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Four ghosts are believed to haunt the original structure around which the Springville Inn’s modern amenities were built. Employees have cleverly named these ghosts “Little Girl”, “Old Man”. “Young Man” and “The Woman”. It’s a complete set! You are less likely to see the Old Man as he haunts the employee areas but you might spy either the Young Man hanging out in the bar or the Woman on the balcony. The Little Girl ghost is apparently random and has not been seen in a while.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    35634 California 190
    Springville, CA 93265
    United States

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    36.1310763722639, -118.81794517790985
    Tulare County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Springville, CA (0.1 mi.)
    East Porterville, CA (10.2 mi.)
    Camp Nelson, CA (11.7 mi.)
    Porterville, CA (12.0 mi.)
    Strathmore, CA (13.6 mi.)
    Lindsay, CA (15.9 mi.)
    Ponderosa, CA (16.3 mi.)
    Terra Bella, CA (17.2 mi.)
    Tonyville, CA (17.2 mi.)
    Plainview, CA (17.7 mi.)

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    1. I used to work in the restaurant as a busboy and all employees were aware of the ghost stories and a couple of the waitresss had had sightings. This was in the eighties. My wife told me about a man who came into local porterville for some training he was to give, he was from Sacramento, apparently he stayed there at the inn while in the area and saw something there that when he came into the area for future trainings he refused to stay there ever again and stayed in tulare an extra fourth five minutes out of his way my wife stated when he told of the incident he was scared of even describing what he saw also embarrassed because before it happened he kind of laughed off the stories he had been told. This has been at least ten years since then

    2. Ive caught a ladys voice on my phone on multiple occasions im going to upload a video pay close attention at the beginning of the video sounds like she says “help me” i had the radio on but u could hear it over them.

    3. Room #5 – I spent The night of April 12 2018 and checked in then came back later to go to bed. I turned of fan and dimmed lights to have some light while getting ready for bed. After I moved away from the dimmer and sat on the bed the lights went back to full brightness. Not sure if the dimmer has issues or if I was being played with. Nothing else stood out as odd.

    4. I worked here thru the year of 2018.
      Me and my family just moved to springville from porterville.
      And my boyfriend wasn’t working. So I decided to get a part time job.
      I came across the restrrestront/hotel and just felt like I was complied to be there. I was completely drown to it. As I walked in I seen all the tables. And the long bar table that almost stretch across the big innerconer of the room.
      I was welcome in by the owner. And talked her into giveing me a job. Things seamed to be okay.
      Or so I thought. It was my 2nt day work.
      And I was bringing beer downstairs to a couple of customers. I was on the last step of the staircase by the kitchen doors. When I felt vary large hands grab my but and give me a push. I fail dropping all the beer all over me. I told myself I must have just missed the step. And was incredibly embarrassed when my new boss seen me drenched in beer. I was in the bathroom cleaning what I could off of me. When I Hurd a little girl giggly I asked if anyone was in there with me but the stalls wear silent. I looked under the doors. And to my surprise no one was in there but me.
      About a month later. I was being trained in the kitchen. And had to run up stares to the cold storage. That part of the building always scared me the most..i ran up there to grab some bread and buns. And I remember walking in there and everything was okay at first.
      I started looking for the things I needed when I just got chills all down the backside of my body. It was like the air was thicken. I Hurd a small door slowly open. You know like you would in a scary movie. That was anuf for me. So I got out. When I walked out of the room. I looked to my left ware the small elveter was. What use to be an old Landry shoot. The door was open. Completely open. This elevator was never used. So I didn’t understand why it was just open like that. I was tarrfied but I remember having the earg to look down the never ending blackness. I was tarrfied. But so intreaged my boss came up looking for me before I could look down the shoot. But I’m always wondered what I would have seen. I quit working there after a spirt followed me home. A lady in a white dress. I usely see her in my dreams. Watching my body sleeping. Like an outerbody experiment but still within my own realty. I can say the dreams arnt sent as current anymore. But every now again. She still visits me. The white lady from springville inn

    5. Frances Muchmore  |  

      Last night, after a joyous wedding, we came back to our room. My husband changed his clothes, took off his dress shoes and socks, and left them in the dressing area. He put on white socks and his tennis shoes. When we went to bed, he draped his jeans over the nightstand, draped his shirt over them and took off his shoes and socks and left them on the floor next to the bed. This morning he woke up and got dressed and while pulling on his jeans he felt something in his pant leg. His dress socks had been neatly placed inside his pant legs. No explanation as my husband NEVER does this!
      Beware of room #3!

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