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According to locals, a young woman named Andrea hanged herself from a tree near Sadler’s Pond after finding out her boyfriend had been unfaithful. Her ghost is said to appear at night with a rope around her neck, screaming her boyfriend’s name.

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Geographic Information

Off Keown St
Essex, ON

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42.17325536426653, -82.83059513560147
Essex County
Nearest Towns:
Essex, ON (0.8 mi.)
Cottam, ON (5.0 mi.)
Mcgregor, ON (7.2 mi.)
Saint Clair Beach, ON (10.0 mi.)
Kingsville, ON (10.5 mi.)
Belle River, ON (10.5 mi.)
Tecumseh, ON (10.5 mi.)
Harrow, ON (10.6 mi.)
East Windsor, ON (12.6 mi.)
Riverside, ON (12.6 mi.)


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  1. I first heard the rumors about Sadler’s Pond being haunted around 7 years ago. Some people from my high school had stories about weird things happening there at night but nothing that couldn’t be explained. After hearing the stories I realized that even though I’d been there a thousand times, I’d actually never been there after dark and decided I wanted to check it out for myself. I was walking home with my brother one night and since the pond was only about a block out of our way we decided to detour down the trail. About 3/4 of the way to the dock I froze entirely, totally unable to walk or move and clearly saw a woman, completely see-through wearing a dress with a rope tied around her neck, dark hair that reached mid-way down her back. She didn’t say anything, or scream her boyfriend’s name as the story goes, she simply stood there looking right at me. This lasted for about 4 seconds and as soon as she disappeared I was able to continue walking, which I did as though nothing had happened at all. I figured it was all in my head as I had been expecting to see something, and assumed it was just my imagination. I didn’t even say anything to my brother once I reached the dock where he was waiting. It was a summer night and there was a warm breeze but after a couple minutes of standing on the dock, there was a strange coldness that felt more internal than weather related, which we both felt. After this experience I was still wasn’t convinced that Sad’s was actually haunted, and was still skeptical of ghosts even existing. I still felt the need to go back again and ended up telling my Native-American friend about my experience. He claimed that he had seen ghosts before and told me that the cold feeling was typical with haunted areas and he insisted on going that night with a camera. We waited until about midnight then went to the pond through the Northern entrance. We took the first left turn and walked around the pond without anything happening, until we reached the south side just past the entrance to the Viscount. my Native friend claimed that something was following us but I was sure he was just trying to make things interesting, not even ten seconds later a black cat ran from just behind us, crossing the path on an angle heading towards the Viscount. Just a cat but he was right, something had been following us. We made it around the corner heading back to where we came in. Just as we hit the exact same spot I froze up at the time before, the camera died despite having about 3/4 battery left. We didn’t think much about it at the time and walked to the parking lot. We were standing there talking when my friend looked at me and very seriously asked me what I was thinking. I had never experienced anything like it in my entire life but I absolutely had to go back in and I had no idea why. I felt like I had no other option what-so-ever. Without even saying anything he quit waiting for me to answer and said, “go ahead” like he knew what I was thinking. I turned around and went back in the entrance, I saw what I thought was a hole in the ground and couldn’t stop staring at it, when I got within a few feet I realized that it was the same black cat we saw before, way on the other side. It hissed and ran across the path into the ditch. I stopped for a second then kept walking like I was on a mission. When I got to the dock I froze again, totally zoned out like I was dreaming, and all I saw was a view of the bottom of the pond, and a gold ring stuck in the mud on the bottom. I have no idea if it was 5 seconds, or 5 minutes but as soon as I stopped seeing the ring, I turned around and started back towards the exit like I had done what I needed to. I got back and without wasting a second, my friend looked at me and said, “There’s something at the bottom of the pond, isn’t there.” I was so shocked I was shaking. While I was gone his girlfriend claimed she saw a female figure standing on the path way, right before the cat ran away. We got the Hell out of there and went back home to check out the video we took. The video is completely normal until the exact second we saw the cat for the first time, when the cat runs across the path, it’s followed by a very noticeable, large, floating orb. I decided to check the very end of the video, where the camera dies. Every time I tried to pause the video with one or two seconds left, we got a message saying that Media Player had crashed. When I finally managed to stop the video without it crashing, we could clearly make out the side of a face in the trees, completely evil looking and glowing orange. I took screenshots and pasted them in Paint, and every time the screenshots had the Media Player border but everything inside was completely black. On top of it all, the whole time I had been on the computer, I thought someone had been on the balcony wearing a white shirt. I could see it moving side-to-side from the corner of my eye and assumed it was my other friend who was there, until he came from the kitchen and was wearing a black shirt. I went out to the balcony but there was no one there. Even the cat that always adored me jumped and ran away when I got near it. I was already convinced that Andrea had followed me home but I agreed to draw Andrea the way I saw her the first night (in a different room), and my friend’s girlfriend was going to describe her version. Every last detail was exactly the same, down to the length of her hair and the style of dress she was wearing. I didn’t believe in ghosts until that day, and I’ve never believed in any religion. I simply can’t explain anything that happened but for months afterwards I was depressed for no reason. We joked about Andrea’s ghost being attached to me but I never even considered that a possibility. I let someone talk me into going back one night several months later but I refused to go in and waited in the car. That night I had a very realistic dream of the entrance to the pond, but it was in the past. It was before they paved the pathways and cleared the trees. A yellow car (I’m guessing from the ’70s) was parked on the grass, still running, headlights on, and with the driver’s door left open. I woke up feeling 100% different, depression was gone and I felt like I’d gotten something off my chest. I believe the dream I had was of the night she hung herself. I believe she went to the dock and threw her engagement ring from her cheating fiance into the pond before hanging herself from the tree where all the weird things occurred. I don’t know how to explain any of it but I know this is all 100% true, I still get chills when I talk about it.

  2. My husband and I were walking along a paved path beside the pond just as you enter the gate. There were geese everywhere. As he was looking at the geese, an elderly couple walked through the gaggle and the birds didn’t even react. He turned to me and said ‘Did you see that couple? they walked right through the geese and they didn’t even react.’ I said ‘where?’ he turned around and was about to say ‘there the…….’ but, they were gone..Nowhere to be seen..Nobody acknowledged them, they glanced at my husband and smiled. When he realized that he had seen two ghosts who looked completely alive, he was in amazement. This isn’t a new experience for me, but for him, it totally made his day.

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