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The Plaza opened originally as “The Clarendon” in 1888, but was destroyed by fire in 1909. It went back up in 1911 and was renamed to “The Plaza” many years afterward.

In 2013 the hotel made a bit of a stir on the local news after security cameras picked up… something… maybe a ghost, maybe a bug?… around their Veranda Bar and Grille. Staff claim there have been other weird experiences – doors that aren’t locked are pulled tight by unseen hands until, inexplicably, they suddenly open with ease, as if someone had just let go on the other side. It is said that one guest died in room 1111, and this room is particularly active as a result.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    600 N Atlantic Ave
    Daytona Beach, FL 32118
    United States

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    29.235275258961632, -81.01185321807861
    Volusia County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Holly Hill, FL (1.7 mi.)
    Daytona Beach, FL (1.8 mi.)
    Ormond Beach, FL (4.4 mi.)
    Daytona Beach Shores, FL (4.4 mi.)
    South Daytona, FL (4.8 mi.)
    Port Orange, FL (6.8 mi.)
    Ormond-by-the-Sea, FL (8.5 mi.)
    Ponce Inlet, FL (10.6 mi.)
    Samsula-Spruce Creek, FL (13.2 mi.)
    Glencoe, FL (14.7 mi.)

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    1. I have been a Daytona/Port orange resident my whole life. I’m 35. The video didn’t pop up, would love to see it. I have experience a few things myself over the years, mainly at my grandparents house up in Live Oak.

    2. Not only have I stayed here many times with my husband and children but my MIL stayed for a very long time and my friends band stays here alot when they have gigs in the area and none of us have ever seen anything abnormal. I do admit the video is creepy but I am sure there is a logical explanation.

    3. Back in 2011 me, my mom and my best friend celebrated my birthday here. One night, the three of us were outside in the pool. We were the only ones out there. All of a sudden a man’s voice was calling down to us. He said that he got locked out of his room and he was stuck on the balcony with no way to reach anyone. He told us the room number and my mom went to the front desk to let them know. They said they would check it out. A little while later the front desk clerk came out to the pool to let us know that no one was staying in that room–or that side of the hotel at the time. It was a bit slow that week, which is why we got a great deal! Still, we were kind of spooked. The next morning my mom checked back in with the front desk to see if anyone had gotten locked out of their room anywhere and the answer was still no. Looking back on it, we couldn’t see anyone on any balconies. I never knew this places was haunted before then! Very creepy!

    4. We stayed in October of 2012 (a year before the ghost video came out). Loved the hotel. My husband has been the type to never believe in ghosts. On the drive home after leaving plaza resort and spa it got to be close to midnight. My daughter sleeping in the back seat already. I asked if we are going to find a hotel and stop for the night. He said no we are driving straight through. Went on to tell me the first night checked into the hotel he woke in the middle of the night to a woman in old attire at the foot of the bed. We are going to Daytona again this year and will be staying at a newer non haunted hotel. 🙂

    5. We are currently at the hotel. Had the room door open up on. It’s own. We were in the kitchenette area and called hey as we were getting ready to leave. My husband flung the door open and ran out to see no one was in the hall.

      We left for dinner few hours later and came back to the closet door open. We hadn’t opened it. Nothing else disturbed. We were assured it wasn’t housekeeping and I’d it were a burger I’m sure something would be missing

    6. I worked at the hotel when the man committed suicide. He was terminally ill with cancer and jumped to his death leaving behind a note. I had to inspect rooms and that room always gave me the chills when I passed it. When I had to open the door to inspect it I would hold the door open and look inside, I never stepped all the way in the room. I worked early hours and would walk the halls of the basements and ball rooms, there are definitely spirits lingering in that hotel.

    7. Me and my family are currently staying here at the Plaza and YES it is HAUNTED. I personally saw a gray man and a dark figure man. We are in room 1103, right across from 1111, the haunted room, and the coat racks in our closet have been making racket noises and we keep hearing finger tapping noises on our balcony glass door in the middle of the night, very good paranormal experiences here

    8. I was down there in Daytona July of this year and stayed at The La Quota the 5th motel North of The Plaza and as me nd my son was walking by The Plaza and my son got scared and we felt a cold breeze and he kept saying ghost the whole time and would not let go f me and then as we pasted by that motel again a big cold strong wind came out of nowhere and knocked off his Earnhardt Sr cap off his head into the highway and later that night at La Quita room 311 I was woked up by a head floating over my bed and I woke my mom up and asked her if she saw that head floating over us and she said yes and the next morning my aunt asked me what I see a d my son said a GHOST. That was very scared. My mom and aunt don’t believe in ghost like I I and that’s the 1st encounter for my son who has Autism. Yes it s very scary.

    9. I’ve stayed at the plaza 3 different occasions on two occasions we were purposely get up at night and Walk The Halls “ghost hunting”.. while walking the Halls we never hear anything or see anything but when I get back to the room and check the pictures and videos we always find something… in one video when I went with my family all three of us on all of our phones heard a little girl laugh on our way back to the room… a picture is looking in the spot where you can see faces that look like skulls I have video walking Casper 111 where I didn’t hear anything but when I watch the video I heard the lock click.. as well as saying something walk in front of mine phone while I was over at the bar area…

    10. That other post had too many typos I was trying to say when you look in the spa you can see pictures of skulls and walking past room 111 we can hear the door lock click as well as seeing somebody walk in front of my phone when I was over in the bar area

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