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The 1700s building, now a museum, was once the seat of the colonial Spanish government, and was the spot where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. It was used as army barracks during the Civil War, and later was the seat of the Lousiana Supreme Court. Many apparitions have been seen here, including soldiers’ ghosts and prisoners of war, and a man wearing 19th-century clothing who has been seen running through the 2nd floor.

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Geographic Information

701 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA
United States

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29.957667630080763, -90.06386943161488
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Orleans, LA (0.7 mi.)
Gretna, LA (3.0 mi.)
Arabi, LA (3.5 mi.)
Terrytown, LA (3.8 mi.)
Harvey, LA (3.8 mi.)
Marrero, LA (4.6 mi.)
Jefferson, LA (5.4 mi.)
Metairie, LA (5.6 mi.)
Timberlane, LA (5.9 mi.)
Westwego, LA (5.9 mi.)


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  1. I was tugged from behind on my left shoulder in the corridor facing Jackson Square on the second floor I believe, as I was headed into the room with Napoleon’s death mask. I thought it was my daughter, said something to her and turned around and there was no one in the corridor with me. I instinctively spoke out loud, saying “I know you are there and it is OK”. I had felt a presence behind me for a while and just assumed it was my daughter or another museum visitor. I did not know that this has happened to other people and before this happened did not really believe in ghosts. But this experience has not left me even after several months.

  2. I was visiting in July 2008 during the morning with a friend, we were the first ones let in the door – and the only people there (with the exception of the older gal who took our money) I forget which floor we were on, but we were looking at things in different locations. As I walked through the are with the funeral carriage I was talking to my friend. Only, my friend wasn’t there! She was around the corner and didn’t know I was speaking to her. But I swore I saw (what I thought) was my friend in my peripheral sight – I mean I was speaking at it! We both had the hair standing on end and quickly went downstairs, the feeling left us before we got out of the building. Chills!!!

  3. Richard Mooney  |  

    Didn’t experience anything at the Cabildo….but my wife and I BOTH experienced something at the Presbytere On Thursday May 18, 2018 !!! We were touring the Katrina Memorial Exhibit….and unknown to each other….we kept feeling someone tapping us on the shoulder, as if to get our attention! Each time I felt it…I would turn around….but there would be absolutely NO ONE within ten feet of where I was standing! It wasn’t until we were about half way through the exhibit….that my wife mentioned that she was having something “Very strange” happen to her….and described the same kind of “Shoulder tap or pat” that I had been experiencing ! ( This exhibit was very emotionally charged for my wife and I ….as we had our home nearly destroyed by Flooding in Missouri in 1993…so we knew how the victims of Katrina must have felt ! ) As if that wasn’t enough… we were preparing to leave the Presbytere….a tropical storm let loose with a deluge of wind and rain outside….dropping 4 – 5 inches of rain in about an hours time! The whole time we were watching the effects of the storm outside….we were having “flashbacks” of how quickly the flood waters rose when our home was inundated. About that time….we turned around….and noticed water beginning to rush across the floors of the museum…from under the doors leading to the courtyard! THAT was when we decided it was time to “vacate the premises” and wade through knee deep water…as we made our way back to our Hotel

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