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If you ask around at this restaurant, you may get a tale with your meal. Locals say that many years ago, a man in his 30s or 40s was killed behind the building in a hit-and-run accident. His ghost has been seen an upstairs room, often lying on the bed or sitting on the sofa.

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Geographic Information

2977 Route 611
Tannersville, PA 18372
United States

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41.031904675706336, -75.30073195717705
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Tannersville, PA (0.6 mi.)
Arlington Heights, PA (5.3 mi.)
Parkside, PA (5.5 mi.)
Stroudsburg, PA (6.4 mi.)
East Stroudsburg, PA (6.6 mi.)
Mount Pocono, PA (7.1 mi.)
Emerald Lakes, PA (7.3 mi.)
Brodheadsville, PA (8.9 mi.)
Sun Valley, PA (8.9 mi.)
Delaware Water Gap, PA (9.0 mi.)

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  1. My wife (Mary) and I had lunch at the Tannersville Inn. Upon leaving I smelled cigarette smoke in the car. Neither of us have ever smoked, no other people around and the air conditioner in the car is on high (85 degrees outside) Only I smelled the cigarette smoke,my wife did not. Unexplainable!
    Was this man who was killed a smoker??????

  2. I drive by the inn mostly everyday. I always said I think that place is haunted. On two occasions coming to the stop sign I saw a black shadow running away from the inn. The next day also coming to the stop sign, I looked up to the window and I see this older lady with a white bonnet and blue and white dress. I wAs bugging. Well so I thought. I said maybe I’m seeing things. So the next I drive up to the stop sign and saw nothing at the window. I know I’m not going crazy. I just took my phone out to take a photo of the inn and with 30 percent left it kept saying battery low. Hmm wonder what’s that about.

  3. it was haunted. One time in the early 1990’s it was for sale and my family member’s were interested in buying it and they all had things happen when they visited the property 3 times. They decided to pass on it, after 3 creepy things that happened and I am greatful to this day. First visit was in the daytime. The agent didnt want to go inside. It was run down and needed repairs. She was extremely afraid to go inside, so my father who was a ex marine scared of nothing, got the key and He opened the door, myself, my sister and mother and her cousin went inside the rundown house. It was cold, but we all figured it was because it was run down. The cold was bone piercing from what I remember and my sister was pregnant at the time with her 2nd daughter. Her and I started to walk up the steps to the second floor because the place was huge. My father said he would be right up after he looked at the house and checked the struture on the first floor with my mom and her cousin. My sister and I went up and she went to the left, i went to the right looking around. I could hear my dad below me. Then I heard a child giggle. I was like, ok my sister is pranking me, we all heard stories growing up about how haunted the place was, So I was like haha alright stop it to her. I then saw something out of the corner of my eye and the closet door of the room creaked open. I thought to myself, being logical, a draft, old house, so I was like let me get my sister back. I decided to sneak up on her and when I did, The door of the closet slammed shut then. I ran out of the room, and looked for my sister. We almost ran into each other when she told me she had to pee. I was like, you have to wait, we need to get out of this house. She laughed at me, and said i was trying to scare her. My father came up and said that we had to come back that my mom wasnt feeling sick. He said for us to go to the car and he was going to check out the floor as well as the next floor above it qucikly. I didnt want to leave my dad alone. As stupid as that sounds, he was tough and didnt need my protection but, I just felt this need to stay with him. MY sister meanwhile had to pee badly, so my father said to her we would wait for her to use the bathroom and then check out the floors together once she was with my mom in the car. i was tasked with the bathroom escort. So when my sister went to use the bathroom, there were tons of flies on the window. We looked at each other and she was like, I’ll hold it.. So she went to the car where my mom was still vomitng outside. I was with my father now checking the rooms now and it just felt wrong.There was graffiti and also satanic symbols around house, and my father and the more of it we saw , the more horrible it got. There was a room with pentagram and dead animals in the circle of it, like a sacrifice.All kinds of symbols and something that wasnt paint but blood on the walls. My father and both started to smell a horrifc odor and got nasuous. SO we decided it was time to go. My mother was pale and she stopped feeling sick the moment we passed a mile outisde the house. The second time was at night. This time a man showed the house with my father , me and my mother’s cousin. He gave us keys to some locked rooms, but one room was locked without a key. So we figured if we bought it, we could fgure that out after. So we start checking the house again looking at the covered porch on the side and then when we hit the next floor where the closet was open , that was the room that had no key to it. The door was wide open. So my dad thought the real estate guy found the key. He said no. The room didnt look strange or unusual, but it did have one odd thing in it. There was some type of like sticky substance on the wall. When my moms cousin looked closer at it. The real estate guy claimed it was condensation, but you could see that wasnt it. My father didnt want to walk inside the room and refused to allow me to, He said that we would come back for another visit with my mom. Using it as an excuse . When we got to the car, he told me that he saw a man and woman standing in the corner of the room. They looked evil he said. my father wsnt a liar, and he never believed in the occult. My mother’s cousin as well told my mom she saw the same 2 people in the house and they were trapped. She didnt see the evil but she was also a practicing occult person, so I think that maybe why.The third and final visit was thank god the last! My mother’s cousin by marriage dabbled in the occult at the time and she felt an evil presence.It was the same bathroom with the flies but they were gone when she got locked inside they reappeared at of nowhere. She screamed for help and when she came out she was pale as a ghost! something locked her inside a bathroom. She thought my dad (who loved to play jokes on people) was playing a joke on her but he was outside at the time and she saw him through the bathroom window and really panicked! She felt a breathe on her neck as well as someone touched her. SHe was screaming when she came out and sobbing and crying like a baby and only a few times told the story since. My mother’s cousin said she was out of there and never went back. That was the last time any of them went to the house. It ws never purchased either.

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