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The dorm at Ellsworth Community College and Union Cemetery across the street are both said to be haunted. The spirit of town benefactor Mr. Ellsworth himself has been seen, and footsteps and voices have been heard in the dorm’s basement.

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Geographic Information

Near 1300 Cedar St
Iowa Falls, IA
United States

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42.52786765381544, -93.26850641072843
Hardin County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Iowa Falls, IA (1.0 mi.)
Alden, IA (5.5 mi.)
Owasa, IA (7.2 mi.)
Bradford, IA (7.4 mi.)
Popejoy, IA (9.2 mi.)
Buckeye, IA (9.4 mi.)
Oakland, IA (9.6 mi.)
Ackley, IA (11.1 mi.)
Geneva, IA (12.4 mi.)
Steamboat Rock, IA (13.2 mi.)


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Comments (5)

  1. This is legit, I saw it my freshman year. It was in my room while I was trying to sleep and moved a chair across the room along the floor. Then it put pressure on my bed. Legit scary stuff I pretended to sleep and it went away. It tried to get my attention, don’t look at it. I felt evil and malice. I was on the western part of the building if that helps.

  2. It is my freshman year at ellsworth and wall hall which is across the street from Thompson has been having some weird stuff happen. People are feeling warm presence, doors are rattling,door handles are shacking like someone wants to get in and there is knocking on the doors but there is no body there.

  3. Former Room 219 Resident  |  

    Freshman year was unable to sleep late one night in my dorm by myself on the 2nd floor. I turned off my TV to try and give sleep one more shot. After turning off my TV i heard a *knock, knock, knock* on my window facing the cemetery. Like I said, I lived on the 2nd floor. There was no way it was just a walker-by trying to mess with me and there wasn’t a tree nearby that could have been bumping it. I tried to tell myself it was just my imagination but throughout my two semesters at Thompson Hall I repeatedly heard that knocking several times. Needless to say sleep was hard to come by.

  4. Current Student  |  

    I’ve heard rumors that Thompson hall used to be an insane asylum. I would play pool with a friend of mine almost every night. we would feel as if someone was always watching us, we would see shadows and small objects moving, hear footsteps and no one was there banging in washing machines. this never bothered us to much. one night we were playing pool and we felt like someone was suffocating us and the air got thicker and it was really hard to breath. we never went back to play pool after that.

  5. Paranormal Investigator  |  

    Union Cemetery is to say the least a really creepy place. We captured EVP’s of ladies talking, and laughing. My daughter said she seen black, and white shadows following me when I was investigating alone. The temperature dropped 30 degrees, bone chilling cold, there was no wind when we entered the cemetery, it was really windy inside the cemetery. My husband and I became agitated, all signs of a malevolent entity. The camera I was using had brand new batteries in it, yet none of the pictures turned out it was like the flash wasnt strong enough, and the batteries had to be changed at least twice while we were there. So whatever is there was taking the energy from the batteries to attempt contact, and whatever’s there definitely made contact. I would love to go back and investigate the cemetery again with the rest of the team. Oh, the police did know we were there, and we could not investigate after 11pm without permission from the Cemetery Board.

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