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This is one of those places that everyone “knows” is haunted, but no one seems to have a solid story about it. All that’s said is that there’s some sort of malevolent force or forces here, and that people get really creeped out and sometimes even physically attacked by unseen beings. Note: this cemetery is strictly off-limits after dark, the police are strict here.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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181 North Jasmine Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL
United States

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28.148588182997177, -82.73559605145113
Pinellas County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Tarpon Springs, FL (1.3 mi.)
Holiday, FL (2.7 mi.)
East Lake, FL (3.6 mi.)
Trinity, FL (4.0 mi.)
Beacon Square, FL (4.3 mi.)
Elfers, FL (4.8 mi.)
Palm Harbor, FL (5.2 mi.)
Saint George, FL (6.4 mi.)
New Port Richey, FL (6.7 mi.)
Keystone, FL (7.0 mi.)

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Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. I heard a growl, something came out of the ground that looked like a bird and it went back down into the ground, I went to further investigate and there was nothing there. I also felt a hand grab my ankle.

  2. Have investigated this cemetery professionally on literally countless occassions over a span of about 5 years, my group has a good rep with the police and as long as we call and give them notice we are there we can remain there all night if need be, We have had a lot of experiences at this location, k2 spikes, great evp’s, stones thrown at us, a large stone dropped in the bed of one of our investigators truck and other sightings of shadow play and balls of light, this place does have paranormal activity and if you do go, DO NOT expect something to happen right away, we have gone several times in the passed few months and literally had NOTHING happen, its very hit or miss! I would just like to share, if you do risk going without permission, Please dont ruin it for the rest of us, be respectful, professional and do not disturb the grounds, Over the past 5 years we have seen people dumping their trash out there, people vandalizing and causing problems, This is why the police are “strict”. There are secret guest books at this location that if you find you are more than welcome to sign, There is also additional information on the grounds i will share here, the cemetery was highly distubed in the passed with being used as a dumping grounds, being very poorly kept, tons and tons of unmarked graves, grave sites being lost or moved leaving spirits in unrest, theres a lot of reasons why this cemetery would be haunted. Anyways to sum it up…rose cemetery is a great spot for people first getting into real investigating and can provide some excellent results! Have fun, be respectful and happy hunting!

    • Hey nick, Eddie from T-Town paranormal. I’ve heard about Rose cemetery and been wanting to go at night for an investigation, do you have a number of some one i can contact?

    • Theresa Valyou  |  

      how far is it from Okeechobee Fl.? We have a new team called O.P.S and we are looking for a solid investigation. We love what we do and have a very vivid experience at another grave yard in Basinger Cemetery.. in Basinger Fl. my daughter and I were both chased and something had a hold of my pant legs like it was trying to grab my ankles, it was the first time I had been really confronted physically. I am somewhat of a sensitive, have been since I was a kid but only recently decided to connect to it as I leaned to disconnect to it when I was a younger adult. We are all older adults not kids and we take this very seriously we also are in the practice of debunking if possible. I however do know when someone is trying to connect with me and am more right then wrong cannot say 100% proven but have been very spot on with our recent cases. Anyway , if we are in that area we may want to check it out.

  3. Michael McAlister  |  

    It is haunted cause I took a bunch of pictures and got a couple of orbs, and did feel like I was being watched, I did here cracking noises on the leaves on the ground behind me while I was walking, I asked if my members were near me and they said no they were on the other side of the grave yard, so something was fallowing so be aware and don’t be surprised if you get followed. The worst encounter I had there was when I placed my phone down to do a recording session I didn’t hear nothing, but as I picked up my phone something scratched my hand like a burning feeling, this entity isn’t friendly. But overall I would definitely go and investigate again, and the longer you stay be careful cause if you open up to a sprit, just be aware that alot of emotional stuff can affect you. And expect light headedness depending if it gets really busy.

    • In reply to above, I normally wont do this but just curious are you sure what you caught is orbs? Because orbs about 9.5 out of 10 times can be debunked very simply as dust,bugs,pollen ect. Just curious, Not trying to be rude or anything just my experience leads me to question “orbs” They are the most common misconception in the paranormal world.

    • Have you all already investigated the place? My cousins used to live in Tarpon (I was in St. Pete) and they told me it’s really creepy. I’m not an investigator at all…I would love to be one though. I’m very receptive to different energies. I’m in Ohio, but I’m coming back to the Bay area (Pinellas County) the beginning of next month. If you still want to go investigating, would you mind if I tagged along? I won’t get in the way of anything, I promise. I know there are unseen things out there. I’m extremely interested in it, growing up in a haunted house myself. I’ve never heard of the type of things that happened in my house growing up…if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. Apparently the spirits or energies (whatever they were) would come and go. The was one that was more prominent that was there for years, then I moved out for a couple years and he went away. I came back, and after a month or so, I started noticing him there again. Have you ever heard of something like that? There are also ones that have appeared within the last couple years. Anyhoo, I’ve seen a lot and just want to see more (: Please let me know. My email address is

      I’d love to go with you guys, if it’s okay.

  4. My bff and I go to graveyards at night quite often. Every year we travel to St Augustine to do all the ghost tours and our own investigating. We were here two weeks ago and as soon as we got out of the car my friend saw a black mass cross over the dirt road. Neither of us have ever felt as uneasy as we did. The noises seem to follow u around and there is always the feeling of someone following u. We will b more careful next time so we do not end up in the pokey. Can we send u some pics?

  5. I go to Rose cemetery almost every weekend and put flowers and decorations on the old graves. I have pictures and video also. I feel very at peace there. Maybe the spirits don’t disturb me because I’m trying to brighten the place up. It would be cool to capture something on video though

  6. Me and my friend used to go here all the time at night. Let me tell you every time I’ve been there something very strange has happened. I’ve seen shadow figures. I’ve had a certain grave “calling” to me. The weirdest thing to have happened was once I was passing a tree and from behind the tree there was a shadow figure and dirt was sprinkled onto my arm and shirt. I’ve also seen many orbs here.

    • I totally and endorse your comment. 2 ghosts actually REVEALED themselves to me and my wife…..and have the picture to prove it and it’s been confirmed by skeptics that my pic is real…which I already knew.

  7. I’ve been here a couple of times during the early evening, and only once did I experience something. I was walking around with my teenaged son when my cell phone rang. Not thinking, I answered it. I talked for a couple of minutes and something didn’t like it. I heard a loud hissing right next to my ear and then a gust of air pushed past my face. There was no breeze that evening. I immediately got off my phone and apologized for disturbing the peace. I was respectful the rest of the time I was there and had no further incidents.

  8. I grew up in Tarpon Springs and played soccer. Once when I was about 12 or so, my Mother drove me to the fields across the street from the Cemetery.. I had the flu but was eager to play anyways, we pulled in the parking lot but I told her to turn around because I was about to be sick and couldn’t play.. as we drove back towards Tarpon Ave I looked out the window and saw a very tall, black shadow.. like a tall man wearing all black, reminded me of the grim reaper. The chills I got were so real. I asked my Mom if she had seen the figure, but she did not. I will never forget this image, and never knew it was supposedly haunted. Wow. Crazy!

  9. I like to go here and get drunk some nights when I need to ditch my old lady for a bit. It’s quiet and peaceful and people don’t hassle you in a cemetery. Best of all, she’d never expect to find me there. I am so down with the haunted vibe you guys are putting out. I’ve never experienced anything that spooked me but I think it’s cool that place creeps some people out.

  10. Does anyone know if the homes nearby (Salt Lake) are haunted as well? Curious as we are house hunting and those houses are beautiful, really don’t want to buy a house that is haunted :/

  11. I have absolute undeniable proof it’s haunted. I have pictures of people who have passed on, in PICTURES OF ME. no joke, no kidding, no games. I have it.

  12. Today I drove on the dirt road next to the cemetery before driving into the cemetery and walking around. While I was driving half-way down the dirt road, my boyfriend said look the statue of that angel just turned this way and he looked over at me and someone was moving my driver’s seat at the same time all the way up to the steering wheel. I looked down at the automatic button while it was happening and could not see anyone/anything moving it. We decided to turn around and drive into the cemetery. We walked to the grave that had the angel that had turned its head our way while my seat from the car moved on its own. The gravestone belonged to a young man named Tim and my boyfriend’s name is Tim who saw the angel statue at his grave look our way.

  13. This is one of my favorite places to go, day or night. I have always been very sensitive to energy, ever since I was a child. I love going here during the day and visit the different graves.I have also been a few times at night, and have only had one bad experience. I got out of the car and heard a very faint voice say “NO!” and then it felt like the breath was knocked out of me. I took that as my warning and left. Other times I have went at night, there were no issues. As long as you are respectful, they will be respectful. You are in their final resting place, so please don’t agitate them. And yes, the cops are VERY STRICT. So be careful. I’d visit during the day to get use to the area because there are a lot of gravestones that are half sinking, sticking up, etc. Be careful!

  14. I visit Rose Cemetery often, most of the time I am alone. Some times I have one or two people with me. We go to clean around family and friends graves and take flowers. I have never had a spirit encounter when alone or when others are with me. I do not believed Rose Cemetery is haunted. I believe It is different when someone goes to dump trash or their unwanted furniture, of course the spirits would react.

  15. I have visited around Rose cemetery as it’s closed to investigators. Just a quick stop stop and test on the Spirit Box with a skeptic friend. Nothing for a good half hour and he’s was getting frustrated. Demanded some sort of answer. The response was a female voice saying Betty. He stopped, lil pale, said let’s just go. Asked why…..said his mother in law up north that passed recently was Betty. We wrote it of as coincidence even with a name like Betty and decided to walk thru the cemetery politely and pay our respects. While standing there we here a lady standing over a grave and saying “ hi great aunt so-and-so, it’s Betty!” We looked at each other and calmly walked out. Haven’t brought it up since. WOULD LOVE TO ACTUALLY INVESTIGATE!!!! I’m 47 and in East lake! Love it! Be safe out there!

  16. Dark Forest Paranormal  |  

    I’m the leader of a paranormal group named Dark Forest Paranormal. We felt nothing negative. I did get pushed but that was it. I held a conversation with a women named Pinkie on the spirit box. I kept getting a little boy’s voice also come through on the spirit box. My camera kept malfunctioning for some reason. I felt uneasy in a couple spots in the cemetery. I do feel like a lot of piece is in the area. But no negative presents.

  17. Im a photographer and wanting to do a photo shoot very soon (in the next couple days) with a model out there during the day, but possibly around dusk or dawn….but i am very sensitive spiritually… Any suggestions? Ive never bee there before….thanks in advance

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