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A beautiful Victorian-era boarding house with a checkered past. Visitors report doors opening and closing on their own, and numerous other odd little occurrences.

Also known as the Sidney Johnston Catts House (Florida’s 22nd governor, who lived there at one time), this home has been on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since May 7, 1979.

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Geographic Information

606 Live Oak Ave W
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435
United States

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30.71981848123104, -86.12162536373944
Walton County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
DeFuniak Springs, FL (0.4 mi.)
Ponce de Leon, FL (10.9 mi.)
Freeport, FL (15.3 mi.)
Westville, FL (16.5 mi.)
Caryville, FL (18.6 mi.)
Paxton, FL (21.2 mi.)
Florala, AL (23.2 mi.)
Ebro, FL (23.9 mi.)
Lockhart, AL (24.2 mi.)
Vernon, FL (25.2 mi.)


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  1. When I was a child I saw a woman in (shadow form) in the upstairs window she had long straight black hair and a white gown. She appeared to be playing a piano.

  2. I went to school in defuniak springs all my life and every time we would drive past this house i got an errie feeling i to say the black haired lady in the upstairs window but she was just standing there. I seen her many times and never thought nothing of it til now.

  3.  |  

    In the 70’s my mom, sister and me had rented part of the house if im correct it cost like 150.00 a month. As kids we beleived we were moving into a castle.Our first night there we explored the entire house and made sure the doors were locked AND BELEIVE ME THERE WAS NO OTHER LIVING BEING IN THAT HOUSE!, then we went upstairs and were all going to sleep in the same room until the next day when we could decide which rooms we would choose I remember before going to sleep how excited I was being there and like the next day would be like Christmas morning getting to choose my room. Some time in the night I heard pounding and screaming on the door. We were all so scared even my mom. I remember after just a few minutes while we were huddling on the bed the noise just stopped and mom grabbed our hands and said when I open the door Yall Run as fast as you can get out of this house I will be right behind you. I was the oldest I took my sisters hand and we ran, It took a just a few minutes and my mom came out to THIS DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET THE LOOK ON MY MOMS FACE!! My granny and grandpa lived 2 blocks on liveoak and I remember running all the way to there house. In the morning my mom called who ever she dealt with renting the house and told them what had happen and they could keep the few boxes of clothes we had taken and the money we never ever went back. My mom never would talk about what she saw when leaving the house and since shes passed away. Im 53 years old and to this day when I pass by or stop at the tom thumb sitting across from the house I GET CHILLS AND I KNOW THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED!! To this day YOU COULDN’T PAY ME me to step foot on that property much less go inside. When your reading this post you might think this is bull but its not and I’ve not talked about this with my own sister since that night!!!!!! Sandy

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