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The 1913 Rosedeer Hotel in its tiny, almost-ghost town is rumored to be haunted, at least on its third floor, which is closed. Reports say this bit of the Old West, complete with bullet holes as well as more traditional memorabilia, is haunted by the ghost of a man who was beaten to death there during the hotel’s more colorful days.

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Geographic Information

Jewell Street
Rosedale Station, AB
T0J 2V0, Canada

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51.3821328495395, -112.66116607184813
Division No. 5
Nearest Towns:
Rosedale, AB (2.7 mi.)
Drumheller, AB (6.1 mi.)
East Coulee, AB (8.4 mi.)
Munson, AB (13.3 mi.)
Rosebud, AB (13.7 mi.)
Hesketh, AB (14.4 mi.)
Michichi, AB (14.9 mi.)
Dorothy, AB (16.4 mi.)
Morrin, AB (20.2 mi.)
Standard, AB (23.0 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Ok so my Aunt who didn’t believe in this stuff saw a black “cape” flying for about 2seconds
    But didn’t say anything to us. As we were driving up a dirt road while still in Wayne, I saw a black cape looking thing flying for about 2 seconds and asked if anyone else saw it. That was when my Aunt told me what she saw. She wasn’t a believer until then!!

  2. In February of 2015 I spent four nights (by myself overnight) at the Rosedeer Hotel. I was given permission to investigate this site at night after everyone left. I was also allowed to go up to the third floor as long as their was staff present downstairs in the saloon, it was locked at night after staff left.
    I took over 1,200 digital still pictures, several hours of video in specific rooms that were left open for me during my stay. I also have approximately 30 hours of digital voice recordings.
    I’ve investigated many hotels in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. No one, even other professional paranormal investigators like myself will ever fathom the amount of evidence I gathered in those four nights. I’ve probably watched hundreds of “ghost hunting” shows and all of these shows put together and all the so-called “evidence” they “produce” doesn’t come close to what I compiled in just four short nights, these so called professionals have no idea of how to do an investigation, they do it for TV time and for their egos, and most importantly they embellish and that’s an unfortunate fact.
    In thirty hours of digital recordings I have 130 different voices, male, female, children and some I’m not too sure about. Most of them are amazingly clear, and some are distinct conversations. Also included are almost 100 other “anomalies” on my recordings. There’s not enough space on this web page for me to mention all of it.
    Ghost hunting is quite simple: find a place to investigate (with permission), set up your equipment, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Don’t ever do it for prestige and more importantly don’t do it for your ego.
    You mention on this webpage about an individual who was murdered on the third floor. That’s correct. He was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. I not only know this to be a fact but from my investigation I know exactly who it was, his name and his occupation.
    One day I will write a book about this if and when I finally get through all the evidence, it’s quite exhaustive when you have as much evidence as I have to go through, my headphones don’t stay on my head for anymore than a couple of minutes at a time before I have to take them off and sit back and wonder if this is all really real.
    If you believe, have fun with it, if you don’t believe pop out of your bubble, it’s an amazing and mysterious world we live in.
    I tell everyone, next to the birth of my daughter this was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life.
    Thank you.

  3. I visiting the Wayne Hotel (was once Rosedeer Hotel years ago) and I know for sure there is a at least 2 ghosts who live there….Victoria and Robert are their names! I rented the #6 room and it was to be the room Victoria passed away in. She does not like cold at all and she proved that to me…I had turned on the ceiling fan and the portable fan on one of the many nights I had stayed there…most times I stayed had been fall time, so no fans needed. So I had asked for a fan for the room as it was a hot July night. Staff made sure I got a fan (3 speeds) and I had finally after a long day went to bed…Opened my window as it had a nice breeze finally…So I fell asleep at around midnight. I woke up and it was so hot in that room you’d think one was in a steam room. I got up and noticed the fan was off and the ceiling fan was also off. I seen the window still open and thought well no one was in here so how could he fans be off….I know I would have heard the door open and close, plus I had it locked. In the morning I went down to mix and mingle with staff and I asked do you guys have timers on the fans? Did your breakers blow during the night? They said no to both questions and I then told them why and what happens…That was when I was told Victoria doesn’t like cool air or cold…so she shut them off…WOW…I am so glad to have been there with Victoria….what an amazing feeling to be among the ghosts of Alberta….

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