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Believed to be haunted by the ghost of Rebecca Dorrington Gardner the original mistress of the hotel. People say that she roams the hallways of the hotel turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors and moving items. People also believe there are other ghosts, including the ghosts of children that people claim to hear laughing.

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    Geographic Information

    3431 California 4
    Dorrington, CA 95223
    United States

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    38.3007524, -120.27704619999997
    Calaveras County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Dorrington, CA (0.0 mi.)
    Arnold, CA (5.1 mi.)
    Fort Jones, CA (8.3 mi.)
    Avery, CA (8.4 mi.)
    Forest Meadows, CA (11.5 mi.)
    Rail Road Flat, CA (13.1 mi.)
    Murphys, CA (15.0 mi.)
    Mountain Ranch, CA (15.2 mi.)
    West Point, CA (15.2 mi.)
    Cold Springs, CA (15.5 mi.)


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    1. Anna-maria Schurtz-gaines  |  

      I went and stayed at the dorrington hotel a few years ago. Unknown to me was this a haunted hotel. My husband and I were there for the Irish Festival that was there. He would go in and he took a nice hot shower I go in water’s hot steaming I step in it’s ice cold jump out scream he comes in he checks it it’s hot. I try it again ice cold. Now I figured that it’s an old hotel so the water heater must have been shared with the restaurant. When I went in to have breakfast that morning I asked the attendant and complain saying that maybe they should put an additional water heater in because I got cold showers all morning because of the water heater being hooked to the kitchen. The young lady smiled at me and said just you had cold showers or did your husband have a cold shower too confuse I looked at her no just me. Just huh and walked away. I then went to my room and went to sleep that night but was awoken about midnight by partying dancing music above my head in the Attic area. Both my husband and I giggled saying the kids must be having a great time. The next morning I get up and go to take a shower. Lo and behold he comes out of the bathroom all steamy hot I go in there excited that I’m up early and I’m going to get a hot shower I see the steam coming from the water have my hand in the water. I put my foot into the shower stall and the water goes frigid I step out it’s teams I put my foot in it goes cold never changing its flow. Now I’m ticked. I immediately went to the front desk in my towel and told the lady to come in there with me. She stands there and I put my foot into the shower and it stays hot. Frustrated beyond all belief I said Thank you and she left and shut the door the minute she shut that door the water went cold that was enough for me I got out of the shower went in my room and took a sponge bath. When I went down for breakfast again I mention this again to the lady she said did you read the book that’s beside your bed. I see no ma’am let me get it for you. And that book beside the bed are countless occurrences going through the same thing I did all the time I firmly believe and I know that that woman was giving me cold showers and they were partying up above our head that night. Now I am very over-sensitive to empathy feelings I’ve often felt things that my shoulders but this was the most powerful and positive experience I ever had and I are ready buddy that wants to actually go and Noah phenomenon to go thank you

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