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The 1862 Battle of Shiloh meant death for thousands of soldiers, several of whom are rumored to still haunt the battlefield. Many tales and legends surround the battlefield, and visitors may see apparitions and hear phantom gunshots, drumming, footsteps, and voices. The nearby pond is said to occasionally turn red, a phantom repeat occurrence from the blood of the dead soldiers and horses who once lay in the water.

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1055 Pittsburg Landing Rd
Shiloh, TN 38376
United States

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35.1518411, -88.32987320000001
Hardin County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Crump, TN (4.9 mi.)
Stantonville, TN (5.4 mi.)
Adamsville, TN (6.7 mi.)
Savannah, TN (6.8 mi.)
Olivet, TN (8.5 mi.)
Michie, TN (8.9 mi.)
Eastview, TN (13.3 mi.)
Selmer, TN (14.9 mi.)
Guys, TN (15.3 mi.)
Milledgeville, TN (15.4 mi.)

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  1. The last time I was at Shiloh was probaly when I was 5 or 6 years old.I was there yesterday(june 8,2015) for the first time since then and im now 40 years old.Im from Tennessee about an hour and half drive east of Shiloh.We had traveled to Memphis for a short vacation.I wanted to stop by on our way home so we did.It was early evening roughly around 5:00.The weather was about to get rough and the clouds to the north were very dark and you could hear thunder in the distance.The radio announcer had Hardin County under a severe thunderstorm warning at that time.Inspite all this we went on cause the sun was still half shining and no rain.When we pulled into the park it was a deathly kind of quiet.It was a creepy kind of silence.Not many visitors were there.We stopped at the front for a few pictures and then went back and walked through the cemetery and then to the visitors center.We then drove around the tour and I took various photos.Like I said not many folks out there at this time.Being as tired as we were we called it a day and headed out.When we got home my daughter was looking at my pictures I had took from my camera.She had pulled Shiloh up on her phone and read about it on the waythere and had seen where those say its haunted.I never expected to capture what I did in one picture!My daughter took the same picture from standing right beside me on her phone and this image is not in hers nor are the red lights in the woods.Im freaked out!

  2. When i was little my mom and dad took us and i remember seeing the water red..always thought they put something in it to make it look after reading this..yes..i believe its haunted..had no idea it was a rare accourance!!

  3. My boyfriend and I went to Shiloh last September and it was a hot clear day. We stayed around the hornets nest location for a while reading the plaques and seeing how far into the woods the line of cannons went. The further into the woods we went we kept hearing gunfire, and a distant “BOOM’ once in a while. we thought it was very odd and we were the only people out at this location at the time. We assumed perhaps there were re-inactments going on that day and that’s where the sounds were coming from. My boyfriend recorded the sounds on his phone & they picked up when we played them back. When we stopped hearing the sounds we started out of the woods and made it to the open field where much of that battle had occurred. Still not a soul but us were out there at this time, but as we proceeded to approach our truck we heard a loud distinct distant yell from a male voice! Immediately we went back to the visitors center and asked if there were any re-inactments going on that day and she said no, but what we heard was not uncommon in the hornets nest area. Shiloh park has me intrigued now and I definitely plan to visit again very soon!

  4. I live very close to Shiloh battlefield and have visited often. Ive only seen the water red once and assumed that is was something they put in the water but the day I seen it bloody red was just a normal wkday while nothing significant was going on. Also when I was 14 I went with my mom and 2 of my friends we came upon what looked like a very old and huge plantation home. We pulled in the driveway but my mother would not allow us to get out of the car she said that she had a very bad feeling and she was frightened. We looked at the house for a few minutes then left. This house was on the park but was not kept up like I know the park keeps things. My mother and I have returned many times riding over the entire park looking for this house but have never seen it again. I can still remember every detail of the house as can my mother. Phantom house maybe???

    • No, you obviously turned down the road right before the park. Down that road is an old dilapidated plantation looking house. There were never any grand houses on the park, simple common poor folk farmed the land.

    • The house you are referring too, was my families home. My step
      Mother sold it to the park after my father died (in the house) The reason you can not find it anymore is because the park had it torn down a few years ago. You mother was very smart not to let you get out. The house was very haunted and I could tell you many stories. The last name of owners was Harrison, my maiden name. And before that it was penned by the Hagy’s.

  5. This might sound crazy but I went with a group and they brought out the ouija board. Everytime it spelled out boom, you could hear the canons go off! We also had an experience where we asked if someone would speak to us and heard a deep voice say no, also heard a lot of screaming and crying going on

  6. I went there in Summer 2014. My mom had took pictures and didn’t really look at them until we got home and there was a little boy in 3 of the pictures. And i also heard footsteps in the woods when i was wandering around

    • Brittney, my husband and I go to Shiloh very often. We have a ghost app on our phones and last week when we were there we got the name Jack while we were outside the cabin by the Peach Orchard. We also asked how old he was and got “nine”. Could you please tell me where you were when you got the pictures of the ghost boy? Also if you don’t mind I would love to see your photos. my e mail is

  7. Took this yesterday saw a shadow an got a pic of it looked like a person where the bridge once was look at the left hand corner

  8. My grandmother lived next to the cemetery when she was a girl. she reported that someone was sitting on their gate and it made her brother mad. so he threw a punch at the guy and it just went right through him. she and her two brothers witnessed this.

  9. my great grandma was buried there. Once i was by her grave talking to her, when i herd a reply, i thought it was just me at first and continued, until i herd it again i looked around and said stop, that is very rude, and continued talking then i herd humming, i looked around again but there was no one there, then i remembered the humming , it was her’s, i said my final goodbye and left, and swear i hear a goodbye when i left.

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