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Although this 1700s inn is currently closed and up for sale, it still is believed to have ghostly guests. Locals may tell you a tale of a murder suspect, Indian Joe, who was hanged in front of the inn and buried on the grounds. He was said to have killed a little girl named Emily; however, it was learned after the execution that Indian Joe was innocent of the crime. Both Indian Joe’s and Emily’s apparitions have been seen around the property, Emily most often in or near the ladies’ restroom on the main floor. One report says she was also seen at the top of the stairs holding a doll. Other ghosts have been seen here, elderly ladies and gentlemen often found in the lounge area. One of the men is said to sport a ghastly plaid jacket.

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Geographic Information

PA State Rt. 796 and Baltimore Pike
Jennersville, PA
United States

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39.824255753294885, -75.8700151742596
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
West Grove, PA (2.3 mi.)
Avondale, PA (4.6 mi.)
Cochranville, PA (5.4 mi.)
Toughkenamon, PA (6.0 mi.)
Oxford, PA (6.4 mi.)
Upland, PA (6.6 mi.)
Kennett Square, PA (8.5 mi.)
North Star, DE (9.1 mi.)
Hockessin, DE (9.5 mi.)
Parkesburg, PA (9.7 mi.)


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  1. my wife and I stayed here in2007. when we first arrived to our room the radio came on. 10 minutes later the toilet seat closed. there was only 4 small rooms upstairs and we were the only ‘guests’. small 1800 like single beds so we slept separate. my wife claimed in the morning something was pulling her covers off her in the middle of the night. definite spirits in this building!

    • wow, did you get permission to enter? I got an ok only to enter the grounds to photo, due to the building structure being unsafe. I’ve been taking pics 2 years , I really want to get inside, I was the person who told Mr Imler about the inn, Emily and Joe hoping he and his team would have some pull , he was told the build was unstable. possible entry after work on removal of damaged parts building. Original structure will remain. Can you email me on your experience with more details? I am planning on researching Emily and Joe ,if you know any facts about them id love to hear about that too alsospookytoo@AOL.COM

  2. I was there several time…bar downstairs went in to the bathroom and felt someone was watching me scared the Hell out me….years later my family went to breakfast…once again I was in the upstairs rest room and while washing my hands something touched me

  3. I used to live in the area and when I was younger and the restaurant was still open for business I remember my family being seated near a window and my brother whispering to the window behind him. Creepy stuff. Unfortunately the Red Rose Inn is currently being torn down.

  4. I lived at 420 s. Broad street Kennett square pa I am here to tell you it’s absolutely haunted my sister has taken possession I seen a colored lady in the attic from civil war time we moved from the home due to activity NOT ALL POSITIVE my mother passed she said goodbye in the second floor hall we used to have seonces to release a spirit the home was part of the underground rail road many took refuge there for sleep and food lots of hidden spaces my dad used to put some sort of like twigs above each doorway threshold to keep spirits at bay if I’m not wrong it was built in 1843 I would love to know more

  5. While staying there for 2 weeks in 2005, I woke in the middle of the night to see a ghost of a girl, then what I assumed to be her mother. I rolled over turned on the TV, and didn’t look back, but a huge chill went through me. This was before I had ever been in the dining room. Later that year we had a Christmas party in the dining room there or I saw the painting it was donated to William Penn which depicts in the lower right corner the girl and her mother. Also took pics at the party, many of which contained orbs and light swirls.

  6. I had been to the Red Rose Inn about four or five times.Once or twice for a school banquet in the lower area and a few times for dinner upstairs. In 2007 or so I went to a post funeral reception there. It was in the upstairs dining room. Over by the window I saw a sort of glare. Sunny out but then there was a kind of fog that settled INSIDE by the window. Seemed a middle aged man, couldn’t be sure. I was shocked when I read a post above about something being by the window. Seemed harmless just observing.After a while the fog seemed to evaporate. Ruth

  7. Had an experience at the red Rose inn hotel I’m an entertainer I close my eyes I seen an old Indian man face and a whole bunch of little orbs in my mind had a feeling I was not alone but there was nobody there in the room

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