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The magnificent stone hotel and restaurant dates back to the 1800s. It is said that the hauntings here may stem from a man during that century who was hanged from a tree outside by an angry mob after he stole a horse from his neighbor. Witnesses to the hauntings have seen floating heads and felt cold gusts, and the mischievous spirit is said to play tricks such as locking employees in the walk-in freezer.

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1 Water St
Mineral Point, WI 53565
United States

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42.85742719300993, -90.17593193254089
Iowa County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Mineral Point, WI (0.3 mi.)
Linden, WI (6.5 mi.)
Dodgeville, WI (7.5 mi.)
Edmund, WI (8.8 mi.)
Cobb, WI (10.9 mi.)
Rewey, WI (11.2 mi.)
Belmont, WI (11.6 mi.)
Hollandale, WI (12.2 mi.)
Darlington, WI (12.4 mi.)
Livingston, WI (13.2 mi.)

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  1. I was looking into buying the building back in 2004-5, I did a lot of roaming around the structure, there was no electricity so the only lighting was a flashlight. I had doors get shut behind me and felt cold pockets of air. I knew about this guy who has been wandering the place since he was hanged, I believe has name is Jeffery. While in the building, I experienced the most weird feelings on the second floor at the back of the hotel in the room second from the most south east. The back room is up a few steps. It is such a cool place, I would have loved to own it, having him there would have been an extra benefit, he means no harm unless he doesn’t like you. One of the guys who was with me got pushed, I don’t think he was liked. Ha Ha

  2. I grew up in the country near Mineral Point. I worked as a waitress at The Walker House in aprox 1980-82. At the time it was owned by a doctor from Darlington Wi. It was always damp, a bit chilly and always OLD. I loved that place!!!. Yes, everyone that worked there with me had their own stories. The main ‘resident’ was (we believe) William Caffee, he was staying at the hotel (once a brothel for miners and train passengers alike). He was under ‘house arrest’ and after he was sentenced for murdering a man in nearby Ridgeway Wi. Caffee was paraded from the Inn to the ‘hanging tree’ at what was Gratz’s pond. Along with William there were children, who either born to the brothel ladies or orphaned by others had many diseases including the plague and scarlet fever. Yes, we could hear children laughing and toys being played with. When I went upstairs while closing for the evening I did see a apparition sitting on a church pew that was in a hallway on the way to the pub on the second floor. He was in a gray suit, he had a bowler style hat next to him but…. no head! I took pictures of the place before it closed for the season one year and I have some pics with very odd ‘orbs’ & ‘shapes’. I have 1 photo of a wall in the upstairs pub with a skull ‘hanging’ about 8′ up the wall. No this skull was NOT on the wall itself only in the photo. Sorry to ramble but I was told that “The Ovens of Brittany” had an exorcist come in but I could hear the blatant sarcasm in his voice. I know what I experienced there and still ‘feel’ something when I visit.

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