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Witnesses, including ghost hunters, have determined that the hotel is haunted. Some have described lights that flash in the Wedding Suite and the unexplained smell of chocolate in the “Handicapped Room.” EVPs, photos, and other evidence of spirits were collected here, including the word “Shaffer” spoken in response to the question “Can you tell me what your name is, please?”

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    103 W Main St
    Mountainair, New Mexico 87036
    United States

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    34.51905068334309, -106.24100857378846
    Torrance County, New Mexico
    Nearest Towns:
    Mountainair, NM (0.1 mi.)
    Manzano, NM (10.6 mi.)
    Willard, NM (12.9 mi.)
    Torreon, NM (14.4 mi.)
    Tajique, NM (16.3 mi.)
    Estancia, NM (19.6 mi.)
    Chilili, NM (25.6 mi.)
    Meadow Lake, NM (26.0 mi.)
    McIntosh, NM (26.2 mi.)
    Monterey Park, NM (28.1 mi.)

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    1. Grave Concerns paranormal  |  

      Our team was here recently now its closed we were the last , Oct 18th 2014 . My wife and I felt a girl bouncing on the bed still reviewing evidence but looks like we may have caught a doppelganger on full spectrum also several spirits very haunted the place can be rented for private paranormal investigations by contacting us for the owners number

      • I realize this property has been closed for some time, but I was wanting to find out if you knew whether or not if the owner is still renting it out for investigations? Any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


    2. When I first moved to the area I stopped at the Shaffer Hotel since it was so interesting looking. A slender older man was standing behind the fence to the right of the hotel. He was really friendly, said hello to me as I was admiring the stone work. He told me that this was HIS place. He talked about the work he did and repeatedly told me, and my husband who eventually got bored and went back to the car, that this was his place, his work. He invited me to his home which he said was just up the road where he said he had sculptures to show me. He extended the invitation several times. I eventually said goodbye not thinking a whole lot about it other than the man was very nice and truly wanted me to know that this was his place and HIS work. I even considered his invitation to his home to see his work yet I never did however now I am glad that I didn’t since they would have thought I was nuts. Years later when I got online to see if a new restaurant had gone into the Shaffer Hotel I saw an article about “Pop” Shaffer. He was the man who was standing by the hotel talking to me and my husband years prior however he had passed away long before that day. I discovered that the house he directed me to when asking me to stop by and see his work was Pop Shaffer’s Rancho Bonito. He pointed to where I would turn to get to his place and told me several times to come by and see him and his work. I am honored to have met him, or his ghost…although, he looked as real, as solid in the flesh and anybody…nothing unusual.

    3. Its for sale for $875,000. Someone just leased the restaurant part, which was listed for $2,900 a month, which is pretty steep for a property out in the sticks. Hopefully they negotiated a cheaper rate. I can’t imagine it staying in business that long.

    4. In the late 90’s when I worked there as a waitress, I heard the sound of boots walking behind me while I was walking down a back hall. The cook said that there was no one else there but the two of us and that she never left the kitchen. I also had another weird experience while in the bathroom after closing, I heard the door open, a female sigh, as if though “she” was frustrated, then shut the door! I went to ask my co worker if they had gone to the bathroom, they responded “no”. I, myself had always felt a presence.

    5. Manuel David Leyba  |  

      Back in around 07 or 08 i was part of a construction crew that installed all the tile at pop shaffer. We all stayed there while doin the work. Although i never saw or heard anything strange. I still wont rule out the possibility of it being haunted!! I did find a pair of very old eye glasses (round) and i decided to keep them as they were part of the trash debris. Something just kept bothering me up to the point that i actually brought them back (special trip) all the way from Albuquerque (my home) i then put 2 and 2 togather after i saw a picture of “Pop” himself i do believe they belonged to him. Wow i was just breathless… As of today i believe it was his spirit telling me to bring them glasses back…

    6. We are going there in a few weeks to do a paranormal investigation, I am founder of Desert Hart Paranormal and was invited to join Duke City Paranormal research team. I would LOVE to meet pop shaffer!!!

    7. My wife and I spent the night in room 16 on July 23, 2022. Around 10:25 pm while in bed we heard a
      male voice that said, “I see you!” The voice was accompanied by a background noise that sounded like the buzzing humming birds make. The voice repeated the same phrase three more times over the next 10 minutes. The disembodied voice we heard sounded like it came from just over our heads. Needless to say this scared the #@$& out of us! The next morning I was in the bathroom when I heard a girl’s voice say “Hi!” I opened the door and asked my wife what she said. She said she hadn’t said anything. Then spoke to my brother-in-law who spent the night in room 14 (the suite). Around the same time we heard the male disembodied voice, he heard what he thought were foot steps in the hallway. He subsequently took a photo of the hallway which revealed three orb lights near the fire exit at the other end of the hall. Sensing someone has to be putting us on I began looking for speakers but could find none.

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