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Urban legend says those who knock on a certain above-ground tomb, a square monument, will hear its ghostly inhabitant knock back. Another legend told of two gravesites that were once side by side. One bore the name Wear, the second, Wolff. As that seemed to have spawned some werewolf tales, the graves were said to have been relocated within the cemetery.

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Geographic Information

Rose Hill Cemetery
Idaho Falls, ID
United States

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43.477525, -112.040547
Bonneville County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Idaho Falls, ID (0.8 mi.)
Ammon, ID (3.7 mi.)
Lincoln, ID (4.5 mi.)
Iona, ID (6.4 mi.)
Shelley, ID (7.8 mi.)
Ucon, ID (9.1 mi.)
Basalt, ID (12.8 mi.)
Firth, ID (13.9 mi.)
Rigby, ID (14.9 mi.)
Lewisville, ID (15.2 mi.)


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  1. The tomb in question has shifted over the long years it has been there. When someone knocks on it, the panels moves, rocking it back and forth to cause the sound people hear.

    • I see spirits often, if youre looking for a paranormally active location dont come here. The only things I have seen in a man walking around rodgers tomb. A girl was following my car around in tress and behind trees. The clearest sighting I saw was diwn the hill.from the restrooms in a birch tree. She will sit and look at you pass by.

  2. I live next door to the cemetery. Have for five years. Nothing out of the ordinary. If anything does go bump in the night, it’s kids running around in there.

  3. I wandered around Rosehill for quite awhile the other evening and it was one of the most peaceful, beautiful places around, and I am quite the chicken.

  4. I have experienced the knocking tomb. Scared the bahgeeburs out of me. Came back in the day and discovered it was a loose panel. But, the effect is very real: sounds like someone knocks after you do. Scary if you don’t know what it is. The two tombstones that spell out werewolf are still there last time I looked – but its not very scary.

  5. when i was a kid, my friends and I all would hangout, we would spend most of a Saturday at Tautphaus Park, we would leave in the evening, climb the fence into the cemetery. I remember us finding the two grave sites, ‘ Were and Wolff ‘ usually nothing would happen. Twice we thought someone was there that would hold on to you, but you would look and nobody there, we were running spooked, you would look back at Scott, he was running and squirming, not moving away.Of course that scared all of us. Nobody was a hero, The last time two were so scared they were crying most of way home. Then we wouldn’t talk about it again, unless one of us was showing off in front girls.I really don’t know what happened. We would talk about going back but never did. Back then everybody knew about it, It was when (still) people wouldn’t lock the front door. I remember seeing keys left in cars and motorcycles. 1968…1969 we would be gone all day and into the night and none of our parents worried like today.

  6. I can say the knocking grave is real. My mom and a very close friend both had an experience with it and it knocked back to them both. All i know about it is that it is kinda just a box shaped stone really plain and nothing really special.

  7. Recently a few friends and I took a trip to the cemetery. Not having a good feeling as is. We were about 15 minutes in before being chased out by something on all fours. I believe on everything that it was something supernatural. It wasn’t moving like an normal animal. I managed to get pictures of the eyes and a spirit nearby

    • I was with him, and thought it was a rabbit until it started chasing after us. I didn’t end up getting a second look but it was incredibly scary

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