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SUNY Potsdam is said to have ghosts in residence at Satterlee Hall, where namesake and first dean Dr. Howard Satterlee is said to walk the third floor and sometimes even turn on the clock tower light at night, and in the Knowles basement, where students have seen apparitions and doors that slam by themselves.

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44 Pierrepont Ave
Potsdam, NY 13676
United States

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44.6652214902151, -74.97174362540892
St. Lawrence County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Potsdam, NY (0.6 mi.)
Hannawa Falls, NY (3.7 mi.)
Norwood, NY (6.1 mi.)
Colton, NY (7.9 mi.)
Parishville, NY (8.2 mi.)
Norfolk, NY (9.4 mi.)
Madrid, NY (9.8 mi.)
Canton, NY (10.8 mi.)
Winthrop, NY (12.7 mi.)
Brasher Falls, NY (13.8 mi.)

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  1. I am an alum of SUNY Potsdam. I heard that there was a construction worker that got decapitated in one of the buildings when it was being constructed and that the ghost haunts the basement. Apparently the ropes of a dumbwaiter mysteriously tore and this is what killed him. I can’t remember which building. Maybe some fellow alums will chime in.

  2. I’m a student there now. A lot of the buildings are really creepy at night. Knowles basement is reportedly the most haunted on campus from a girl in the stairwell. Saterlee is another that I don’t like at night. It’s just a freaky place.

  3. current student  |  

    I go to saterlee at night to paint and I always feel like somebody is inches away from me when I leave the room. As soon as I enter the hall I feel a weight/tingly feeling like somebody is watching. I don’t feel that whoever it is is trying to scare me though. I think they know I shouldn’t be there in the dark at night. Its scary either way, not being able to see someone that can see you, but I wouldn’t be too worried if you find yourself working late in one of those rooms. The lights in the stair wells are always on though so it makes things a lot more comfortable.

  4. I lived in Knowles North many years ago and I used to rollerblade all through the basement on the tile floor while my loads of laundry were going… I was hauling butt down the long passage heading towards the Knowles multi purpose room area, and felt an eerie wave rush over me suddenly. I was sort of being “led” to turn right into a dark area. There was another dark staircase nearby. I knew I shouldn’t go near it since there was no illumination and I was all alone…but I went anyway. I climbed the brick staircase holding onto the rail with my rollerblades on…and when I got to the top, there was a brick walled off section (looks like it was purposely walled off for whatever reason) and there was a huge shrine type of situation going on up there. flowers, candles, notes, stuffed animals….it was WEIRD. I felt like something was standing near me, so I got out of there ASAP. I never went back, and never found out if it was a memorial for a suicide or something. Don’t go wandering the basement of Knowles at night…

  5. Aight so I woke up this morning at about 5am because I heard some noise in my room. Turns out that noise was my roommate Jon. He was laying in bed repeatedly saying, “chung chung, chung chung.” So I asked, “Jon, are you ok. Are you good?” And he sat the fuck up and looked right at me. Pointed at me, and like shot at me twice. Then went right back to sleep. At first I thought he was just fucking with me. And when I said something about it this morning, he had no memory of doing it. He said would have believed me if I just heard his talkin because he does sleep talk. But he freaked out when I told him he fake shot me. We live on the first floor of Knowles south-east, RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAIRS TO THE BASEMENT!! We out, we bout to move.

  6. I’m an RA on the third floor of Knowles South. There’s a guy who likes to tug on my hair when I’m wearing it in a bun. I also lived on the third floor my first year. It felt like my room was a way-station for spirits. There were always new ones coming in and out. Crane is also super haunted btw.

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