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This music hall and club was originally built in the 1920s as an all-make athletic club. Inside, the ghost of a little girl laughing has been seen and heard, and things have been thrown off the roof by disembodied hands. It is said that in the basement folks experience a strong smell of bleach and an intense feeling that you need to get out of there. The building was once a shelter, and the man who ran it was said to be very abusive, and his spirit is said to be heard and felt in the pool area and the boiler room.

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2401 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

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43.03817249999999, -87.94328259999997
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Milwaukee, WI (1.9 mi.)
West Milwaukee, WI (2.3 mi.)
Wauwatosa, WI (3.3 mi.)
West Allis, WI (3.5 mi.)
Shorewood, WI (4.5 mi.)
Whitefish Bay, WI (5.6 mi.)
Saint Francis, WI (5.9 mi.)
Greenfield, WI (6.4 mi.)
Glendale, WI (6.7 mi.)
Cudahy, WI (6.8 mi.)


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  1. I was here two years ago for a show. Me and my friend had just gotten there and had to go to the bathroom. Since they were all full, we decided to sneak past a barrier into a closed-off bathroom. I was fixing my makeup while my friend was in the stall and she said, “you know this place is haunted right?”. I thought she was trying to freak me out when i heard a door slam. I said “Haha, very funny, B!”, not realizing she was still in the stall. I look to my left and i see that the supply closet door that was open 10 seconds ago is now closed and I screamed. When we both realized what just happened we ran out of that bathroom so fast and tried to go back to the concert as if nothing happened. There was no chance there was anyone else there since it was blocked off, and if there was I would’ve seen them. There also couldn’t have been wind or anything like that since the bathroom is hidden away and there are no windows.

  2. I used to go there quite a bit in my younger days!! I never noticed any phenomenons, or voices, but I can say that i could feel the coldness of the place and could feel that it had a strong ghostly past to the building!! I couldnt see them, but I knew they were present!!

  3. Came all the way here from Chicago to see a concert which me and my companions had backstage passes for. There is a huge empty hall with a bathroom to the left hand side of the stage which was closed at the time and was blocked off to the audience, but since I had my pass, they allowed me to use the bathroom there. I used the first stall closest to the door. The bathroom light was dim and it was quiet, enough for me to hear anyone walk in, which I was certain that no one did. After I was done I walked out of the stall and at that moment a dark figure was standing in front of the stall two doors from mine. I hesitated to look directly at the figure but had my eyes angled enough to know it was there, just standing there, looking at me. My heart pounded as I scurried to the door. After the concert, I mentioned my encounter to one of the staff people and only then did I find out that this place is most certainly haunted. To this day, I still imagine what I’ve seen and it still gives me goosebgoosebumps.

  4. I’ve been to the Rave many times but there’s one experience that I still can’t explain. During a koRn concert right on stage is a large black man wearing a blue and gold church choir outfit on singing. Looked back and there weren’t any extra performers. A few months later at another show in the winter I had slipped down one of the narrow staircases (wet shoes, not even two beers) about 3/4 of the way down I just stopped, had bruises up and down my back, side..arms..found out I was two months pregnant. To this day I believe the choir man saved me.

  5. I was at a concert this past Saturday in the eagles ballroom. I felt someone poke me on my left shoulder. I looked back and nobody was behind me. I told my friend that I just felt something poke me. He told me that it wasn’t him. Then it happened again and I looked back again and nobody was there. Then after I felt the poke my friend heard a whisper in his right ear. When he told me he just heard something in his ear I freaked out. He was on my left side and that’s where I was feeling the pokes. Then he heard that whisper. Something was definitely there.

  6. We Had a two year old birthday party in the basement with a blow up , jumpy castle, we deflated it at dinner. It started to deflate and I saw blonde boy sitting down and smiling at me. 5 year old maybe-6, I thought it was a boy from party. I reached in to grab but it was gone then. Everyone thought I was nuts I’m sure. When we entered from employee entrance and took the elevator with employee I got the Feeling we weren’t alone. I said this place is haunted. The employee agreed, I couldn’t wait to get the heck out of the elevator! It felt like this energy didn’t want us there. Not a Good feeling!

  7. In August of 1999, my friend and I got access to the basement. But it isn’t really a basement. Its a maze with some creepy ass rooms spread up and down these tunnels. IMAGIANE THE UNIMANIGIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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