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Southeast Missouri State University’s Cheney Hall is rumored to be haunted by a female student who committed suicide in a bathtub. Folks say now the door slams by itself and unexplained noises are heard in the room. The Music Building is also said to be haunted by apparitions and slamming doors, and the Rose Theatre is believed to contain the ghost of Mary, a French trader’s wife who murdered her husband. It’s said that Mary likes to make herself known by playing tricks when a play with a violent storyline is put on. Other rumors about the theater involve the ghost of an old man and a blood stain on the concrete that can’t be removed.

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1 University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
United States

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37.3127392, -89.5309641
Cape Girardeau County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Cape Girardeau, MO (0.8 mi.)
East Cape Girardeau, IL (2.2 mi.)
McClure, IL (5.5 mi.)
Scott City, MO (6.6 mi.)
Thebes, IL (7.4 mi.)
Gordonville, MO (8.1 mi.)
Dutchtown, MO (8.2 mi.)
Kelso, MO (8.5 mi.)
Jackson, MO (8.8 mi.)
Chaffee, MO (11.4 mi.)

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  1. Lived in Cheney hall for two years during college around 2006-2007 – At the time, I wore a simple silver chain, something that could not be taken off over your head, had to be unclasped to be taken off and I never took it off, truly wore it 24/7 –
    On 3 different occasions – I woke up to find my chain missing from around my neck and would find it laying on my bed in a perfect pile directly below the center of my back – also have to add that had to have been unclasped to be taken off and it was re-clasped before being put down. no roommates – never happened any other place – but it happened in two seperate rooms (first room was directly below the “bathtub room”) in Cheney –

    Plenty of other weird things happened but this was my most notable story

  2. Back in 2014, I was walking past Cheney hall to get to my own dorm. It was around 2am, and being a female, I should NOT have been walking alone, but my cell phone was dead and I was too drunk to drive from Capaha Park (where my vehicle was parked) to my dorm. In my defense, walking felt like the safest decision. I decided to take a short cut right behind Cheney hall, I was walking super close to the building, probably about a foot away, it made me feel a little more safe to be up against an inanimate object (lol)… all of the sudden, I heard a “HEY!…. hey!!! Are you alone???” In a deep voice. Turned around and it was a male, who was walking rather quickly to catch up with me. I picked up my pace and shouted back at him, “my friend is up just ahead!”… he then replied by yelling out “but I am going to take you home with me tonight!” And laughed. I was terrified. I started to run at this point, when I stopped dead in my tracks. A woman’s figure appeared out of nowhere…. she was SEE THROUGH!!!!!! It was dark, but light enough to where I could see that she had brown, wavy hair, knee high socks, and a plaid dress that hit just at her knees. She was dressed OUT OF THIS CENTURY! I didn’t feel scared of her, probably because I was focused on the man following me…… I had stopped to look at her long enough that the man caught up with me and grabbed my right shoulder. I turned around and saw his face was blank of any sort of expression. It was like he was frozen! He was looking right past me, right where I had seen the woman’s apparition. He yelled out “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!!! WHO IS THAT!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!” And ran away in the opposite direction, clearly terrified. I turned back around in the direction of the apparition only to see her walking away, and then just disappearing. I NEVER* believed in ghosts, up until that night. I feel like she saved me from something terrible.

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