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This 405-room 1914 hotel has been visited by many a celebrity, including Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Charles Lindbergh and Bing Crosby. It is haunted by many a ghost too, including a woman in 1920s garb who walks along the mezzanine, peering over the railing to the lobby below. Folks believe she is Ellen McNamara, who in 1920 fell to her death through a skylight.

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    Geographic Information

    10 S Post St
    Spokane, WA 99201
    United States

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    47.656878, -117.42425600000001
    Spokane County, Washington
    Nearest Towns:
    Spokane, WA (0.3 mi.)
    Town and Country, WA (4.9 mi.)
    Country Homes, WA (6.6 mi.)
    Millwood, WA (6.8 mi.)
    Dishman, WA (6.9 mi.)
    Fairwood, WA (7.6 mi.)
    Airway Heights, WA (7.9 mi.)
    Mead, WA (8.3 mi.)
    Opportunity, WA (8.6 mi.)
    Spokane Valley, WA (8.7 mi.)

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    1. We decided to stay at the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington to treat ourselves but also do a little “ghost hunting” as there have been many reported sightings there. We were no longer than 5 minutes in our room 1110 on the historically “active” 11th floor, when we captured brightly coloured orbs and the baseline EMF went from 0.0 to over 1.9 mGs. I was also fortunate enough to catch printing on our bathroom mirror after my shower. When I first came out of the shower, I did a quick scan of the mirror as I’ve seen before on shows that sometimes ghosts communicate by writing on the foggy glass. I asked if whoever was there wanted to communicate, please do so by writing on the glass. I continued to towel myself off and eventually looked back at the glass and the word “Hi” was printed on the lower portion of the mirror. We quickly did an EVP session and caught a faint voice that we believe says “Lisa”. We asked to confirm if her name was Lisa & we caught a faint reply, “Yes, that is my name” in a childlike manner – which would correspond with the low printing on the mirror. In the end, awesome Hotel with great food & great ghost hunting memories!

    2. I live in spokane and the davenport is definitely haunted, by a woman who fell through a skylight and a man who is seen on the second floor.

    3. My brother rogan Burbank was locked in the davenport tower pool bathroom. He screamed bloody murder and somehow was suddenly out.

    4. I stayed here for a work convention. Knew nothing of its history. While me and my girlfriend/coworker were getting ready one night for bed we both felt a very strange presence. The hair on my arms were completely charged with electricity. We shrugged it off . I decided to make a call to home and check in. That’s when everything went weird. The phone in the room would not work no dial tone at all. I tried unplugging it and replugging it back in ect…. I finally used my cell called the front desk to see if the phones were out, of course they thought I was crazy, but no all the hotel phones were working. It ended up that our room was the only room that the phone wouldn’t work. Next morning and a very sleepless night the phone company came to our room. Again..completely baffled by why this ONE room was being affected and couldn’t fix it without ripping into the walls. Had no answers. On the day we checked out (4th day) I thought what the heck I’ll check the phone as we were walking out..I got a Dial Tone. It was so creepy I couldn’t check out fast enough.

    5. I’ve been researching the history of the building that was Pine Lidge correction center in Medical Lake WA. @751 S Pine St
      I can find nothing. I lived there for 2 winters. There is a ghost that screams through the radiators, and when your in the bathroom you find yourself singing Christmas songs. The Staff told us the building was an old insane asylum for women. There was still blue shower curtains from the 50s. The building was 100 years old when I was there in 2000 and 2001. The story goes a woman was dropped off by her husband so he could run off with his young secretary, his wife went crazy and hung herself. As far as the internet is concerned, the building is from 1981. That place is scary, and the fact that I cannot access its history, verify its age, or find the architect or builder is weird!!!

    6. When my husband and I went to the Whitman Reunion in April, 2013, we flew to Spokane and rented an SUV at the airport to make the beautiful drive into Walla Walla the next day. We arrived in Spokane early afternoon on April 24, and checked into the Davenport Hotel. I had made a reservation in the old part of the hotel (as opposed to the Tower where we had stayed previously). I must have heard somewhere that the hotel was haunted, because I looked it up. There are numerous stories of ghosts and strange events. I chose a room on the upper floors, though not the 10th floor, which is the area of the most “sightings”. I think we were on the 8th or 9th.

      We had a lovely afternoon and evening in town. It being Spring, the river was roaring, so we walked over, took lots of photos, and then had dinner at Clinkerdagger’s overlooking the Spokane Falls. After dinner we walked back to the hotel, getting in quite late. Our room was very large, with a big 4-poster bed on the East wall and a sitting area with a gas fireplace on the West. The TV was there above the fireplace as well – we turned it on (low volume) and sat in the over stuffed chairs, chatting and sharing a bottle of Chardonnay.

      At about 11pm, we heard a booming sound outside, off to the North. It sounded like fireworks, but we had an unobstructed view, and there was nothing to be seen. Plus – it was late. I said to my husband – “How could there be fireworks this late at night?” Then the sound seemed to move closer, until it was in the hotel – and then not just in the hotel, but in the room next to us – behind the head of our bed.

      BOOM. BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! It was unbelievably loud. It beat a sort of rhythm which I still remember today. It was as it a giant hand – a hand with a sledge hammer, maybe, was pounding the wall right above the head of the bed. We froze – our eyes wide. On the South wall of the room, across from the windows, there was a large antique dresser with an attached beveled mirror. As the booming blows continued, I looked at the mirror, watching it shake with the vibration. I said to my husband – “I should call down to the desk!” and he said “Why?”

      I jumped up and walked to the wall, and raised my hand as if to knock back – Hubby said “Don’t do it!” and then – it stopped. Just like that. I knocked on the wall – timidly! – imitating the rhythm of the booming. Nothing. No response. No more booming. It had gone on for perhaps 3 to 5 minutes.

      As we looked around the room more carefully, we saw that the furniture was all set away from the walls. That is to say – the headboard didn’t touch the wall, nor did the dresser. So how was the mirror shaking when it wasn’t attached to – or even resting against the wall?

      We went to bed. Nothing more occurred. I can only imagine if that sound happened in the middle of the night while we were asleep… The next morning we went around the corner to see if there were a guest room there, and there was.

      We went down to breakfast and told the hostess about the strange event – asked if anyone had complained or reported it – and – if the room next to us was occupied. She went immediately to find out, and returned with the information that 1) The room WAS occupied, and 2) There had been no complaints of any kind. She gave us a coupon to upgrade our next stay at the hotel. We’ll be back.

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