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Southwest Missouri State University’s Freudenberger House, or Freddy House, built in 1959 and named for a Latin professor who taught for 45 years, has a female ghost affectionately referred to as the Dorm Mom. She’s most often spotted on Floor 5.

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1000 E Madison
Springfield, MO
United States

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37.200126509479766, -93.27978837491173
Greene County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Springfield, MO (1.5 mi.)
Battlefield, MO (7.7 mi.)
Brookline, MO (8.1 mi.)
Fremont Hills, MO (9.5 mi.)
Strafford, MO (10.1 mi.)
Nixa, MO (10.9 mi.)
Willard, MO (10.9 mi.)
Lon, MO (12.2 mi.)
Republic, MO (12.3 mi.)
Ozark, MO (13.0 mi.)

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  1. My friends were in their room last night. The only breeze is by their beds like there is dead air everywhere else.
    So my friend Sara all of a sudden hears a poster on the ground on the opposite side of the room begin to drag across the floor for a few seconds then it stopped…This is not the first ghostly activity that has happened. They are in Freddy 5th floor West Wing!

  2. I lived on Freddy 5W my freshman year of college, 2007. Creepy stuff constantly happened. My room was directly across from the bathroom and at night I could hear the faucet turn off and on and the automatic hand dryers start blasting when no one was in the bathroom.

    The creepiest supernatural encounter I had, however, was the night before a huge test. I was exhausted and didn’t feel very well, so I went to bed pretty early. My phone ringing woke me up. My best friend–who lived a few rooms down–asked if she could vent to me when she got to Freddy about something that happened to her. I told her that would be fine. She wasn’t due to get back until later that night, so I told her I would keep my light on and my door unlocked and asked her to wake me when she got back so we could talk. I got out of bed, flipped the light on, unlocked my door, and immediately went back to bed. I fell asleep after that, and was never woken up.

    The next morning I woke up very well-rested and noticed my light was off. I walked across the room to open the door, and it was locked. I assumed that my friend had dropped by, noticed how tired I was, and decided to shut off my light and leave instead of waking me to talk, but that didn’t explain the locked door. When I talked to her about it she said, “I tried to visit you last night, but your door was locked. I couldn’t get in.”

    I joked, “Dorm Mom must have known I needed some extra sleep and kept you out.”

    It was seriously freaky. Freddy 5 West is the real deal.

  3. I lived on Freddy 5W last semester with my little sister (we are twins and I am oldest!). One night in October I believe she was out on a date with her boyfriend and I had stayed in to study for an exam I had in Psychology, my worst subject. I eventually got tired of studying and felt like I knew all the information I was going to know. I put my books, pencil, and flashcards on the nightstand by my bed, walked over to the couch and before sitting down realized I wanted to eat. I went into the kitchen, made some ramen because I was poor, and then went back into the “living area”. My books, pencil, and flashcards were back on the table where I had been working earlier! I couldn’t find the remote that I had laid on the couch, and the T.V. buttons refused to turn the T.V. on. I was so mad at Dorm Mom. After studying and going to bed, my sister got home and watched T.V. The remote, she later told me, was on the couch.

  4. I lived in Freddy and our room (146 I think) had the only door that didn’t close automatically with spring action, so we always left it open for socializing. The door also opened inward towards the room not the hall and one day, in the middle of the day, we were all sitting either watching TV or on our laptops and it just slammed shut from full open. At night my roomate’s ipod would switch on and start playing, and sometimes our TV would switch on randomly. She was always the type that had to have complete darkness and silence to sleep so we had everything turned off. Never a vicious ghost, just a bit of a spook.

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