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The historic saloon, built in 1900, was originally Blackman’s Dry Goods Store. But it’s been a saloon (and, some say, bordello) since around 1910. Legend has it that a policeman named Henry was stabbed to death here while trying to break up a fight. His ghost is said to remain, pinching ladies in the restroom or hanging out on the basement stairs. Reports say that although the second floor of the building is now offices, ghosts from the saloon remain there too: a man in a bowler hat and two female spirits, Kathleen, believed to be the bordello’s madam, and Amelia, one of her ladies of the night. Long ago Amelia’s body mysteriously was found dead, curled up in the closet. Paranormalists investigating the place had some eerie experiences with ghostly voices and images that showed up in photographs.

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913 1st St
Snohomish, WA 98290
United States

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47.9111138, -122.09389490000001
Snohomish County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Snohomish, WA (0.2 mi.)
Fobes Hill, WA (2.9 mi.)
Roosevelt, WA (4.0 mi.)
Silver Firs, WA (4.2 mi.)
Cathcart, WA (4.4 mi.)
Three Lakes, WA (4.5 mi.)
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Clearview, WA (5.6 mi.)
West Lake Stevens, WA (5.7 mi.)
Mill Creek, WA (6.2 mi.)


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  1. In 1997 I was dating a bartender by the name of Teri.on the nights that she had to close I would help her ,,putting up chairs and sweeping. I was in the downstairs bar and had just finished sweeping the floor when I noticed two chairs sitting on the floor at a table on the other side of the room near the restroom. My hair stood up on my arms and neck. I know I couldn’t have missed them because I personally put them up on the tables before I swept.even if I missed them the first time I would have had to see them while sweeping. I didn’t bother to put them back up I just ran up stairs. I was never alone down there again. I’m convinced it was Henry the cop.

  2. More than a decade ago, my family and I were antiquing in Snohomish and stopped here for lunch. Once seated, I excused myself and headed to the restroom, which is located downstairs in the bar area. The vibe was so creepy, I felt sick. I knew there was a presence in there with me-and I knew it was a lower energy. I didn’t even have to use the bathroom anymore, I just wanted to get the heck outta there. I tried to open the door, but I couldn’t; it felt as though it was being forced shut. The more I struggled, the harder the door was to open. I felt a hand forcefully grip my forearm. I was so freaked I resorted to asking my dad for help (he had passed away) and whoosh! The door opened, and I got the @*! &$ out of that restroom. I saw the image of a man with dark hair and eyes and a mustache in the mirror as I left. When we were leaving our server heard me telling my family about it and she said, “yeah, he’s not the friendliest ghost.” I’ve experienced spirit encounters before, but this was one that really disturbed me. His intention was to inflict fear. I have no interest in negative experiences like that. I’ve never gone back.

    • Dillon Gauthier  |  

      Celia Torres the same thing happened to my mom during the Snohomish Bike Show a couple of years ago (minus the contacting your dad for help). I was upstairs talking to the manager who was telling me about the paranormal activities that has happened there. While I was being told about the restroom incident, my mom called me from the ladies room and said she couldnt get out. The manager and I ran down to the bathroom and it took all of our strength to open the door.

  3. Living in Snohomish for years 30+ of course we’ve heard the rumors etc. So it’s said, upstairs was a brothel (bordello) and there’s a underage girl and the Madam up there! You get most activity if you open the doors that connect the two rooms! The young girl is a very active spirit and will knock down the picture of the two that suits on the bedside table or on the wall if hung to get your attention! But down in the bar it wasn’t a cop that haunts the bar! It was a regular that was very mean and liked his table in a certain spot! Someone moved it and a fight began and he died! In order to have a quiet closing time at the bar you leave “his table alone with a mug of beer on the table! My friend and i were there helping closing (I never heard of the tales yet) until I started moving the tables I was hollered at to leave it alone! I chuckled after being told the stories, the friend we were helping had the beer on the bar and when I was laughing the mug went flying and you could hear the table moving back into place! I wasn’t scared but the feeling was eery. After that we left chairs down table in right place and would leave the mug of beer on the table and everytime it was a peaceful close! This place has been featured on many TV shows and even ghost hunters was there! They brought a medium with them and the obsidian story was told by her as well!

    • Also it’s not the only place on 1st St that’s haunted! Your in antique alley on 1st st… the heritage is rich and runs deep this was only street in Snohomish back in the day! Locals that have lived there all their lives have stories for days! I love my lil’ city!

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