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The story goes that a student of the school, Linda Landy (they didn’t even attempt to make up a name that didn’t sound fake), was struck and killed by car while walking home, so now she haunts the Library. Because ghosts don’t have to make sense.

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Geographic Information

67601 Cushing St
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613
United States

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31.552604431460626, -110.33560810985364
Cochise County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Sierra Vista, AZ (1.9 mi.)
Huachuca City, AZ (5.2 mi.)
Sierra Vista Southeast, AZ (9.8 mi.)
Elgin, AZ (13.4 mi.)
Miracle Valley, AZ (16.1 mi.)
Palominas, AZ (17.5 mi.)
Tombstone, AZ (19.3 mi.)
Sonoita, AZ (20.8 mi.)
Patagonia, AZ (24.8 mi.)
Bisbee, AZ (25.0 mi.)


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  1. i went to smith middle school from 1996-1999 and there is a plaque on the outside of the cafeteria/gym that is dedicated to Linda Landy(her real name btw). She was a student there in the 70’s and was hit by a bus and killed. I never saw her sensed her ghost however and I am a clairvoyant.

    • I am going to the NEW Smith middle School that was build about 2 years ago next to the old ‘haunted’ School and it is true that a Girl named Linda Landy was hit by a bus. There is also a sign by the new School dedicated to her. i have also not seen her ghost yet.

  2. I went to Smith Middle School at the same time Linda Landy did. She was one grade ahead of me. What I can say is that she was beautiful, kind and quite. Her death touched me and many others. She was not struck by a bus. She was struck by a car, and the driver had to be hospitalized for shock. She was riding her bike at the time she was struck. She survived several days but succumbed to her injuries. I don’t know that she does or does not haunt the school. I pray that she does not.. and that she rests in peace.

    • I went to school with Linda. She was 8th grade and I was 6th grade. She was an amazing girl. I remember crying like crazy that day.

  3. I knew Linda and went to school there with her.We moved u he night she was struck.She was the most beautiful person that I knew. I don’t believe that she is haunting any thing , I know that she is resting peaceably above.

    • Jesse Flores, I was allowed to walk with her a lot. I was in 6th grade, she was 8th. No way she haunted, to great a loving soul.

  4. I went to the old Smith Middle School and if it wasn’t Linda Landy who was haunting the girls locker room, opposite of the cafeteria, then something far more sinister was. Never got creeped out in the library, just the locker room. And at night, I’d always walk all the way around the school rather than cut through it… same went for Johnson and Meyer >.>’ There was just something really really scary about the school yards at night in good old Ft. WeGotcha

  5. Edward A. Weissbard  |  

    I remember this story when attending Smith Middle School from 1988-1990. Personally I never experienced anything paranormal around the lockers, next to the gym, but I would occasionally hear some students getting anxious and frightened of the alleged ghost of Linda Landy. What was scarier, was some the lunch’s they would serve us in the cafeteria, during that time.

  6. I went to that school for one year before they build the new middle school. They did have a plaque for her… that thing would always give me the creeps.. When I went to school there, there was a rumor that if you were the last girl in the locker rooms, Linda would come out and kill you. It scared me into never being the last girl in the locker rooms.. But while I went to school there.. a Janitor had committed suicide.. but the scary part was.. he was found hanging in the girls locker rooms.. Idk it just always freaked me out.. I went back to the school after the new one was build.. and I heard noises.. and I think I heard a laugh.. that when I screamed and left

  7. Curious Passerby  |  

    FWIW- I never heard of this when I was at Huachuca, but I did hear the cemetery had a murderer buried in it who haunted the place. The story was he was hanged there. Also, there was a story an old home on the post near the old parade field was haunted with a rocking chair you dared not move, lest the place start to get active. The rocker supposedly rocked itself.

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