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The eerie history of the canyon, where many climbers have died and murders are rumored to have taken place, may have led to its hauntings. Folks in these parts say they’ve seen the apparition of a man in 1970s or 1980s clothing standing on a rock peak, then running very quickly down the mountain. Some say that when you leave the area, a spooky feeling seems to follow you.

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Rock Canyon
Provo, UT
United States

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40.268165266919944, -111.6249396801868
Utah County, Utah
Nearest Towns:
Provo, UT (3.0 mi.)
Orem, UT (4.2 mi.)
Vineyard, UT (6.7 mi.)
Springville, UT (7.2 mi.)
Lindon, UT (7.2 mi.)
Pleasant Grove, UT (8.9 mi.)
Palmyra, UT (9.7 mi.)
Mapleton, UT (9.8 mi.)
Spanish Fork, UT (10.7 mi.)
Lake Shore, UT (11.5 mi.)

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  1. Last time my friends and I were there, we had some “people” whistling at us, throwing rocks and running around us. Heard a dog crying, and saw one. No one else was around us. We never thought of them as ghosts or spirits until we saw this post.

  2. There is a cave on top of the mountain, it’s about an hour hike from the parking lot. We ventured in not expecting much.. Little did I know that this cave is 100% haunted. There is a ladder inside the cave that extends upward about 100ft into another cavern. I climbed to the top first, we had only one person climb the ladder at a time because we were not sure how sturdy it was. Being alone in the cavern by myself for 5 minutes I experienced things that I will never forget. I first heard whispering behind me I didn’t really pay attention to it because I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, then the voices got progressively louder. My stomach at this point was turning I had an overwhelming feeling of depression and hate, it was so weird the feeling was getting worse and worse to the point where I was about to vomit, I had enough of that so as soon as I decided that I needed to go back down the ladder and get the freak out of there my friend mosiah was just getting to the top of the ladder. When he arrived to the 2nd cavern with me those feelings instantly vanished. We were in a little cavern that was probably the size of a shed. I am sitting on one side and mosiah is about 6 to 8 ft away from me. We were sitting and waiting for our other friends to reach the top of the ladder. While waiting the sickness returned and the whispering started again, then the next thing I hear is “tank don’t touch me!” Mosiah was accusing me of pushing him, I was 8 ft away from him and I swear I did not touch him. Eventually our friends arrived to the top.. We ventured a little into other caverns. Everytime we would go Into another cave one of us would say “let’s get out of here” we would agree but for some reason could not leave.. We tried numerous times to get out of the cave but for some reason it was pulling us in deeper it was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. After spending 5 hours of trying to get of the cave one of us decided to say a prayer to help us get out! For some reason it worked on hour way out I took a picture of a tunnel that just goes all the way up. There is no possible way anyone can get up there it’s like a Giant hole In the ceiling that extends about 80ft. As we are heading out the group is tired and quiet, I’m in the very back walking behind mosiah and all of the sudden i hear “tank!” And I was a little startled because of the tone of his voice he sounded annoyed and upset! I was confused as to why he was so pissed at me then I answered back “what!?” And then mosiah told me to stop hitting his backpack but i swear to all things that are holy that I didn’t touch his backpack. As soon as our little argument ended we all heard a painful screech coming from behind me, so we all take off and are trying to get out as soon as possible. When we reached the end there is a steel gate that we have to slide through to get out. On the other side of the gate was the weirdest looking human I have ever seen he looked like a redneck on hereoin. His pale skis literally glowed in the dark he had no shirt or shoes on and was just staring at us. I have never been so scared in my life.. Assuming he was going to hurt us I grabbed a nearby stick and the rest of my friends grabbed rocks. We were ready to throw down! But before anything happened the psycho takes off down the mountain and literally vanished. I will NEVER GO BACK TO THAT CAVE. I have pictures on my phone of the cave and you can see a man looking down at us from the random tunnel that goes 80ft up!!

  3. The last time that I was in Buckley’s Mine was in the 80’s. I had no such experience as described above. It was a fun experience. It makes me sad that so many “bad” things have occurred there that seemingly evil spirits roam about. I also have hiked Rock Canyon umpteen times and have heard nothing. Interesting. However, I have head things about Little Rock Canyon in Springville.

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