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It is alleged that the original owner of Punderson manor committed suicide by drifting out on the lake in a bathtub, and then, when he reached the middle, he pulled the plug and drowned. Why precisely he would have chosen this method is not known, whether it actually occurred like this is unknown, but this is the claim. Punderson reportedly has any number of ghostly occurrences, from a variety of ghosts but the most famous of the stories is one that took place in the dining room in the late 70’s, where people claim that for a period of approximately three hours late one night, the ghost of a man who appeared to be a lumberjack seemed to hang from the rafters. Apparently the apparition vanished with the sunrise, but several employees claim they witnessed it. People have also reported seeing a man in grey, felt cold spots and other unexplained sounds.

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11755 Kinsman Rd
Newbury, OH 44065
United States

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41.45100134073092, -81.20742595208867
Geauga County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Burton, OH (3.7 mi.)
Middlefield, OH (7.4 mi.)
Chesterland, OH (7.6 mi.)
South Russell, OH (8.0 mi.)
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  1. I used to be with a paranormal group and we did an investigation at Punderson Manor in 2005 I believe. We had several personal experiences and caught a few clear EVP’s at this location. There were a few stories that we were told by some of the staff, such as a fire that occurred in the attic in the 1900’s that killed a father and two little girls. There was another story that was told to us about a party boat that was out on the lake one night and it sank and several people died. The story that we were told about the original builder was that he hung himself in his office.
    The most memorable person experience that occurred happened with myself and two other members. We were allowed to spend the night in their main suite because of the activity that had been reported. There was a king size bed and I we all three decided to share the bed. As we settled in after our investigation we were looking forward to a few hours of sleep before morning, we heard a loud noise that seemed to come from behind the wall. It sounded like heavy furniture being dragged across a hard wood floor. Mind you it was about 4 am. We all sprung up and scrambled for the recorders to try to catch the sound. Upon reporting it to the front desk, they promptly took us back upstairs to show us that there was nothing on the other side of that wall that anyone had access to. They showed us a bricked off wall where there had been a small storage room that was sealed up with the place was renovated. We searched and searched for almost an hour trying to debunk the sealed off room and could not find one. This was one of the oddest things that has ever occurred to me on an investigation.
    There was also a very strange EVP that we caught up in the attic. It was a very deep male voice that seemed to say the words.. “God. Block the doorway.” While we were running investigation in the attic, we also could hear the sound of what sounded like a ball bouncing in a small storage room at the end of the hall. We could also hear what sounded like small footsteps and soft movement. Every time we went toward the room, we would get about halfway down the hall and everything would go silent. We repeated this process several times trying to catch what we were hearing. And it happened most of the attempts. We checked the room in detail at the end of the hall and could find nothing that could make the noises and sounds that we heard.
    I have been investigating the paranormal for over a decade now and in my opinion Punderson is haunted. I just recently founded a new paranormal group and Punderson is in the top 5 to visit.

  2. yes i am quite young but i want to find out more about 9036 church street in twinsburg it is now a tea house but its been up since 1890 126 years old tomrrow but me and my cousin went in the bathroom to redo are makeup and we needed some toilet paper to wipe some off we took some and it rolled to the ground so normal then we needed more but…… it started to roll back up BY ITS SELF ! and before that the bathroom door was shut and i knocked on the door and said is anyone in here ? and i herd yes …..i opened the door anyway i dont know it sounded lke some one was hurt …and when i opened the door there was no one theren! plz give me information who lived here when it was first built i need to know

  3. Stayed this summer for a night in the newer addition of the manor. There was a spooky full moon that night and I had to sleep with the TV on. The oddity of my stay was in the hallway outside my room door there were doors that were opening and closing but no one to be seen. I was even outside on the stairwell briefly and heard the same noises in the hallway, looked through the window in the hallway and there was no one there. Very surreal feeling. Cool place but certainly haunted.

  4. Lachlan McIntosh  |  

    Locals who grew up in Lakemore would relate the story of The Gimp, a sort of Bigfoot that roamed the village at night. I spent the summer of 1969 sleeping in my car in Lakemore, which amazed many of the young guys who thought I was very brave (or foolish) to do such a thing. Since I am not a native Lakemorian, this is as much as I know. If you are curious you should ask some Lakemore old-timers about this story and its origins.

  5. I stayed w/ a friend in a dbl-bed room. Don’t know if it was in a new addition or in an original part… but a couple experiences: I took a shower in the evening and when I cam out, the mirror in the bathroom was fogged, and on it looked like writing that I could not make out. I showed the friend who, being a lot smaller in height, read it to me: “MAD!!! GET OUT”

    When I looked at it from the lower angle, I could clearly read in large lettering (all uppercase) just what my friend had seen. That you have to halfway chalk up to a former guest or mischievous Inn employee.

    My friend slept soundly while I had difficulty, and it was betw 2am and 3am when I felt like there was something else in the room. And I thought, “If there is someone here, make it know.”

    Just then, I heard 3 loud, distinct knocks on wood, as if they came from chest of drawers at the other end of the room. Again I thought, “Who are you?” and then my friend, in a very shrill high pitched voice (alarming not her own) enunciated what amounted to a sentence of words I could not understand.

  6. so in leetonia i went to my best friends grandmas house for a party. my friend, her aunt, family friend and i were looking for excitement so we were looking around in a wooded area. We came across an indent in the woods, so we pulled the car in and got out as soon as we did there was a very old baby shoe outside my door.Then i realised that we were at “crybaby bridge” where a mother threw her baby of the bridge and hung herself at the bottom. We went to the entrance and it was blocked off. so us being daredevils, we hopped over it. as soon as my friend got over we heard a scream off on the other side of the bridge. We kept going forward and saw bloody graffiti saying ‘she will come back foe her baby”. But you know we are stupid so we keep going. Keep in mind its like 12am and legends say at that time you can see the woman hanging at the bottom and well we climbed down to the riverside and sat down. We tried talking to the woman but all we got was cries. baby cries. then it was 12:30am and we saw the woman hanging in a blanket of mist. we ran back to the car and zoomed out of there. When me and me friend were in the car with her parents going back to her house, we saw what looked like blood on the yellow sign. That was my first time exploring a haunting area and it was no doubt fun and thrilling.

  7. I used to camp up there at least once a summer and some years even camped during winter for like new years too, my aunt and uncle had a regular spot up there and some big fancy campers, so I got to tag along their trips and we all have June birthdays on that side, Gemini tribe, and that was our thing to celebrate everyone’s birthday all at once. We’re all super white and super native. Half German/Irish, half cherrokee and some other.
    As a kid I was always super fascinated with the native burial mounds all around ohio and the ones who made them. Just super into my native history and culture, and ohios prehistory as well. As well as paranormal, occult, ancient tribal type of stuff, asthetically for the most part but also for the environmental scientist perspective as well.
    Anyways, I loved that place, and have some of the warmest childhood memories there. These memories however were not ever at night.
    Now I’m a nocturnal creature, always have been, I wasn’t scared of the dark wilderness as kid would, but I would find myself some nights frozen in the dark, maybe one pump away from a heart attack, cuz I’d swear I’d hears my name called by whoever, and I’d get accused of being a smart ass or pranking em, but I thought the same thing myself and was just annoyed at first. Like good natured ribbing from the aunt and uncle that loaded you up at Christmas camping shit talk, no biggie. But the few times my cousin and I veered off a bit from the site when we were older, where we were a good distance from his mother and my dad, we would be finding and or widdling our ‘camping stick’ and get abruptly stopped when we both hear a clear voice talking to our backs (my aunts voice, we both swore it too) “is Alison coming?” That sent the coldest chill down my spine I’ve ever felt. Like maximum level ‘fear of the actual life, my armpits are sweating BULLET, and I could SMELL it too, like that adrenaline b.o.
    No one there though. Swiveled around to no one around but us. And we’re not stupid city Boys, our feet were planted in place for what felt like ever, mouths off ears on blast, trying to hear or spot my aunt or stranger danger trying to sound like her or SOMETHING. But no one.
    And then we get back to camp to get double whacked when my aunt swears up and down she never left the campsite, or said that to us.
    It was then we actually thought about WHAT she said to us, “is Alison coming?”
    The girl mentioned here is my lil sister. Who was NOT with us that particular camping trip. So like that was a weird ass question in the first place to just hear my aunt blirt out like that (and then just suddenly dissappear, what, Naruto jumping from tree branch to tree branch?) We stopped after three times of that, and kept our asses within reach of our folks and spit distance of campsite from then on, and I just spent the trip trying to rationalize what had happened silently. I think I’m still trying to now but also haven’t been back there for yeeeears. And other than voices or whispers, I only had a ‘sighting’ experience to bore the reader, but one and last time camping out there with my aunt Un and my *ahem* father, I was scared to my core and nearly had a panic attack. Im 9 or 10 and my dad thought conversations about his Wiccan beliefs and practices and the concept of magic and evil and evil beings that exist and want harm to me, was like zero percent bad for a child, and that bad enough, he’s a child himself. So ofcourse he had to make it like scene from a movie or some shit, and he didn’t seem to notice but when he was on one of his drunk pissy rants, the angrier he got, and louder tone his voice, I’d start seeing like ghastly shapes of what looked like native people of America no lie just standing in the distance, staring at us. I just sat there and watched as they popped up one after another. I fucking bolted to into the camper the second I saw one foot come toward me, left dad out at the fire and everything lol nothing happened to my lnowledge however. I somehow managed to pass out after laying there in my bunk of the back kid room, assured that any second now a bunch of native zombie looking spirits will start tearing the camper apart to get into us, pissed off by my dad lol I literally just learned about its paranormal history too so…..shit….

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