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This inn unfortunately closed in October 2012. At this time, they are seeking sufficient money to pay off loans incurred when they attempted to do an historic renovation. When it was in operation, people claimed it was haunted by a variety of spirits who manifested themselves in typical haunting fashion.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    856 Broadway St
    Sheridan, WY 82801
    United States

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    44.80642822189128, -106.95388494914323
    Sheridan County, Wyoming
    Nearest Towns:
    Sheridan, WY (0.6 mi.)
    Big Horn, WY (8.7 mi.)
    Ranchester, WY (12.5 mi.)
    Dayton, WY (15.8 mi.)
    Story, WY (16.3 mi.)
    Parkman, WY (21.3 mi.)
    Clearmont, WY (30.4 mi.)
    Wyola, MT (31.0 mi.)
    Buffalo, WY (34.0 mi.)
    Lodge Grass, MT (40.4 mi.)


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    1. I am happy to announce that the Sheridan Inn Open Range bar and grill will apparently be open very soon in full working order. On Thurday, February 26th, 2015 my husband and I stopped in Sheridan to have a look around and try to find some dinner and being in Wyoming we figured on steak. We ventured in to this gorgeous building with a very “Old West” feel and were immediately seated in the bar area. Other than my husband and myself there were only four other diners that were pretty much finishing their meals as our salads arrived. While we were enjoying the best steaks we’ve ever tasted, we overheard one of the servers speaking with the bartender about tours going on upstairs in the Inn in preparation for the grand opening. I’ll definitely be booking a room! Anyways, after we paid for our meal, my husband went to the restroom and I walked around to look at some of the pictures and western decor. As I neared the exit door I came upon a large photo of Buffalo Bill on my left. As I was admiring the history, I noticed a reflection of a face right beside me! This face was not my husband or any of the staff and I know this for a fact because none of them were anywhere near me. The only thing behind me was a wall and I think a bench but definitely nothing that would create that reflection. The crazy thing is that I wasn’t startled and the face seemed to be smiling at me, which I believe was male. If you’re ever in Sheridan please do stop by Open Range and enjoy some amazing food and maybe even a spooky encounter for yourself.

    2. The Open Range Bar and Grill is opened.

      Historic Sheridan Inn
      February 22 at 7:33pm ยท
      The Townsend’s will be in Sheridan this week checking on the progress of the final elements of the renovation to the Historic Sheridan Inn. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of this week they will be giving tours from 6 pm to 8:30 pm for those that stop by the Open Range for dinner. Just come in for dinner and let your server know you would like a tour after your meal and they will be happy to show you the progress. They want to thank Sheridan for its continued support as the Inn gets closer to having rooms available. So stop in for dinner and let them show you the progress.

    3. I am staying on room 204 as I type this. It’s 1 am and i’m listening to movement on the third floor which is unoccupied. The history and attention to detail on the restoration is breath taking. The possibility of haunting just adds to the wonder!

    4. I use to work at the Sheridan Inn last year (2018), I worked the 3:00PM to 11:00PM shift, I’m sorry to say but when I was there, the Open Range was still closed. The owners Bob and Dana Townsend was unable to give an actual opening date.
      However I can say that this Inn is very nice but very haunted, I can’t tell you how many times I would hear and see things at night.
      Whenever I would go to the 3rd floor I always felt the need to look behind me as I was walking to re-stock the coffee/tea centers. I couldn’t be up there for more than a few minuets without getting dizzy or sick to my stomach.
      The noises always kept me on my toes, I couldn’t stand being alone there or in the dark.
      If you want a real thrill seeker this is the place to be.

    5. So I was with my family driving by the Sheridan Inn, and I happened to glance over and I saw something that would haunt me for a very long time, I saw someone looking at me from the top floor, it wasn’t in like color or anything, it was like a holographic thingymajig and it looked like Miss Kate Arnold, she was just staring at me then just walked away.

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