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St. Joseph Cemetery is one of the oldest in the city, and many strange things are said to happen here. Some of the rumors involve human sacrifice, apparitions, ghost hounds, orbs that show up in photos, and the grave of Kate M. Blood, which has its own story. Locals say the housewife killed her husband and 3 children with an axe. Rumor has it that blood trickles out of the upper right-hand corner of the grave during a full moon.

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Geographic Information

1528 N Ballard Rd #2
Appleton, WI 54911
United States

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44.27024281063393, -88.3767305979004
Outagamie County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Kimberly, WI (1.9 mi.)
Appleton, WI (2.0 mi.)
Little Chute, WI (3.0 mi.)
Combined Locks, WI (3.1 mi.)
Kaukauna, WI (5.2 mi.)
Menasha, WI (5.8 mi.)
Neenah, WI (7.2 mi.)
Sherwood, WI (8.8 mi.)
Wrightstown, WI (11.3 mi.)
Forest Junction, WI (12.2 mi.)


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  1. About a year ago I took some pictures of Kate M. Bloods headstone and one pic had an Orb in it to the right of the headstone. It looks like it’s moving up if you zoom it in. There were no lights in the area.

  2. A few friends and I actually went to check this place out two summers ago. While looking for the grave, a few local boys on skateboards offered to help us find the place. We packed into the van and allowed them to lead us. One of the boys fell behind the others and our vehicle. The boy leading in the front made an abrupt stop, so we stopped as well. After we had stopped, we heard a loud thud. The boy behind had been thrown off his skateboard, headfirst, into the taillight of the van. Blood oozed from his head, and no one knew how he even fell. There were no rocks in this area, but clearly something had gotten in his way. We got his friends to help him call his parents, and one of my friends and I chickened out of seeing the grave.

  3. Up past the cemetery theres a tiny stone stair case that leads under really low trees and has about a foot tall wall going along the path near the end and it dead ends at a cliff on top of the cliff there was a barb wire fence and somthing floating in the air 20-30 feet off the top of the cliff i dont really know how to discribe it but it was not a orb or a disc or a box idk it was wierd me and my group ran back to were the fountain is and i saw somthing messing with the 4 lights in front of the grave and i pointed at it and a shadow moved really fast and one light got nocked over then we kept running and near the parking lot our dog saw the sam shodow and started going after it and it looked at us all i saw was some kinda tringle like head shap and 2 eyes but then our dog ran back with its tall between its legs then we got in the car and left im so going back there to find out whats ontop of the cliff… This happend march 14 at about 10:30 at night

  4. Michael Wayne Nix  |  

    I am coming all the way from Gulf Shores, Alabama to investigate this grave yard in the fall this year.
    MUPI. Mikes Underground Paranormal Investigators.

  5. My friends and I went to Kate bloods grave at night, but when we got there we saw a lot of people all in black around the grave. Needless to say we ran

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