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The abandoned Riverside Osteopathic Hospital grounds are private property and trespassers will be punished. It was built in the 1800s as the Church Family’s home, until Henry Ford bought it and made it into a hospital in 1944. The legends here revolve around the Churches. One young daughter fell off a horse and broke her arm, and the angry father killed the horse and buried it near the house. The little girl was very upset and spent most of the rest of the time in her room, singing and rocking in a chair. Her ghost is said to appear in the window in a white dress, still singing.

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Geographic Information

W Jefferson and Truax
Trenton, MI
United States

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42.14908611360979, -83.1748625633918
Wayne County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Trenton, MI (0.7 mi.)
Riverview, MI (1.8 mi.)
Grosse Ile, MI (2.1 mi.)
Woodhaven, MI (3.5 mi.)
Gibraltar, MI (3.8 mi.)
Southgate, MI (4.6 mi.)
Wyandotte, MI (4.7 mi.)
Rockwood, MI (6.5 mi.)
Ecorse, MI (6.8 mi.)
Flat Rock, MI (7.0 mi.)


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  1. Me and my wife went there back last June we caught an EVP of an old man asking what we were doing and were also followed around by weird lights,smells and voices we had also seen a little girl in a top floor window fare eating we were caught by the cops and almost arrested the neighboring houses keep a close eye out for anyone hoping over the wall very awesome place filled with paranormal activity and I found it personally awesome cause I was born there

  2. Went walking by there at night with a friend and group of like 5 on her birthday. She had a camera and recorded to following. I and another girl went to hide infront of the hospital by some bushes a little further down hill to scare the remaining girls who were with the birthday girl. I was waiting to scare them when I heard some whisperings and freaked out then ran screaming to the group. At that moment, my friends camera died. We tried to get it new batteries to see what got recorded but it was all black and no sound. She set it up correctly too. That was pretty creepy.

  3. My son and I were walking by there today 6.12.16 and stopped to rest on a bench in front of the
    hospital. We kept staring at the windows and it looked like two windows had someone opening
    the vertical blind and looking out. The other window looked like it was blowing as if there was
    air conditioning in the building. But we know there is not. Being around the building just gives
    you an eery feeling and this was before we knew there was any EVP. Strange feeling!!

  4. Wonderious Wanderer  |  

    has anyone went and explored inside if so how did you get I don’t want to break a window or anything destructive like that but if there is already a broken window or unlocked door pls inform me thank you

  5. This building is dilapidated and full of mold. It needs to be torn down. The current owner was also in the news recently and is being accused of embezzlement. It’s time for the City of Trenton to step in and do something about this eyesore once and for all.

  6. I was in there last summer. The photos I have chilled my wife to the bone. My buddy took a wall clock home out of there. A few days later he begged me to take it. The next day I woke up with 3 deep claw marks on my leg along with a bruise the was in the shape of a hand print. I was locked in a staff changing room but the inside didn’t have a lock. I have many more things that happened to me. Things I will never forget!!

  7. I was in there last summer. It’s very active. My buddy brought home a wall clock. It was a horrible idea. He gave it to me, I woke up with 3 claw marks and a bruise on my shin. The claw marks left a scar. I ended getting locked in a staff changing room even though there’s no lock on the door. I have many more accounts!!

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