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There are three popular spots with the haunts at St. Edward’s University, according to student lore. One is Doyle Hall where a ghostly nun turns on the showers. Another is Mary Moody Northern Theatre, where the ghost of a young man who hanged himself using the sandbag ropes spooks witnesses. The apparition of his body has been seen and heard creaking and swinging on the ropes, even if the ropes themselves can’t be seen. And at Premont Hall walks the ghost of a former Resident Advisor who died after slipping in the showers–his body wasn’t found for a week. The ghost makes itself known by slamming windows and doors and by turning on all the shower faucets at the same time.

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  1. I know a teacher who had a little trouble with an unknown entity. Late at night in a common area of one building a television kept coming on by itself. Not hard to imagine since a remote could fire it up, but the entire building, all three floors were vacant at the time according to the teacher. After turning it off for the second time he unplugged the tv and went back to grading papers. It came on again. Frightened, he packed up and left without examining the television. It really happened, but someone could have been hiding somewhere pranking the teacher.

    • Do you know where that happened? My Tv has been turning on every morning between 3-6. I usually sleep through it and by the time I wake up between 7-9 it’s off again. I live in the apartments and havn’t tried unplugging it yet but it’s begining to freak me out a little.

  2. The ghost in Doyle hall is actually in East Hall, which used to be an all girl dorm. The nun who haunts it didn’t want the school board to turn East Hall into a co-ed dorm. She basically said “Over my dead body!” When she died, they made East Hall into a co-ed dorm. The nun only haunts male students though and is protective of the girls, according to school lore.

    The Premont ghost is actually the Dujarie Hall ghost and the narrative is the same as stated above but the ghost is either an RA or a hobo depending on who you ask.

    There’s also a ghost of a little girl in Theresa Hall. I think her name is Jacqueline, but I could be wrong. She leaves a message along the lines of “Wanna play with me?” Some students have experience sleep paralysis and claim it was her. Never ran into her when I lived in that dorm by myself for a summer, but the building does give off a creepy feeling.

    Basil Moreau Hall is haunted with a shadow ghost. People usually see him out of the corners of their eyes but he’s gone the second you look his direction. Some students have tried to talk to him and have chased him. Doing so makes him angry, and he will mess with your mind when you sleep. One student was said to be so traumatized that she never wanted to step on the campus again. I never saw him but the dorm did feel a little creepy at night.

    There are also a few priest ghosts. One that haunts the road in front of Main Building. He was hit by a buggy and he only really shows up at night. The other priest fell out a window on the third floor of Main Building. I had a roommate that thought she saw him one night, which she could have.

    There’s also a friendly ghost that haunts all-over and will talk to people. He once walked a girl back to her dorm in the rain after having a chat with her, and when she turned around he was gone.

    These are all the stories that I was told as a freshman. I know someone who is into the paranormal and vouches for these stories. The campus has a creepy feel sometimes if you are in the area of where these ghosts are, but they leave you alone if you don’t go seeking them.

  3. Denise Sanders  |  

    In the Summer of 2017, my then 9 year old son, attended an ID Tech Camp at St. Edward’s University. It was an expensive Camp, he learned so much, and enjoyed the Counselors. However, he began texting me with bad feelings of fear, and claimed he saw blood when he would close his eyes to go to sleep. While alone in his dorm, he always felt “something” in his mind that crept in when he least expected it. He texted and called me often feeling so afraid and no idea why. We prayed together in hopes this “feeling” would disappear. This feeling he had consumed him. I could not understand why and it seemed unlike him in all ways. He was determined to stay, and it was a difficult week for him. He knew how ridiculous this all sounded. After I picked him up, he never felt that way again. To this day, he cannot explain in words the fear he felt while at camp. He assures me it was real fear, but no reasons behind it. He was in the Basil Moreau Dorm. I will have to share this with him. Maybe there was a culprit after all…

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