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The 1942 auditorium is said to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who died when he fell out of the rafters during construction. He is said to turn the lights on and off, lock the doors, and knock the costumes off the racks.

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Geographic Information

855 N. Armstrong
Kingsville, TX
United States

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27.5241255, -97.8778638
Kleberg County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Kingsville, TX (1.4 mi.)
Bishop, TX (6.4 mi.)
Ricardo, TX (7.3 mi.)
Driscoll, TX (13.1 mi.)
La Paloma-Lost Creek, TX (16.0 mi.)
Riviera, TX (16.0 mi.)
Agua Dulce, TX (17.9 mi.)
Petronila, TX (18.0 mi.)
Premont, TX (18.8 mi.)
Alice, TX (19.7 mi.)


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  1. pibbity bibbity  |  

    I lived in Kingsville for 20+ years and was heavily involved in theater at Texas A&I (the school’s former name) and TAMU-K.
    I had many experiences in Jones Auditorium with mysterious happenings. While my friends and I never witnessed any apparitions, many strange events occurred. Most were harmless like lights going on and off on their own, doors opening and closing, etc.
    One of the most disturbing events was a night, very late after rehearsal, we stayed in the theater to work on sets. Even though we knew no one was in the light booth stage lights occasionally had gone on and off. Because it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, you became used to it and ignored it.
    This particular night there was a new student in our group who was a huge skeptic. He kept saying that the lights going on and off were just bad wiring. We told him how electricians had been out to examine and inspect everything, but he thought we were making it all up.
    He told us, “you people are ridiculous, there is no such thing as ghosts”.
    The light booth at that time had a sliding glass window. When you worked during rehearsals you left it open so you could talk back and forth with the director, etc. During shows you kept it closed.
    After the guy told us there was no such things as ghosts, that sliding glass window started sliding open and closed really hard, really violently. At the same time the sound system kicked in (sound equipment was also located in there) and music came on at full levels. Then the house lights went completely out and random stage lights went on and off. This whole time the sliding glass window is still opening and closing and the music is still blaring.
    Then everything stopped all at once. It was completely quiet and completely dark, except we could hear footsteps on the catwalk (which was up in the ceiling) coming from the back of the house toward the stage, where we were. That was when we got the hell out of there, because the end of the catwalk was at this position kind of right over the orchestra pit at the front of the stage. We got out of there as fast we could.
    That guy never made another crack about ghosts not existing and when he was asked to run the lights for a show by one of the former theater professors (Dr. Deacon), he said no, he wouldn’t do it. Dr. Deacon told him he had to because he needed the credit for the production. The guy quit the theater program. At the end of the school year he switched schools.

  2. I graduated with my undergrad and graduate degrees from TAMUK. One of my buddies was a custodian and worked the evening shift. One night, I stopped by the building located right next to the UPD to see if he wanted to go eat. While I was talking to him(we were on the first floor), we heard a lot of noise on the second floor right above us. I asked him if there was a party going on, or if there were people in the building. He told me that there was no one in the building. I didn’t believe him because the noise was so loud, like there was a lot of people talking, moving tables etc.
    He looked at me and told me that the building was haunted and he always heard those noises. Again, I didn’t believe him and asked to go to the room where the noise was coming from. He agreed, we went upstairs to the room, as he took out his keys to unlock the door, the noise suddenly stopped. We opened the door as fast as we could, but no one was there and the noise was gone. We both walked into the room, turned on the lights and found no one. It was very chilly in the room and I felt very eerie walking around the room. We went back downstairs and everything remained quiet. There are several other buildings in this university that are haunted. One of them is Manning Hall. I took many courses in Manning Hall and experienced a lot of unexplained events that occurred.

  3. I earned my Bachelors at TAMUK. In 2003, while practicing for my Senior Recital (Belamah Recital Hall), I saw an apparition. Back then, students were allowed to stay as late as needed. It was Wednesday night, I was practicing in the Recital Hall. The University PD secured the building and told me I was the last person in the property. I was instructed to just push the doors securely as always, when i left. I always practiced with a radio playing since hearing about the hauntings, i needed noise when practicing late. Anyhow, while practicing on stage next to the wood organ, i took a pause and stared to the conjoining hall at the other end (1130pm). The wood double doors were wide open (6 feet of open space). As i stared down the stage toward the hall, i saw a white figure float past the double doors, it was about 3 seconds of the sighting). I immediately shut off my radio to listen for the entrance doors to the building to clank open, but heard nothing. No one was there. That was the last late night practice i did.

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