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In a town known for its haunts, the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery is home to the local legend’s Devil’s Chair. Gravestones date back to the 1800s; Cassadaga founder George Colby is buried here. Some folks say shadowy figures lurk here at night, but the Devil’s Chair is perhaps the most well-known tale from these parts. It was said to have been built for an elderly visitor to use while paying respects to his deceased wife, but local lore has spawned many legends about the chair. One is that if you leave an unopened beer can on it overnight, when you return the next morning you will find the can empty, although still sealed.

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Kicklighter Rd and Root St
Lake Helen, FL
United States

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28.970440344998188, -81.23835496004943
Volusia County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Lake Helen, FL (0.8 mi.)
Orange City, FL (3.9 mi.)
Deltona, FL (5.1 mi.)
De Land Southwest, FL (5.1 mi.)
DeLand, FL (5.6 mi.)
West DeLand, FL (6.5 mi.)
North DeLand, FL (6.5 mi.)
DeBary, FL (7.4 mi.)
Lake Mack-Forest Hills, FL (11.4 mi.)
Pine Lakes, FL (11.8 mi.)

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  1. While investigating the cemetery my group and I began hearing strange wailing from a distance, that seemed to increase every time we heard it. Upon sitting in the chair a strong gust of wind could be found that left upon standing up, no conversations with the Satan took place. However it did appear that someone else might have been there before us that very night.

  2. Danielle shaffer  |  

    One night myself and a friend of mine went out there and found a way in and went to where the famed devils chair is friend proceeded to sit down in the chair so I took three pictures of him in the chair upon quick review did not notice anything til I looked closer and noticed to the left of him was a face starring at him with it’s mouth open as it looked as though it was not pleased….so there for I say this place is haunted..

  3. the devils chair is not the chair of the devil. it was built by George Thatcher when his wife and young daughter were killed in a house fire. Its the chair with the markings of thatcher facing in not out like the other. George would sit there from daylight to dark morning his wife and daughter. he asked that the markings face in so he could see them as he sat in the “mourning chair” that somehow got nicknamed the Devils Chair. I personally have sat in that seat on several occasions and absolutely nothing has happened. im still fine and very healthy. Although , there is a eerie feeling in that cemetery. and i have heard some weird sounds myself. the gates are sometimes locked at night however if the police find you in there at night they will arrest. Sadly the reputation of the so called devils chair has attracted not only onlookers and supernatural fans alike but also Slob and vandals. All i can say is if you do go there to visit leave only footprints and take only pictures, and if you see or hear something unusual or paranormal than by all means post it here.
    There is something out there. Could it be the devil? i strongly doubt it . the theory of George stricken by so much grief that he has done evil is a more likely story

    • This seems to be the common story people tell but I’ve researched and have census records showing it to be incorrect. The Thatcher family was a family of four. Orestes married Mary and they had two children named Ethie and George. George died at age seven and was buried there first. His father Orestes was buried next to him. This is one of the areas with the mourning chair where headstones face out. The second spot with the graves facing in is where the daughter Ethie and her mother Mary were buried. I’m sure the chairs were built so Mary could look at the graves. I’ve heard the story of the old man mourning his wife but my research proves it incorrect.

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