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The hauntings here can not only be seen and heard, but also smelled. Folks say they have seen shadows, red or white orbs, and an ectoplasm mist that has been caught on camera. Strange sounds and scents of violet and lavender have been witnessed as well; reports say the activity seems to come from the left side of the Robinson Family Monument.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    East River Road and Lawrence Avenue
    Chicago, IL
    United States

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    41.96769749379298, -87.84762132163456
    Cook County, Illinois
    Nearest Towns:
    Norridge, IL (1.1 mi.)
    Schiller Park, IL (1.4 mi.)
    Harwood Heights, IL (2.1 mi.)
    Franklin Park, IL (2.4 mi.)
    Rosemont, IL (2.7 mi.)
    River Grove, IL (3.0 mi.)
    Park Ridge, IL (3.0 mi.)
    Elmwood Park, IL (3.8 mi.)
    Niles, IL (4.2 mi.)
    Northlake, IL (4.3 mi.)


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    1. My Brother and I Sunday 8/17/14 completed an EVP investigation at this site. We captured a class a evp and a convincing picture of an orb.

    2. Some 15 yrs ago, I was invited to an event nearby these woods. It was on Halloween night. When I left the event, driving past the woods, there was a thick erie fog all along the woods, it was especially thicker near the grave marker. It seemed so strange because fog was no where else. The whole thing gave me goosebumps

    3. I went their and captured this on my video stood their for fee seconds then it disappear I still don’t know what it is I also captured on my evp a female voice whispering couldn’t understand what she said.

    4. I grew up within a mile of these woods. When I was in high school, friends of mine convinced me it would be a good idea to drink in the woods. Needless to say, we ended up stumbling upon some kind of satanic ritual where people were in a pentagon wearing robes mumbling some nonsense. I’ve never ran so fast in my life. I will never go back there again.

    5. 12 years ago I was cleaning the woods picking up garbage and met a man who used to literally go to the woods day and night even until dawn and sleep there by a fire pit someone could tell he was not afraid and did this many times.when it would turn to dusk i would head out and he would day we were by the fire pit and there was a picnic bench there at the time.there was a lot of plants and weeds and so on surrounding us,so if someone was coming up on us we would of heard them a mile away.we were sitting and talking when all of a sudden this woman appeared like 15 feet away from us.we only realized she was there when we heard rustling in the brush and footage and turned to look.she was dressed in some kind of native American garment (clothes).she was walking very slow,her clothes were very dirty and resembled that time period.she had the longest fingernails and they were dark or just dirty,but her fingernails curled to the palm of her hands,we only noticed that because she was carrying a dirty sac and something was moving inside,the way it was moving we thought it was a small animal.she did not say a word or even look at us,but you could feel the energy.she kept walking while this thing was frantic in the sac.we watched her go into the high brush further away and she was out of sight.i and my friend were speechless,we asked ourselves what just happened and was that what we thought it new friend was speechless he just thought for a few seconds and said he was leaving.he went one way I went the other because my car was parked by the street in a little parking spot right in front of the I was walking back I will admit I was so scared,I then glanced to my left and in the high weeds by the sewer line where I was standing seen her again 40 feet away slowly walking with a creepy slow sway.i stopped wanted to see her again and then she disappeared into the bushes and shrubs and high grass.when I was getting closer to the street and could hear cars I knew I was keep in mind that my friend was not scared of the woods day or night,dusk or dawn,but when we saw her during the day that moment,he truly looked like he saw a ghost,froze in his tracks,he looked like he was confirming what he was told and what he thought,that it is other friend one time was trying to conjour up spirits,I took a picture and there was this old looking lady leaning on a tree and a child nealing beside her.the child had clothing on similar to the time period.we took a picture through the smoke at the fire pit and received a man’s whole face just as clear as day.he had on what it looked like to be a service uniform it showed him from the top of his head to the top of his shoulders,you could see buttons on his uniform that resembled the pattern of a soldier’s uniform.friends have seen shadows,orbs,and fragrances that come from nowhere.when your walking around on different trails not the main ones you feel someone is watching you or right behind you.ive had to turn around a couple times to check if something was going can feel the energy,and with the river water is suppose to be some kind of conductor of energy.there is just so much going on there

    6. Erika Tikhonova  |  

      Sunday.July 9,2017 .Me and two of my friends went on a bike trial.We went to a trail where was long grass and all those woods it seems like no one is driving there at all but we went more deep.That was right near the stone sign and this is what we found first two pics where made on Sunday and the last one on Monday.Just look at first two pics at two blue dolls head they look like they looking on camera on one and on the second one they were looking at my friend.Ob the next day we found a black girl(I guess)was burned and only her head and hands were left.And then we just run away and we met one girl and two boys they came here to check is this place really haunted or no what they told us is that this is not the only thing the found.There is a lot more dolls,toys and different signs on the tree.After we talked with them we just sat on the bunch near the stone.The girl and guys left and a lot animals came to us they was just surrounding us like they made kind of a circle there was raccoons and deers it looked like they tried to tell us something(I wish I could understand them)the animals were making some sounds like they tried to warn us.Right after this we run away.Before we went there with my friend we some some shadows and heard some sounds.And we even saw a ball on the next side of river and it just roll from a woods.We were standing on one side of river taking pics and we looked on the other side and we saw a ball rolling down the hill from a woods and no one came to pick it up.We just run away from there.So I guess that’s really haunted place,and some people make different rituals there.i will post some more pics on a next comment

    7. There’s a section nearby called chee chee pin qua woods which is the Indian name of the chief that is buried there. I’ve seen several paranormal objects. One was a lightning ball which was a ball of fire in the trees rotating around. My brother and daughter saw a ghost a lady in a white dress. There’s a few other things but I’d like to mention this part named after the chief is a real healing area and has helped me a lot. I used to go there with my dog every day for several years.

    8. Also I was walking down a path there and say a lavender coot in the air. I took a picture and was able to capture it. This particular picture I edited but will try to find the original

    9. On October 27th Me and my dad had looked on this website and seen how Robinson Woods was supposed to be “haunted” well we were convinced to drive 2 hours and go check it out. We had arrived to the entrance of the woods which was next to a very busy road so you had to get in through the gate which was locked at the time because of the forest preserve but we got in anyways. We wasn’t even a mile in when strange sounds started happening it sounded to me as if it was old drums being played, we brushed that off so we continue into these woods. About 35 minutes we came to a little area where you can sit down and rest we took a break from walking, as we was chilling minding our own business a deer walked over and it wasn’t scared at all we tried to scare it off but it just stood there we got up and started walking more deeper into the woods we came across a light in the distance it looked like a fire we walked up to it and here is where shit went crazy there was a perfectly lit fire but nobody was around it so we took advantage of it and sat down and we started talking about personal things i cam remember plain as day as i was talking about my number for football a woman almost naked walked up and started talking in a weird language we was scared to death becuase she had a long ass knife and a bow with looked to be sharpened sticks we ran so fast out of there it was crazy. If you learn anything from this DO NOT NOT ENTER at night time

    10. In the 1950’s there were three boys who were murdered and dumped here. the Schuessler brothers and their friend Bobby Peterson. This is not a good place.

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