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At Saint Omer Cemetery, legend has it that there is a witch’s grave. According to the story, Caroline Barnes was hanged by the townspeople for witchcraft. As she went, she cursed the town and vowed to come back for revenge on the anniversary of her death. To trick her, the townsfolk inscribed her gravestone with the death date of Feb. 31, 1882 — which of course, doesn’t exist. Her headstone still stands, and looks like a sphere on a stack of logs.

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Geographic Information

St Omer Road
Ashmore, IL
United States

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39.5685523, -88.03095889999997
Coles County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Ashmore, IL (2.5 mi.)
Kansas, IL (5.0 mi.)
Oakland, IL (5.9 mi.)
Westfield, IL (8.0 mi.)
Charleston, IL (9.2 mi.)
Hindsboro, IL (9.7 mi.)
Redmon, IL (10.5 mi.)
Brocton, IL (11.4 mi.)
Humboldt, IL (15.5 mi.)
Newman, IL (16.1 mi.)


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  1. I visited here in 2014 and the gravestone is certainly strange. I’d love to research the actual history, but as I’m several states away, I’m unable. But definitely worth checking out.

  2. I was just there today looking for an old friend I thought was buried there. My husband said I think this is the cemetary they say is haunted. About that time we were within 10 feet of of what they call the witches grave. We stopped dead in our tracks as it felt cool on this very hot July day and we both got goose bumps all over our bodies. I asked a woman who was there by herself weed eating the graves about my friend she said she didnt believe she was buried there. Which we determned after looking she wasn’t Anyway we asked the lady about that grave with the VERY odd headstone that sits rather strangely shaded between two very old trees. While the rest of the place is sunny. She said her and her husband are the care takers and she has seen shadows before and turns and they are gone and that sonetimes she just feels scared and never goes to work there late in the day. She also said sometimes there is money laying on the grave then it disappears. She also said the man that cared for the place before said one time a man just kind of appeared then disappeared. I gotta tell you the whole thing has me a little spooked and even found it strange that this woman would be there by herself at all. We had our dog with us but he didn’t act as though anything was wrong and he defunetely would have reacted it anything out of the ordinary was going on. I just want to put the place out of my mind and never think it again. It’s that creepy!

    • I’ve been there several times and I have taken my team in there to investigate. We got a few evps that were very clear. It is said that Caroline will follow you home unless you leave her some change as a peace offering.

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