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Local legend has it that Rebecca Lutes was 16-year-old psychic who lived in the 1870s, and because of her natural-born sixth sense, she was hanged for being a witch, a vampire, or another such demon. She was buried near Gorge Road in the woods across from the cement and culvert company site, face-down under a heavy slab; any headstones that were here are long gone. Now all manner of ghostly activity is supposed to happen in the area, including eerie lights, fires, occult activity and freak accidents; a black ghost cat is even said to cross the road near here. However, reports show that Rebecca Lutes died of natural causes and the rest of the story was made up. The concrete slab, as well as the fencing, was placed there by later owners so farm equipment wouldn’t harm the graves of Rebecca and her other family members who had been buried here over the years.

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Geographic Information

Gorge Road
Moncton, NB

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46.14805101849078, -64.86773514712695
Westmorland County
Nearest Towns:
Berry Mill, NB (4.5 mi.)
Berry Mills, NB (4.5 mi.)
Berrys Mills, NB (4.5 mi.)
Dieppe, NB (6.5 mi.)
Moncton, NB (6.6 mi.)
Riverview, NB (7.3 mi.)
Lakeburn, NB (10.2 mi.)
Salisbury, NB (11.8 mi.)
Canaan Station, NB (11.8 mi.)
Notre Dame, NB (12.7 mi.)


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Comments (4)

  1. Hi my daughter and i were passing buy and told her the story and off to the left there was a small fire and no one to been seen it was on good friday april 14 2017 around 8.10 pm thought to be strange to see a small fire and not a soul around . My daughter sead to me who is that girl down that trail all by herself I was not sure she just stood there anyway my daughter started to freak out so we drove off as fast as my suv would go .I must say that was very odd and told her there was nothing to worry about were gone now and what we say was just some kids playing in the woods ?????

    • Stephanie Bauer  |  

      hello im wondering if this happened day you posted this or its false that you even seen this .. i dont mean to be rude but i’m a Paranormal Investigator and all that . what it same day you posted or day before and around 8:10Pm ???

  2. my name is amanda, and I remember going to Rebecca’s grave and it was not windy out at all I looked up at the tree and there was a leaf blowing and I said to Rebecca that I am sorry for what happened to you and I heard her say thank you and than I said that I want to know what it felt like when she had gotten hung and all of a sudden I felt the noose around my neck and I could feel it getting tighter and then after that I felt her touching my arm and that really freaked me out big time. I had that experience on the date of October 31st 2015 at midnight!!!!!

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