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At this historic 1880s inn, the spirits have been known to crawl into bed with guests, dance in the ballroom to ghostly music, and open and close the doors.

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Geographic Information

1 Fountain St
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
United States

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41.805687500000005, -80.05314015634463
Crawford County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Cambridge Springs, PA (0.2 mi.)
Venango, PA (3.8 mi.)
Woodcock, PA (3.9 mi.)
Edinboro, PA (6.2 mi.)
Mill Village, PA (6.4 mi.)
Saegertown, PA (7.7 mi.)
Blooming Valley, PA (8.6 mi.)
Waterford, PA (10.1 mi.)
Lincolnville, PA (11.1 mi.)
Canadohta Lake, PA (11.3 mi.)

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Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. brandon conacher  |  

    i worked here for about three years and all of wat is said is true but they left out the lady in the white gown in the victorian room and the childrens talking and laughter on the 3rd floor

    • Wait, there’s a lady in a white gown?! And children??!! Oh that makes it even more interesting! I need to contact them soon, so me and my bf can ghost hunt with permission 🙂 (sorry I’m really into this stuff cx)

  2. Have been there many times and known folks who’ve worked there. Nothing appeared “negative” until all the “ghosthunters” arrived. Previously, paranormal activity seemed more protective.

  3. My husband and I stayed over night, during the Medival Feast. We had a first floor room.
    Maybe the ghosts are on the third floor, if you believe in them. We don’t believe in ghosts,
    and slept great.

  4. My wife and I spent the night. As we were getting ready to leave our room to check the place out. I asked my wife, should we leave a light on so we can see when we get back. And all of a sudden an old fashion light clicked on. The kind where you have to pull the chain. And you herd the clicking. So awesome. Our second encounter was in a big ballroom kinda a room. It had a stage in it and lots of tables set up. When we walked over to the stage we kept hearing all this commotion and sounds of pots and pans coming from behind the stage and down some steps. So when we went down the stairs there was nobody there. Just a hallway with mannequins behind glass dressed in old attire. Really cool

  5. Native Landlord  |  

    A friend and myself were given a tour in which I felt the floor begin to roll. The air was heavy of all who passed thru this place in time. I’am native american and I felt the spirits of my people surrounding the inn seeking revenge for the taking of the land and will forever.

  6. My daughter and I stayed recently. An overnight and dinner show the next day. The room that we stayed in had twin beds. I had just fallen asleep and I felt someone trying to roll me out of the bed. I didn’t really feel any hands more like the force of hands. I yelled for my daughter and it stopped. I wasn’t afraid but I was kind of angry that I had been woke up. I think we are going to make this at the very least an annual Mother and Daughter get away because we had a very much needed weekend of relaxation and fun.

  7. Doug Stevenson  |  

    Kind of mysterious that it burned down this morning, had a lot of nice memories there. R.I.P. Riverside Inn

  8. A very close.friend and her bridal party were dressing for the ceremony on the 3rd flr. They occupied two of the rms. As myself and another friend were going down the hall to locate them we heard talking and laughter, people bumping about in some rms with closed doors on the opposite side of the hall. We had been commenting on the beautiful handmade doilies on the hall tables etc. As we were distinctly aware there were other guests who were not part of the wedding up there we said to each other “shhh we’d better not be rude+disturb them” when we located the bridal party laughing gaily, mother, daughter grandmother bridesmaids, all dressing and doing hair, we said you guys are soo loud, aren’t you worried about all the other people in rms down the he hall, the bride laughed and said” it’s ok, we rented the whole hallway!” Later on months later we were talking about this(we were all co-workers) and the bride said yes we all commented to each other that we thought(felt,sensed,heard) there were people behind those closed doors. Someone else who lived in that area piped in” well didnt you guys know that place has been known to have spirits for yrs and not all of them nice”

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