Beach, WA (12.6 mi.)
Markham, WA (13.6 mi.)
Westport, WA (13.8 mi.)
Willapa, WA (15.3 mi.)
Ocean Park, WA (15.3 mi.)

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  1. Coat hangers moved on door.
    Bobby pin found thrust through rear tire on hot wheels trigger object.
    Smothered / suffocated to the point of fading away.
    Girl friend experienced nothing untoward during the night.
    Unbelievably painful migraine after attack, until I left the hotel

  2. I was 4 years old when I visited this location. With my family on a fishing trip. In the middle of the night , I had to use the restroom. On the way back too my room I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head to look, I saw a wispy man in coveralls & cap on his head. Looking back at me. He was just standing there, staring back at me. He had nothing below his knees! I ran the rest of the way to my room. I went back with my husband when I was 40. I retraced my steps & the same creepy feeling and vibe I had was totally the same.

  3. Our family spent a wonderful week many years ago at the Tokeland Hotel. Quite haunted. I was exploring the top floor of the building and found a door to an attic. There was a window in the back, and by the window was a table with a big radio on it. A young man was sitting there looking out the window with big binocular, then talk into a microphone. I did not recognize the sounds from the radio, just static and voices. Later I figured out I must have seen a solider watching for enemy ships during the war. I really would like to know if there is any truth to the lookout, if the military did have a secret lookout in the hotel.

  4. My husband and i went and stayed at the Tokeland Hotel with our church for a couples retreat. It was very interesting experience you can surely feel the spirits in that place, they move freely through there i remember I was over looking at the view from the backside of the hotel standing in the gazebo and had a weird feeling of being watched i turned around and to see if anyone was behind me and noticed something move from a window upstairs and the curtain moved like if the wind blew it yet none of the windows were open. Also at night you could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs which I swear it went on all night long. Even though the spirits move freely its still nice hotel to stay at and very beautiful i may add.

  5. Laire gaviola  |  

    Me and my fiancé and his cousin we went to this hotel and to have tea and check the place out and as we walk around the whole place I felt eary and felt unwell and my hair on my back was standing up and felt goosebumps the whole time until we had fiancé saw the Chadlier and felt spirits and he was fascinatid by the walls on room 7 across that room I was drawn into the wall as well were there is square shape and felt torture there and was eary and my fiancé cousin felt the same way we were drawn to the walls and we had the tea and I felt like I was not alone in there this was in daytime by the way then we left it was so beautiful there tho we will stay there someday or soon I love ghost they just need to go to the light I’m also a medium and the feeling I felt was actually right wen I read about what really happened to the place

  6. We were sitting in the living room with the fireplace burning at night, very relaxing. To our amazement, the iron poker hanging on the wall beside the mantle started to swing, back and forth like a pendulum. It went on for a while. I actually videoed it with my iPhone. Tried to upload, but it wouldn’t allow me to.

  7. We were sitting in the living room with a fire going at night. We noticed the iron poker hanging beside the mantle started moving back and forth like a pendulum for no reason at all. I got my iPhone and videoed it for a while. It wouldn’t allow me to post with my note.

  8. Love the Dead Paranormal had the opportunity to investigate The Tokeland Hotel AND Cap’s Tavern. We captured a clear EVP in the Tavern; I asked “Is it OK if we hang out for a little while” and a clear whisper answered “noooooo”

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