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Nothing but a few walls remain of Sturdivant mansion except rumors of the ghosts that resided there. The ruin in the woods is reportedly haunted, though reports as to the exact nature of the haunting differ. There is a legend that a madman once slaughtered every person inside the home, but there are no official reports to back these claims up.

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Geographic Information

Sturdivant Rd
Jacksons' Gap, AL 36861
United States

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32.909885161972156, -85.85084152116906
Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Jacksons' Gap, AL (2.8 mi.)
Alexander City, AL (6.4 mi.)
Dadeville, AL (7.4 mi.)
Our Town, AL (8.6 mi.)
New Site, AL (9.9 mi.)
Ray, AL (11.0 mi.)
Hackneyville, AL (11.4 mi.)
Kellyton, AL (11.6 mi.)
Goldville, AL (12.6 mi.)
Camp Hill, AL (13.7 mi.)


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  1. We have visited this place several times. the first time we visited I had something touch me. Just thought I’d share this experience

    • I was a Methodist Ministers son. From 1972 to 1975 our family lived in Alexander City, Alabama. In 1973, I turned sixteen and began driving. We lived in the Flinthill area just north of the river bridge. The Old Sturdivant Mansion was not more than five or so miles South of my house between Alexander City and Dadeville. It was a secluded place off of Highway 280 where we could hang out and party. Not once while was there do I remember seeing anything strange or spooky. There are other places I have been to that scared me more than the Sturdivant Mansion. One in particular was a tall dark figure with red glowing eye standing in a swampy area behind the parsonage in Flinthill. It may have been a bear. I went inside and never went out there at night anymore.

  2. a underneath was work shop . there were slave quarters s a child my mother would take us there to dig for gold or money embezzeled from sturdivant bank in the depression. man was supposed to have been beheaded by his cook ,my greatgrandfatherswore the story was true . he died before I understood how interesting his stories were.first time I saw the place it was intact but empty. there was a huge flat topped pyramid shaped bock of rock with a rod through it in the workshop below the kitchen. the house had had four rooms with hallway thru middle a separate but kitchen that was attached by an open walkway.

  3. The home construction began in 1909 and was completed in 1911 so there were no slaves and there were no quarters. The basement under the kitchen housed a 10K Coleman light plant and the pyramid shaped concrete block with a rod sticking out of it was the support base for the light plant. The kitchen was set apart from the house in typical construction so in case of fire it wouldn’t take the house. The house was intact up thru the 1950’s until it was completely an totally stripped and vandalized by some of Tallapoosa County’s finest. And sorry, no beheadings, no murders

  4. In the 1970, it was a popular place to go hang out with teenagers seeking a place to consume questionably obtained alcohol. I must say, I have been guilty of hanging out there a weekend night or two.I had always heard the stories, but never saw a ghost; although there were a lot of spirits nearby.

  5. On our last vacation we decided to search for the mansion. Since the water was lower, we beached our boat and took about a 10 minute hike to the remains. Pretty interesting adventure, didn’t have any ghostly experiences.

  6. When I was in highschool (BRHS} in the 1970’s the old Studivant mansion was a secluded place to hang out and consume beer, whisky, or vodka. it was close enough to Alexander City, Dadeville, and Jackson’s gap that a good number of highschool kids from each city hung out there after after Friday night football games and stopping by thier local bootlegger. I was a preacher’s and mostly a teatotaler, so I ended up driving more often than not.
    The last time I saw the place was 1975 and it was pretty much on the verge of collapse then.If you went inside you risked falling through rotted flooring. I went in a few times, but because we were there at night, it was dark. I brought flashlights, but the batteries never lasted very long.
    I haven’t been back ssince graduating Highschool. I probably never will go back. The place isss crumbling in on itself from what I have heard from old classmates, and it just just doesn’t peak my curiosity anymore

  7. I was born a Sturdivant, and my dad was from Columbiana, around that area I would believe?
    Does anyone know the history of the place or of Sturdivant itself?
    Thank you!

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