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This historic hotel was built in 1910 as a stopover for railroad passengers and crews, and has been in operation for over a century. The hotel is allegedly haunted by two apparitions, including the former builder John Q Adams and a spectral maid. The builder has been known to make appearances in the hallways and in guest rooms, while the maid has been known to materialise from a wall on the third floor. The police department has been called to the hotel on several occasions to investigate disturbances, but conclude that it must be some of the more boisterous spooks that haunt the building.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

5 North Main Street
Three Forks, MT
United States

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45.8953999, -111.551921
Gallatin County, Montana
Nearest Towns:
Three Forks, MT (0.2 mi.)
Logan, MT (6.0 mi.)
Willow Creek, MT (6.6 mi.)
Manhattan, MT (10.9 mi.)
Amsterdam, MT (14.7 mi.)
Churchill, MT (15.6 mi.)
Harrison, MT (17.6 mi.)
Cardwell, MT (19.4 mi.)
Belgrade, MT (19.8 mi.)
Toston, MT (19.9 mi.)


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  1. I’m a house keeper there and there is the old owner and a small girl who likes to follow me on the third floor. I’ve had my hair pulled, doors slammed shut in my face and things like pens and note pad etc. thrown across the rooms when I’m making the bed or cleaning the bathroom. The t.v.s turn on by themselves. They make a bubbly noise and they go off on its own. You’ll see apperations. It’s cool working at the Sac and it’s a great place to stay!

  2. I stayed at the Sacajawea Inn in 1993 with my fiancé. We were given a room on the third floor, on the side of the building that has the gas station next to it. We went up the first flight of stairs, which were quite homey. The second set to the third floor was offset from the main stairs and quite a bit more narrow. The room itself was a nice enough room, the bathroom was strangely big and had a slanted ceiling, if I remember right. My fiancé left me to get settled and ran over to the gas station to get snacks. Strangely, as soon as he left the room, I was scared – of the room. This is odd because I am not a scaredy cat at all. I watched him from the window, to help not to be overwhelmed by fear. He came back and we watched TV for a while before turning in for sleep. I didn’t mention anything to him, because it was so strange and out of character for me. When the lights were out, I felt full on panic. My fiancé fell asleep quick – as he always did, and I was absolutely terrified of the room. I remember listening for the slightest noise, and just being unaccountably afraid. If you have heard the expression ‘paralyzed with fear’ that’s what it felt like. I managed to grab the TV remote and turned on the TV, but that seemed to make it worse, so I bailed into the bathroom as fast as I could and turned on the lights. I didn’t want to go back into the bedroom area, but I was worried my fiancé would think I was a weirdo, so I left the bathroom light on and went and sat in bed, TV on, light on. I had dread and I could not shake it. I didn’t sleep at all that whole long night – it was very long. It was a remarkably bizarre experience. I have never felt this same way in any other place I have been.

  3. I had a weird experience at the Sacajawea Hotel in Winter of 2015. It is a hard experience to explain. My husband and I were staying there one night for business. He went downstairs for a meeting and I fell asleep in the room – we were on the 2nd floor. It was a weird daytime nap where I was conscious of my surroundings but I was “sleeping” – almost like a sleep paralysis situation. Then I felt myself starting to be dragged all over the hotel and I can see that a tall man in suspenders is dragging me and I look and I can see what the hotel looked like before remodeling, during the late 1800’s time period. It’s like an old movie playing as I’m being dragged through the hallways by this man. I then find myself back in the room but I am still in a sleep paralysis state. Then, a different ghost, a “shadow figure” tries to lay on top of me but I start praying and it just bounces off. It tries a few more times to lay on top of me, but I continue praying so the figure just bounces off. It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I couldn’t sleep and just watched TV all night, which is not the norm for me. I do think there is spiritual activity at this location.

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