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Said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who died there, as well as by a pacing cowboy ghost.

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Geographic Information

129 N Cortez St
Prescott, AZ 86301
United States

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34.543007, -112.46826900000002
Yavapai County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Prescott, AZ (0.2 mi.)
Prescott Valley, AZ (8.7 mi.)
Wilhoit, AZ (10.5 mi.)
Williamson, AZ (11.0 mi.)
Dewey-Humboldt, AZ (12.9 mi.)
Chino Valley, AZ (14.8 mi.)
Mayer, AZ (16.6 mi.)
Spring Valley, AZ (22.3 mi.)
Paulden, AZ (23.7 mi.)
Peeples Valley, AZ (24.0 mi.)


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  1. James so and such  |  

    I lived there for 6 months on the second floor and although I talked to many residents who confirmed that indeed the place is haunted and told me of experiences and Sights that they had had and seen; yet I myself never experienced anything of the like. I am NOT skeptical of those people’s claims and, experience. however I did practice authentic Tibetan Buddist Dharma in my room every single day, therefore that may have had some bearing on why I had a much calmer stay then others seemingly did. I will say however that I am grateful for being allowed to stay there when I needed to, but I would not want to repeat it if avoidable in a positive way!
    I did however witness that the place was haunted by many “bottled” spirits!

    also besides my meager abilities to carry out my practices, I also held in that room many blessed objects by many realized beIngs including his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama!

  2. I stayed in this hotel either in the year 2004 or 2005. I stayed for one night with my boyfriend at the time, and I knew this place had been known for ghosts. I had never stayed anywhere haunted but definitely believed in ghosts. I had a dream that night that felt so real, all I remember was at the end seeing a cowboy hand coming toward my neck to strangle me. I say cowboy because it was definitely a man’s hand, it looked rugged, and that was just the sense that I got in my dream. Needless to say the possibility of being strangled startled me. I shot straight up in bed from a dead sleep. I was so petrified I couldn’t go back to sleep I told my boyfriend I would be down stairs. I went down stairs in the middle of the night and watched TV until the sun came up. I checked out immediately and didn’t look back.

  3. Yes the hotel can be very spooky. I lived there, and worked part-time there as well; from 2010-2011. Front desk service help, maintenance, night security. In that time most times hearing footsteps in the halls and especially the staircase inside looking only to qfind nobody there, and at times guest or friends would be with me. Creeking floor in front of rooms, shadows at the base of doors, as if someone stopped in front of it, I an others would open the door quickly to find nobody there. For us whom were long time residents (over 6 months); these accuracies were so common we just go about our business, or look at each other and smile, or laugh. As far as my time working security at night; people claim to have seen ghost, things to move, or get thrown around their room. As one hysteric guest came to me and claimed a spirit threw her fan out her open window. After checking the fan was outside on the ground; she lived on the 3rd floor as well as I did. I stayed in a few different rooms. And I had one incounter with a noise sprit of sorts banging on my sink one winter’s night when I would turn the light off and try to sleep, lights on it would stop, I investigated in and out my room, and it was as I said.I wasn’t afraid at all, but very perturbed at the time,finally it left. Pictures falling off walls at night, or glass in picture frames busted on the wall that happened late on Holoween night. Anyway most spooky activity there happened all year. But increased from October wicking, , arch. Most times after sunset, but in the day as well especially in winter. Oh yes I and others would chase flying bats out of the hotel in the niche if someone left the backdoor open. There were two different residents claiming to be one female a witch, a male a wicking, they were sort of strange, but stayed in their rooms mostly.. In closings it was a very interesting, exciting, and fun time in my life at the old inn. These were some of my experiences there; that was 6yrs. ago, I would dare doubt it changed other then the living guest, and residents.

  4. I lived there with my girlfriend at the time for about 8 months back in 95-96. The first room we stayed in was on the second floor. The very first night we stayed in that room we tacked a towel over the the top of the door because it had vent/windows that were once used to vent air. Well they were letting in light because they kept the hallway lights on all night, so we used tacks to and put a towel up in order to sleep better. In the middle of the night I heard a very deep and disturbing voice say directly in my ear something to the effect of “SHANINIMINA” I woke straight away and the towel that had been tacked up was down on the floor and light was again shining into the room. I was still a skeptic at that time and although it was disturbing we just tacked the towel back up and went back to sleep. After about a month or so we upgraded our room to the top floor. It was the last room in the hallway on the south side, facing Cortez st. (we could look out our window and see Cortez below.) Any way we would hear footsteps coming down the hallway at all hours of the day and night, at first we thought nothing of it, as it happened all the time. After a while we started getting curious because the elderly lady that lived next to us wasn’t very active. We would look out in the hallway no one would be there. We would often here footsteps and then the doorknob to our room would jiggle like someone was trying to get in. To no avail we would immediately open the door to find nobody. I would often dream about a woman dressed in antique clothing who was looking for her child who was missing. I would also dream about a boy of the same period who had been shot in the head. I do not know what it all means but that place drove me nuts and to be alone in that room was creepy to say the least. Being my first experience with the Paranormal, I didn’t know how to process it.

  5. Two people have died here in the past two months, and the place was built in the 1800’s, so yes I believe it to be definitely haunted.

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