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This place is a church for La Santa Muerte. My mother worked here for a year and we lived in the apartment upstairs of it. We moved out a year ago because my mother got a new job, i was 12 years old and i had cats and we had a basement it was huge and dark but i always stayed down their with my cats to play but one day i was with my cats and i had music very loud and i noticed all my cats were staring at the dark room (praying room with altar) and they seemd a bit scared and i looked up and i saw a tall white figure walk by the entrance of the door i got pale white and goosebumps all over and all i could do was go up stairs breathless i told my mother and she said its the spirit of la Santa Muerte . And i never went downstairs alone after that. I had to sleep by myself but i always felt like someone was with me watching me i felt safe but creeped out by it. And another time itook a ppicture and uploaded it to my Facebook and my cousin commented “whose the lady in the back?” And i was confused since i was by myself the time i took the photo and i tooked a closer look and in the hallway entrance i saw a old lady staring at the camera . And my mother has told me she has seen spirits herself. her friend told me that she could see spirits and that one was always in the entrance of the stair case “waiting for me to go play down their” and one day i saw ssomething in the door i tought i grew paranoid from everything since i told my mother and she said she saw nothing but i took a picture to just make sure and to my surprise i saw more than a face i saw more than 5 all over the door. I still have the photo its in my Twitter

(Submitted by Ari Orellana)

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2662 E Florence Ave
Huntington Park, CA
United States

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33.9737853, -118.22336239999998
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Walnut Park, CA (0.4 mi.)
Huntington Park, CA (0.6 mi.)
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  1. Jessica Nazareth  |  

    Ari Orellana, all those spirits you, your mom, and her friend saw in person at this location are all demons. even the ones in your pics. they do watch you while you sleep. they study you to know more about you and your mom. to find out your weaknesses so they can use to their advantage. the feeling you got that you are being watched while you sleep is correct. it is not a good feeling. that’s why you were creeped out. anytime you feel creeped out, that is to let you know that those are demons. demons that pretend to be the spirit of anyone. demons are evil deceiving tricksters like that. best to stay away from them. their duty is to watch your every move and harm you any way they can. sometimes even making things happen like it was only an accident when they mean much evil behind all their bad intentions and behaviors.
    so be alert always and stay away from them.
    btw, I can’t find your Twitter to see the pics you say you have on there.

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