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This gold rush era building was built around 1900, and was formerly the town hospital. Now a delightful bed and breakfast inn, staff and guests have reported two apparitions throughout the establishment. The first is the apparition of a miner, who has been seen shaving in an upstairs bathroom. The second is a shadowy apparition known as ‘Jedidiah’, who does not want to communicate with people. His appearance is usually accompanied by disembodied footsteps and other strange noises.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

344 NE Columbia Street
Sumpter, OR
United States

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44.74748899999999, -118.19956400000001
Baker County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Sumpter, OR (0.2 mi.)
Granite, OR (11.5 mi.)
Haines, OR (17.1 mi.)
Baker City, OR (18.0 mi.)
Unity, OR (21.4 mi.)
North Powder, OR (23.8 mi.)
Prairie City, OR (31.9 mi.)
Union, OR (35.8 mi.)
La Grande, OR (40.2 mi.)
Island City, OR (41.7 mi.)


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  1. I spent several nights at the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast. First night, two of us were in what I think is called the Rose Room – and I was exhausted – and took the single bed, while by buddy took the double bed.

    I’d just gotten to sleep when I was shaken hard by the shoulder as one would experience if you were in a deep sleep, and someone was determined to wake you up. I raised my head, no one was in the room but me, and I said out loud – I’m tired, leave me alone – screw with Steve when he gets in. Nothing more in that room that night.

    Weeks later, I was in the Duke room, but per the photos, the bed was turned the other way in the room from what it is now. I woke up, and it was dark in there, with just a little light coming in the window – and you know you’re not alone.

    A female – can’t say exactly why I was convinced it was a woman, but she sat on the bed at the foot of the bed. Soaking up light. I was again tired and didn’t want to deal with it, so after a while with no action – I turned onto my side and slept. I stayed in that room three or four nights – and each night it was the same. This woman would sit on the bed at the foot of the bed. It was a bit creepy for a while, but fatigue soon overcame my awareness.

    And a few times, we’d be in the upstairs common area, reading, or talking, and the television would turn itself on – and just startle the crap out of everyone. We’d push the button in to turn if off, and it may come back on by itself later – most times it wouldn’t.

    Yeah, there’s some things weird there – but I never got any feeling of anything malevolent. More like things are there, but like furniture – they just come with the place.

  2. My name is Kent McCommas, my wife Tonya and I operate Native Paranormal Seekers out of Bend Oregon. We became good friends with Barb and Jay who own and operate the Sumpter B&B, After we performed a cleansing / land healing ceremony for them on the show The Dead Files Revisited. During one of our first visits at the B&B we were staying in room 6 upstairs. My wife and I had just laid down for the night. My wife was reading a book and I was starting to drift off when I clearly heard in my right ear and Man’s voice say GET UP ! I sat straight up, looked at my wife and said did you hear that? The look on her face answered my question. She did hear something, but not what I had heard. Latter that same weekend we set cameras up all over the building. One camera was trained on the door leading into room 6. We filmed a vaporous black mass come out of room 6 and dissipate. Check us out on You Tube. Native Paranormal Seekers.

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