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Witnesses have seen a ghostly gray figure walking alongside them and have felt unpleasant vibes from the forest down the hill. There have also been sounds of claws on the path and a waist-high light that appeared near the top of the hill.

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Geographic Information

St. Mary's Cemetery
Salem, MA
United States

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42.5346116, -70.9115822
Essex County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Peabody, MA (1.0 mi.)
Salem, MA (1.3 mi.)
Beverly, MA (2.3 mi.)
South Peabody, MA (2.6 mi.)
Danvers, MA (3.0 mi.)
Beverly Cove, MA (3.2 mi.)
Marblehead, MA (3.6 mi.)
Swampscott, MA (4.4 mi.)
Wenham, MA (4.9 mi.)
Lynn, MA (5.1 mi.)


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  1. I have been to this location many times before. I have yet to experience anything.
    The evil / negative vibes are said to be felt near this path that leads to the woods.
    There is said to be a monument on the hill dedicated to veterans of WW2 and I believe
    the Vietnam War. The path into the woods near the monument is where these vibes are felt.

  2. My friend is burried here and I took a photo of her gravstone a couple years ago on my cell phone while visiting her on the anniversary of her death. I didnt notice at the time but when I got home and looked at the photo there was a purple cloud next to her grave. Purple was her favorite color.

  3. My 2nd Great Grandparents are buried there (DUNLEA family Plot, same gravestone style as the Fitzgerald family plot right next to them which I suspect there could be a relation as the stones are identical and the only two of the style I could see while there). I have only been to the Cemetery once. It was a beautiful November afternoon. Just felt quiet and peace being able to finally visit my ancestors after hearing so many stories of them from my Nana, their Granddaughter. I would love it if someone could take an upclose picture of the Fitzgerald Grave? I am kicking myself for not doing so at the time as now I think my family and that family are connected.

  4. I have yet to see a grey ghostly figure walking along side me but I have had a few experiences at St. Mary’s Cemetery. The first being feeling unsettling vibes coming from the forest/woods down and around the hill (which I always get each time I go). It’s the feeling that something or someone is watching you. There was a incident I had where my boyfriend and I were walking in the cemetery and we were walking up the hill near the WWII memorial. We were standing on hill where there are no plots. A feeling of sadness and despair washed over me. A few moments later I heard a male voice from the forest/woods shouting my boyfriends name. We investigated and heard/saw nothing. I’ve had dreams before this incident where I would be walking in that area and I would hear my name being called and I would see a boy close to the age of 12, dressed in clothes close to the 1700s-1800s era, asking for my help. He makes me follow him through the forest/woods to this river/lake. He would tell me he drowned there and he needed me to help him. I’m not saying that my dream has anything to do with the paranormal, I just find it odd that I’ve had that dream twice then heard a voice coming from the forest/woods.

  5. This cemetery is my ‘neighbor’ & I’ve never experienced anything in the long time I’ve lived next to it. I visit it on walks a few times a week. I’m very open to the paranormal so I’d be willing to believe it if I’d seen/heard about anything. That doesn’t mean it isn’t, but I just don’t think it’s very active. Tbh I think mostly people think it’s haunted because it’s in Salem. I recommend visiting Greenlawn Cemetery instead- it’s directly behind St. Mary’s and feels a bit more energetic. Both places are rather peaceful and positive IMO

  6. Recently visited this cemetery on October 13th 2019
    this please definitely has evil lurking ,I have proof. You feel some type of way and I took these from outside of the cemetery. There is a dark side but there is also a light side. Definitely saw the waist size light present and there is also a little girl a woman a man, multiple just watching.

  7. Recently visited St. Mary’s Cemetery on October 13th 2019 took a couple photos from outside by the gate. This place is definitely haunted has evil lurking from behind definitely saw a white operation figure waist tie and a little girl got some great pictures take a look. Clearly it is haunted Don’t believe don’t comment!

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